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Mario Pipes or Luigi Pipes if Luigi, is a world in Mario Bros 2. It has basic enemies and basic fireballs. There are POW Blocks in every level and recurring items


They appear as a world in Mario Bros 2.


Name of Level Common Item Common Enemie
Be Fast Mushroom Koopa Troopa, Goomba
Its Raining From Pipes Star Shellcreeper
Tsunamis in the sewer? Blue Shell Blue Koopa, Dark Enemies
Sink pipe Poison Mushroom 2, Boo Mushroom Boo Clones
Koopas has taken it OVER Bowser Mushroom Koopas and Paragoombas.
Wet Crabs Poison Mushroom 2 Every Enemie but Crabs are the most common.
Mama Koopas Ship All Mushroom Mama Koopa
King Koopa Pipe System All Mushrooms Boss(King Koopa)

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