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Get ready to ride, Mario-style! Defeat Bowser and his troop in the Mushroom Grand Prix, to get to the bottom of this and find out who is best!

Playable Characters and boards

Speed Characters:

Fly Characters:

Power Characters:

Other Characters:

  • Shadow Mario - Paint Board
  • Shadow Luigi - P.A.I.N.T
  • Noki - Sun Trumpet
  • SCHR-21 - None rolls into ball and races
  • Shadow Yoshi - Yoshi Egg
  • Kirby - Dream Catcher
  • King Boo - Ghost Rider
  • Petey Piranha - Vine Traveller
  • Boo - Ghost Apprentice
  • Fly Guy - Shy Flyer
  • Mona- Hover Mona Scooter
  • Birdo - Pink Egg
  • 9-volt - 8-bit board
  • Bowser Jr. - Paint Roller
  • Link - Triforce Tracer

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