This is a timeline of everything that occured in the Mario series.

NOTE: This is a THEORY. Do not take it seriously.

Early 1900s

  • Christian Koopa was born. Which year is unknown.



  • Jumpman, Mario's grandfather, was born.


  • Pauline's mother is born.



  • Jumpman, at the age of only 8, defeats the 14-year-old Morton Koopa Sr., restoring peace to the Mushroom Kingdom and earning Jumpman the title of "Mushroom Kingdom Hero".


  • Ten years after Morton Koopa Sr. was defeated, MK Sr. strikes again and Mario once defeats him again, earning another medal.


  • The events of Donkey Kong Circus take place.


  • Jumpman meets Pauline and begins dating her.
  • Later on, they become married.


  • The events of Donkey Kong take place.
  • Pauline, after being saved, becomes pregnant.
  • Jumpman and Pauline find out that, they're having twins, and that the babies will be male.


  • Cranky Kong adopts a 4-year-old monkey child
  • The events of Donkey Kong Jr. take place.
  • Mario is born.
  • Luigi is born 54 seconds later.
  • Morton Koopa Sr. and Beatrice give birth to Bowser and Becki Koopa, wirh the two being twins.


  • Jumpman, having to deal with Morton Koopa Sr. again, decides to defeat him again.


  • Morton Koopa Sr. and his Beatrice give birth to Dark Bowser.
  • Morton Koopa Sr. and Beatrice divorce, turning him into more of a monster than before.
  • Morton Koopa Sr.'s dark aura turns his son Dark Bowser into what he is today. Morton the. changes Dark Bowser's name so it's what it is today. What Dark Bowser's original name was is unknown.
  • Morton Koopa Sr. starts dating Edith.


  • Morton Koopa Sr. marries Edith.
  • Morton Koopa Sr. adopts Brenadine and Beverly.


  • Mario and Luigi, at the age of 11, decide to take a job as young plumbers to quickly earn money, causing the events of Mario Bros.


  • Mario begins to date Princess Peach.


  • The events of Super Mario Bros. take place.
  • Mario and Peach promise to marry each other when they are older.

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