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Mario RPG: The Quest for Princess Peach
Developer(s) Great Games, Inc.
Publisher(s) Great Games, Inc.
Release Date(s)
Mario RPG: The Quest for Princess Peach is a 3D RPG made for The Future Nintendo. It is the sequel to Super Mario Galaxy ULTIMATE.


Immediately after the end of the predescessor, Mario and Peach head inside the castle. But then they hear a scream coming from the direction the observatory flew off. Mario and Peach get into a plane and follow the noise. Unfortunately, they meet a mysterious foe whose name is Da Bomb and looks like a black void with a face. Mario asks him, "Why the ridiculous name?" Da Bomb replies, "It's the name my momma gave me." He then takes them hostage inside his airship, where it is discovered that Rosalina is captive there, too. She discretely tells them that Da Bomb didn't take the Lumas, and that they will come soon. Da Bomb takes the airship to his headquarters, an isolated cabin on an island. He doesn't have room in there for his victims, so he decides to murder them with the Star Rod. Mario laughs, but then Da Bomb pulls it out, in one piece. Rosalina tells them that it must have expelled itself from the black hole and Da Bomb got it and repaired it. The player must control Mario to defeat Da Bomb and take the Star Rod. After defeating him, the three leave, but Da Bomb rises and uses his powers to kill Peach. Fortunately, he had been weakened, so Peach has just fallen into a deep slumber. Da Bomb surrenders, saying that the only way to cure her is to make it to Bowser's Castle, where a magical herb grows that can make her rise. Until then, she is as good as dead. Rosalina takes Da Bomb to a prison while Mario heads on his own way to find Luigi, Yoshi, and Toad.

Unfortunately, Luigi, Yoshi, and Toad are in Cancun. Mario must travel all the way from the Mushroom World to Earth to get them. They are shocked at the sight of Mario lugging Peach's apparently dead body, but Mario explains what happens. By the time they return, Bowser's army has ransacked the castle in pursuit of Peach, but haven't found her. He decides to bomb the castle and return to his. Mario tells the group to go after Bowser, and they start going through the worlds. After the first world, they receive a letter from Rosalina saying that Da Bomb is locked away in Mushcatraz, the maximum security prison on a faraway island. However, Da Bomb is really forcing her to say that, having overpowered her and threatening to use a gun. Mario is unaware that Rosalina is also in grave danger and that Da Bomb is planning to attack Bowser's Castle and become the top supervillain in the world, using the star power he can squeeze out of Rosalina and a captured Luma. Mario and his buddies continue on, but get entangled in the middle of the Koopa Troop after World 4. They manage to escape, but Toad is gone.

Yoshi decides to disguise himself as a Koopa Troopa to rescue him while the Bros continue on. They receive word from Yoshi after World 7, who says that he has safely rescued Toad and is returning. The two manage to catch up as they enter Bowser's domain, but Da Bomb and an army he built of minions have tracked them down and are prepared to ambush them. He gives them Rosalina, whose power has been used to lead his army. Fortunately, Mario still has the Star Rod, which he uses to restore her to her former strength. They run for Bowser's Castle. Along the way, they decide to make a momentary alliance with Bowser to stop Da Bomb and then create a peace treaty saying that they won't attack each other. Bowser agrees to the first part, which is stopping Da Bomb, but he attacks them right after, saying that he would never agree to a ridiculous pact like that. He locks Mario and crew inside the dungeons awaiting execution, taking Peach to wake her and make her his queen. Luckily, Da Bomb rescues them, saying that they have a common cause to unite for. He regrets not having allied with them earlier, seeing the power Mario holds. He and Mario storm Bowser and defeat him, Peach cheering them on. Unfortunately, Da Bomb takes back his promise and attacks Mario, who must defeat him on his own. After defeating him, too, the Koopa Troop and the Bomb Troop surrender, where Mario and the crew make sure that they are locked safely in Mushcatraz. They each go their separate ways after a huge banquet in Peach's Castle and the credits roll.


Similar to the main platformers, there will be levels like 1-1, 4-3, etc. However, these levels are much more open to exploring and have four or five paths sometimes that can do different things. Each of these levels are found in a World Map that is open to exploring and has tons of secrets. The player also can use weapons. Once the player has collected one the first time, it is added to his inventory and he can switch between weapons anytime. There is an HP system, too. The player starts with 20 HP but can collect health extensions hidden through out the levels.





The player will have many weapons throughout the levels.