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Mario Plays Chess! is a Mario Plays! game by Jet Inc. for the DSj.


White Team (Peach)

Pawn - Toad

Rook - Guard Toad

Knight - Mario Bros.

Bishop - Toadsworth and Toadette

Queen - Peach

King - King Toadstool

Black Team (Bowser)

Pawn - 1 Larry 1 bowser jr 3 Goombas and 3 Koopas

Rook - Wendy and Morton

Knight - Roy and Iggy

Bishop - and Ludwig and Lemmy

Queen - Clawdia

King - Bowser


Mario and friends go to visit the Chess Kingdom, but find that Bowser hired other baddies to guard it. Peach hires a team and they go to save the Kingdom.


World 1 (Captain Syrup)

Pawn - Moneybags

Rook - Bandit

Knight - Wario Bros.

Bishop - Black Sugar Pirate

Queen - Captain Syrup

King - First-Mate Pancake

World 2 (Petey Piranha)

Pawn - Piranha Plant

Rook - Frost Piranha

Knight - Firey Piranha

Bishop - Dino Piranha and Fiery Dino Piranha

Queen - Giranha Plant

King - Petey Piranha

World 3 (Crackles)

Pawn - Rabbitling

Rook - Rabbit

Knight - Fluffy and Ziggy

Bishop - Lamby and Snakey

Queen - Debbie

King - Crackles

World 4

World 5

World 6

World 7

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