Mario Skateboarding: Platinum Cup
Developer(s) E.A Vancouver, Intelligent Systems
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii
Release Date(s)
August 27, 2010 (dlc, all areas)
Same as Original
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Extreme Sports
Media Included DLC channel, original required for play
Mario Skateboarding: Platinum Cup is a downloadable expansion for Mario Skateboarding. It requires the original to play. It costs 1500 Wii points, and adds 3 new worlds, 8 new characters, and an extra multiplayer mode: Shine Smashers.

New Characters

The game brings 8 new characters, which ups the roster to 26 playable characters. Unlike the original, the (mini) bosses cannot be unlocked, however, their skins can be used for similar characters.

Character Pros Cons Comparable to...
Shy Guy Small, light, more or less balanced A bit slow, below average jumps Mario
Diddy Kong Small, fast, great jumps Heavy for size, extremely sensitive Toad
Rosalina Floaty, quick recovery, good tricks Large, slightly sensitive, disorienting Peach
Baby Mario Similar to Mario, but lighter, faster... ...and much more easily bailable Mario
Baby Luigi More well balanced than Luigi Still rather slow Luigi
Pianta Easy control, rare and quick bails and recovery Very heavy, large, bad jumps Petey Piranha
Petey Piranha Pretty simple control, quick bail recovery Extremely heavy, HUGE Pianta
Whomp Easy control, great jumper Excessively long recovery, large, heavy Pianta

New Parks

The way the parks work (do missions, find coins and eggs, etc.) is the same as the previous game. The Yoshi Eggs have been replaced by similar looking regular Eggs, which can buy different prizes.

Park Name Description Egg Locations Good for... Mini-Boss Boss
Boo Mansion A mansion with about 25 different rooms, with randomized entry to each!
  1. Alone in a certain room
  2. Inside one of the statues in the main plaza
  3. Inside a Boo
  4. Bouldergeist's fuel, recovered when defeated.
  5. On the very top of the mansion
Grinds, flatland Bouldergeist King Boo
Cosmic Observatory Super Mario Galaxy's central hub, plus paths to a few galaxies!
  1. At the very, very top where a 1-up is in SMG
  2. Near the giant Egg in the Good Egg Galaxy
  3. At the end of the self-building path in the space junk galaxy
  4. Transforms from Dino Piranha's egg after he's beaten
  5. Inside the Garden
Anything Dino Piranha
Shadow Rosalina
Regal Rainbow The skating equivalent of Rainbow Road, features giant stunts and mega boosts!
  1. At the top of the loop
  2. Inside the cloud
  3. At the top of the spiral
  4. Given by Luma when you complete a 50,000 point line
  5. At the top of the huge upward boost
Air, speed None None

Egg Prizes

Recover specific amounts of Eggs to unlock the following prizes:

# of Eggs Unlocks...
5 New board graphics for all
10 Mini Boss skins for characters
15 Boss skins for characters

Shine Smashers

Shine Smashers is a new multiplayer mode. The objective is to smash your opponents by jumping on, bailing on to, or rolling over them to steal their Shine sprite. Whoever holds on to it the longest after a preset time wins! Heavier characters are easier to smash with, but smaller ones are easier to dodge with, so choose wisely!