Mario Rounders, is an upcoming Nintendo Wii U game, it is a take on the sport, Rounders and is developed by Hammers R Us Inc.;



The gameplay is similar to MarioBaseball titles, but with Rounders rules. Players will choose a team of 9 players, altogether there is 126 characters, plus some alternates aswell. Then the players will head off on court and take it in turns with the opponents fielding or batting first, then swapping over for a certain amount of innings. Mario Rounders gives Rounders a more Mario vibe, collecting coins, items and using special moves on colourful, high-quality and fun stadiums.




126 characters appear in the game, not including alternates or costumes. 28 characters appear as default, while the rest of the 98 being unlockable, some characters are captains, most captains being default but one unlockable;



  • All-Around: Characters who have balanced stats, they don't have any really high stats though.
  • Technical: Characters who have good aim when batting, they aren't good fielders.
  • Speed: Characters who are fast around the field, they are quite weak though.
  • Power: Characters who can hit the ball very far, they are very slow.
  • Defence: Characters who are good fielders, they don't have good aim.
  • Tricky: Characters who are good at tricking fielders or batters, they are hard to control though.


Icon Name Type Special Hit Team Name
Mario* F.L.U.D.D Hit Mario Delfinos
Luigi* Tornado Hit Luigi Ghouls
Peach* Technical Heart Hit Peach Royalty
Daisy* Technical Flower Fields Hit Daisy Blossoms
Yoshi* Flutter Hit Yoshi Eggs
Birdo* Egg Hit Birdo Bows
Wario* Gassy Garlic Hit Wario Workers
Waluigi* Cheater Ball Hit Waluigi Pinballs
DK* Earthquake Hit DK Barrels
Diddy Kong* Jet Pack Hit Diddy Bananas
Bowser* Banzai Bill Hit Bowser Bullets
Bowser Jr.* Graffiti Hit Jr. Rookies
Rosalina* Star Bit Comet Hit Rosalina Stars
Lubba Launch Star Hit Lubba Comets

Team Players

Icon Name Type Special Hit Default Team
Baby Mario* Yoshi Eggs
Baby Luigi Scaredy Rat Hit Yoshi Eggs
Baby Peach 3-Point Royal Hit Birdo Bows
Baby Daisy Birdo Bows
Baby Yoshi Bubble/Light/Baloon Hit Yoshi Eggs
Baby DK Yoshi Eggs
Baby Wario Yoshi Eggs
Baby Bowser* Yoshi Eggs
Boshi Yoshi Eggs
Toad* 'Shroom Bounce Hit Peach Royalty
Toadette* 'Shrooms in Bloom Hit Peach Royalty
Toadsworth Peach Royalty
Toadbert Technical Peach Royalty
Zip Toad Peach Royalty
Toad Brigade Captain Mario Delfinos
Noki Bubble Hit Mario Delfinos
Pianta Palm Tree Ramp Hit Mario Delfinos
II Piantissimo Mario Delfinos
Blooper Inksplosion Hit Mario Delfinos
Geno Geno Whirl Hit Mario Delfinos
Mallow Technical Mario Delfinos
E Gadd. Technical Poltergust 3000 Hit Luigi Ghouls
King Boo Phantom Hit Luigi Ghouls
Boo* Thriller Hit Luigi Ghouls
Dry Bones* Bone Barrier Hit Luigi Ghouls
Parabones Luigi Ghouls
Dry Bowser Blue Fireball Hit Luigi Ghouls
Spooky Speedster Luigi Ghouls
Jack O' Goomba Luigi Ghouls
Goombario Mario Delfinos
Goombella Peach Royalty
Wiggler Angry Hit Daisy Blossoms
Flutter Angry Hit Daisy Blossoms
Petey Piranha Sludge Hit Daisy Blossoms
Piranha Plant Daisy Blossoms
Monty Mole* Underground Hit Daisy Blossoms
Rocky Wrench Daisy Blossoms
Lakitu Cloud 9 Hit Daisy Blossoms
Shy Guy* Technical Thunder Bolt Hit Birdo Bows
Fly Guy Lightning Strike Hit Birdo Bows
Spear Guy Birdo Bows
Cow Guy Birdo Bows
Bandit Replica Ball Hit Birdo Bows
Mona* Pizza Frissbee Hit Wario Workers
Jimmy T. Technical Wario Workers
Kat Wario Workers
Ana Wario Workers
Ashley Wario Workers
Red Wario Workers
9-Volt Wario Workers
18-Volt Waluigi Pinballs
Dr. Crygor Technical Wario Workers
Young Cricket Waluigi Pinballs
Orbulon Waluigi Pinballs
Koopa Troopa* Giant Shell Hit Waluigi Pinballs
Koopa Paratroopa* Technical Para Shell Hit Waluigi Pinballs
Goomba* Headbonk Hit Waluigi Pinballs
Paragoomba Technical Headbonk Hit Waluigi Pinballs
King Bob-Omb Bob-Omb Blast Hit Waluigi Pinballs
Mouser Birdo Bows
Funky Kong* Surfs Up Hit DK Barrels
Candy Kong DK Barrels
Dixie Kong* Technical Cannon Blast Hit Diddy Bananas
Tiny Kong Diddy Bananas
Lanky Kong DK Barrels
Cranky Kong DK Barrels
Wrinkly Kong DK Barrels
King K. Rool DK Barrels
Kritter DK Barrels
Kip Diddy Bananas
Kass Technical Diddy Bananas
Kopter Diddy Bananas
Tiki Goon Diddy Bananas
Pauline DK Barrels
Kalypso Diddy Bananas
Donkey Kong Jr. Diddy Bananas
Hammer Bro. Hammer/Fire/Ice/Boomerang Hit Jr. Rookies
Kamek Magical Hit Jr. Rookies
Kamella Technical Jr. Rookies
Spike Spiked Ball Hit Jr. Rookies
Boom Boom Jr. Rookies
Pom Pom Jr. Rookies
Whomp Jr. Rookies
Toadie Technical Jr. Rookies
Wendy O. Koopa Bowser Bullets
Ludwig Von. Koopa Bowser Bullets
Larry Koopa Bowser Bullets
Lemmy Koopa Technical Bowser Bullets
Iggy Koopa Bowser Bullets
Roy Koopa Bowser Bullets
Morton Koopa Jr. Bowser Bullets
Koopa Kid Yoshi Eggs
Mecha-Koopa Bowser Bullets
Luma* Technical Galaxy Hit Lubba Comets
Polari Galaxy Hit Lubba Comets
Hungry Luma Technical Black Hole Hit Lubba Comets
Co-Star Luma Luma Spin Hit Lubba Comets
Bee Sting 'Em Hit Rosalina Stars
Honey Queen Honey Bomb Hit Rosalina Stars
Gearmo Technical Gear Hit Rosalina Stars
Whittle Rosalina Stars
Star Bunny Rosalina Stars
Dino Piranha Tail Whip Hit Daisy Blossoms
Bob-Omb Buddy Technical Explosion Hit Lubba Comets
Penguin Frosty Hit Rosalina Stars
Coach Blizzard Hit Rosalina Stars
Cosmic Spirit Cosmic Hit Rosalina Stars
Giga Lakitu Lubba Comets
Octoomba Technical Lubba Comets
Octoboo Lubba Comets
Sorbetti 'Snow Way Out Peach Royalty
Twirlip Technical Tulip Twirl Hit Peach Royalty

Character Teams

Mario Delfinos

Mario Delfinos is mostly made up of the Super Mario Sunshine characters from Delfino Isle. Mario is the captain of the team and is well-rounded Noki and II Piantissimo give some speed to the team, while Pianta is a exceptional pitcher! Geno and Mallow from the RPG game return too, Geno being well-rounded, whilst Mallow being technical. Goombario appears aswell from Paper Mario and he's pretty good at rounders. Blooper appears on the team aswell. Finally their is the Toad Brigade Captain which gives extra captain advice with Mario, he is the sub-captain of the team.

Luigi Ghouls

Luigi Ghouls is a frightening team made up of mostly Luigi's Mansion and Undead characrers, their captain is Luigi. King Boo, Luigi's enemy appears who is the power house of the team. Boo who is a very good trickster, Dry Bones and Parabones, they're the defence and technical characters in the team, E Gadd appears from Luigi's Mansion too. Spooky Speedster and Jack O' Goomba appear from Mario Galaxy. Finally the best fielder of the team Dry Bowser? appears in the team aswell, he joined the team because he is Undead and would fit in. King Boo is the sub-captain.

Peach Royalty

This team is made up of many Toads and a few other characters, Princess Peach appears to be the captain, with Toadsworth being the sub-captain. Sorbetti and Twirlip from Mario Galaxy give the team an extra chilly twist, whilst Toad, Toadette, Toadsworth, Toadbert and Zip Toad make the good runners. Princess Peach makes 3 of herself or Toads go first with Sorbetti then to get them home safe.

Unlocking Criteria

Name Criteria
Baby Luigi
Baby Peach
Baby Daisy
Baby Yoshi
Baby DK
Baby Wario
Zip Toad
Toad Brigade Captain
II Piantissimo
E Gadd.
King Boo
Dry Bowser
Spooky Speedster
Jack O' Goomba
Petey Piranha
Piranha Plant
Rocky Wrench
Fly Guy
Spear Guy
Cow Guy
Jimmy T.
Dr. Crygor
Young Cricket
King Bob-Omb
Candy Kong
Tiny Kong
Lank Kong
Cranky Kong
Wrinkly Kong
King K. Rool
Tiki Kong
Donkey Kong Jr.
Hammer Bro.
Boom Boom
Pom Pom
Ludwig Von. Koopa
Wendy O. Koopa
Larry Koopa
Lemmy Koopa
Iggy Koopa
Roy Koopa
Morton Koopa Jr.
Koopa Kid
Mecha Koopa
Hungry Luma
Co-Star Luma
Honey Queen
Star Bunny
Dino Piranha
Bob-Omb Buddy
Giga Lakitu
Cosmic Spirit



Image Name Description Home To
Mario Stadium A standard court played on a normal grassy field with no gimmicks in it. Mario Delfinos
Peach's Palace A big, elegant, classy room located in Peach's Castle with Mushroom patterned carpets. Many Toads run around here. Peach Royalty
Wario City A great big city with manholes, cars and some conveyer belts, in the left hand side you can see the WarioWare buildings. Wario Workers
Yoshi Park Yoshi Park is a beautiful green area infested with Piranha Plants. The game is like Mario Stadium, but with gimmicks. Yoshi Eggs
Baby Theme Park A Giant Theme Park runned by the Baby characters. Many attractions are seen here such as the Wiggler Roller Coster that comes through stadium! Birdo Bows
DK Jungle DK Jungle is a huge jungle where the Kongs live, there are Screaming Pillars here aswell. DK Barrels
Mushroom Gorge A Stadium located within the caves of the famous race track, Mushroom Gorge. You will bounce on lots of mini mushroom platforms to get to a base. N/A

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