Mario Resort Island
Developer(s) Nintendo, Hudson
Publisher(s) Nintendo, Sega
Platform(s) Wii, WiiMotionPlus
Release Date(s)
November 2010
Single, Multi, Online Leaderboards
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Sports, Minigame
Media Included Wii Optical Disk x1
Mario Resort Island is a game in the Mario Olympics Series, and a spiritual successor to Wii Sports Resort. It takes place on Shy Guy Island, and features 16 sports games to play over 6 areas of the Island, including 2 bonus areas. It contains 30 characters, 5 of which are from the Sonic Series.


To start, you pick one of the 16 sports games, and (If applicable, multiplayer). Then, you pick an area of the island on a 3-D blueprint, and a specific starting point from a satellite view. Then, a screen with objectives, controls, and options (time limit, goal, etc.) pops up while the game loads. Then you jump in and play! Each game has 3 modes: Free Play, Competition, and Custom. Free Play lets you play it in any way you would like. Competition has a slightly modified mode against up to 7 other CPU or human characters. Custom lets you set up rules on your own.


There are 30 characters, 20 of whom are initially unlocked. The rest are received by completing various goals. Tag Team partners are the default characters to compete with you in competitions or tag-team matches.


Name Tag Team Partner
Mario Luigi
Luigi Mario
Peach Daisy
Daisy Peach
Yoshi Birdo
Birdo Yoshi
Koopa Goomba
Goomba Koopa
Shy Guy Fly Guy
King Boo Petey Piranha
Petey Piranha King Boo
Rosalina Luma
Donkey Kong Diddy Kong
Diddy Kong Donkey Kong
Bowser Bowser Jr.
Bowser Jr. Bowser
Dry Bones Dry Bowser
Baby Mario Baby Luigi
Baby Luigi Baby Mario
Fly Guy Shy Guy


Name Tag Team Patner Unlock Criteria
Dry Bowser Dry Bones Beat 4 competitions.
Wario Waluigi (Shadow Mario Until Unlocked) Beat 8 competitions.
Waluigi Wario Beat 12 competitions.
Shadow Mario Stand-In partner to those who don't have unlocked partners yet. Beat all competitions.
Luma Rosalina Reach 1000 ft. Altitude in High Jump.
Sonic Tails Go over 100 mph in cycling.
Blaze Knuckles Bike/Skateboard/Skate into the volcano.
Tails Sonic Reach 500 ft. Altitude in High Jump.
Knuckles Blaze Reach 100 ft. in climbing.
Shadow Shadow Mario when all others are unlocked, until then, Omega*. Unlock all other Sonic Characters.

  • Note: Omega is Shadow's Partner, but is not playable without hacking or cheats.

Island Areas

There are 6 areas on the island, with each being accesable to each other with no loading times. 2 other, separate areas are unlocked for finding every collection marker in 3 and 6 areas, respectively. Collecting collection markers also unlocks bonuses. (See Bonuses section for details). Each area contains 10 collection markers, which can be used to unlock things and give a description of the area you collected them in.


Name Description Terrain To North To East To South To West
Visitors Center The entrance to the Island! Includes info shop and docks. City Ocean Ocean Sports Arena Hilton Hills, Volcanic Ridge (SW)
Sports Arena A giant colliseum and ramps. All competitions start here. All Visitors Center Ocean Ocean Pianta Park, Volcanic Ridge (NW)
Hilton Hills Calm, hilly terrain, with occasional craters from the nearby volcano. Hilly Ocean Visitors Center Volcanic Ridge Tribal Jungle
Pianta Park Similar to Pinna Park, lots of rides! City Volcanic Ridge Sports Arena Ocean Tribal Jungle
Tribal Jungle A jungle with huts and bonfires! All Ocean Volcanic Ridge, Pianta Park (SE), Hilton Hills (NE) Ocean Ocean
Volcanic Ridge A giant volcano. Go inside if you dare! Hilly Hilton Hills, Visitor Center (NE) Visitors Center (NE), Sports Arena (SE) Pianta Park, Sports Arena (SE) Tribal Jungle, Hilton Hills (NW)


Name Description Terrain
Oil Rig A giant oil rig, with several layers and explorable areas. City
Wuhu Island From Wii Sports Resort! All


There are 16 sports games, divided into 3 modes. Not all games contain every mode. Free Roam signifies you can explore the whole area during free play.

Name Players Free Play? Free Roam? Competition? Custom?
Cycling 1-4 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Skateboarding 1-4 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Inline Skating 1-4 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Climbing 1 No No Yes Yes
High Jump 1-8 (Separately) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Running 1-2 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Archery 1-4 Yes No Yes Yes
Jet Skiing 1-4 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Parkour 1-4 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Swordplay/Fencing 1-2 No No Yes Yes
Tennis 1-4 Yes No Yes Yes
Swimming 1-4 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Obstacle Course/Endurance 1-4 No No Yes Yes
Long Jump 1-8 (Separately) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Parachuting/Skydiving 1-4 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Scuba Diving 1-2 Yes Yes Yes Yes


This section describes the competitions and objectives for each.

Name Objective Rounds
Cycling Win each race 3
Skateboarding Get the most points 5
Inline Skating Finish 1st with many points 3
Climbing Get to the top first 3
High Jump Get the highest jump 5
Running Run the race quickly 3
Archery Get the most points 5
Jet-Skiing Finish 1st with most points 3
Parkour Get the most style points 3
Swordplay/Fencing Beat all others 3
Tennis Beat all others 5
Swimming Get to the finish first 3
Obstacle Course/Endurance Finish in first 5
Long Jump Get the longest distance 3
Parachuting/Skydivng Get the most points 5
Scuba Diving Find the most treasure chests 3


These are the bonuses unlocked for getting certain amounts of collection markers.

Getting... Unlocks...
5 Museum
10 Figurines
15 Sound Test
20 Trophies and Bios
25 Bloopers/Bonus Scenes
30 Oil Rig Or Wuhu Island
35 Tag-Team Matches
40 Photo/Video Mode
45 Medal Set
50 Power-Up Trophies and Bios
55 Figurine and Trophy Photo Mode
60 Oil Rig Or Wuhu Island
65 Metal and Robot Costumes
70 Rainbow and Chaos Emeraldized Costumes
75 Elemental Costumes
80 Fantasy Costumes
80 and all competitions Code redeemable for custom-made medal from Nintendo.