Mario Rugby: Sevens
Developer(s) Fantendo
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii

Wii U

Nintendo 3DS

Release Date(s)
AUS March 23, 2013

CHN April 12, 2014

JPN December 1, 2014



Single Player

Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) PG
 Mario Rugby: Sevens is a Rugby game with your favourtie characters. It came back with their favourite stadiums. The Rugby game is back in town. This is followed by Mario Rugby: Grand Cup! and  Nintendo & SEGA Barrel Blast! 


  • All-Around - has balanced stats and the right character to choose.
  • Technique - less speed but more power.
  • Defense - good to catch the rugby at any spot.
  • Powerful - the most powerful chracters to guard the goal.
  • Speedy - the speedest characters to run.
  • Tricky - very hard to catch the ball
Name Type Power Shot Partner
Mario All-Around Fireball Throw Luigi
Luigi All-Around Fireball Vaccum Mario
Peach Technique Heart Love Daisy
Daisy Technique Flower Bloom Peach
Wario Powerful Garlic Punch Waluigi
Waluigi Defense Spitball Silde


Yoshi Speedy Egg Throw Boo
Boo Tricky Ghost Hide Yoshi
Bowser Powerful Bowser Fire Bowser Jr
Bowser Jr Tricky ??? Bowser
Donkey Kong Powerful ??? Diddy Kong
Koopa Troopa Speedy ??? Diddy Kong (Default)/ Paratroopa (once unlocked)
Diddy Kong Speedy ??? Donkey Kong

Unlockable Characters

  • Shy Guy (Technique)
  • Wiggler (Defense)
  • Petey Piranha (Powerful)
  • Paratroopa (Technique)
  • Fly Guy (Tricky)


Follow the story before the rugby opening. You have to find all of the teams.


One day, Mario invited all of the teams to meet near Peach's Castle. But none of the teams appeared. So, they set a search party.

Chapter 1 - The Technique Team Saved

Mario and Luigi set of to look for Team Technique. The people they saw was Peach and Daisy. Shy Guy and Paratroopa were captured by Kritter in Mario Stadium. Mario and Luigi never say no to a mission.

Note: The Technique Team will be playable if the player completes the mission.

Chapter 2 - Defense Team Melting

The All-Around Team and the Technique Team search for Team Defense in DK Jungle. They only saw Waluigi.

Waluigi: MARIO! LUIGI! PEACH! DAISY! SHYGUY! PARATROOPA! You got to help me save Wiggler from Shroob, please guys please!

Mario: We will help you, Waluigi!

Note: Defense Team will be playable if the player clears the mission

Chapter 3 - Powerful Team huh?

The three teams search for Team Powerful in Wuhu Mountain Loop. In fact, they only saw DK and Bowser.

Bowser: GUYS HELP US! We heed your help to save Wario and Petey Piranha.

DK: Ook! Ookity! Ookity! Ook! (They' re trapped by the most powerfulest villian of the world, DARK SONIC!)

Note: The Powerful Team will be playable if the player completes the mission

Chapter 4 - Speedy Team Throws the Rugby!

The 4 teams search for Team Speedy in Mario Stadium. They saw Koopa Troopa and Diddy Kong. But, they didm't see Yoshi. So, they find him.

Chapter 5 - Tricky is for huh?

The whole team of Tricky were all seen. So, all of the teams are here. Now, they have to find Dark Sonic.

Note: The Tricky Team will be playable once you found them.

Chapter 6 - The Dark Battle Part I

The 6 teams battle Dark Sonic in the final battle.

Note: Dark Sonic will turn into Shogun Dark Sonic.

Chapter 7 - The Dark Battle Part II

Mario and the other teams battle the Shogun Dark Sonic.


The rugby teams then played rugby. The End.


  • This features Sonic The Hedgehog (which has turned into Dark Sonic and Shogun Dark Sonic.)