Mario Party Y is a game in the Mario Party series in 2016.It is a Nintendo Bant game.


Mario Party Y,final logo.


"It's great to see the Sprixies again...But what's this?Something is vacuuming them up!

Oh,no! It's Bowser's VacuumCube!He's trapping the Sprixies again!

But Mario and his friends aren't giving up! They go to rescue the Sprixies.Hooray!

Storyline from Mario Party Y


The game modes are:

Story Mode:Win all of the 10 boards!

Party Mode:Compete with your friends!

Boss Rush:Defeat all Bosses to earn the Gold Medal!

Minigame Mode:All minigames in one mode!

Playable Characters





Princess Peach

Princess Daisy






Baby Mario-Complete the first board with Mario in Party Mode

Baby Luigi-Complete the second board with Luigi in Party Mode

Baby Wario-Complete the third board with Wario in Party Mode

Baby Waluigi-Complete the fourth board with Waluigi in Party Mode

Baby Peach-Complete the fifth board with Peach in Party Mode

Baby Daisy-Complete the sixth board with Daisy in Party Mode

Donkey Kong-Play 10 DK Minigames

Baby Donkey Kong-Complete the seventh board with Donkey Kong in Party Mode

Diddy Kong-Win 5 Minigames with Donkey Kong in Party Mode

Donkey Kong Jr.-Win 5 Bowser Minigames with Donkey Kong

Stanley the Bugman-Unlock 20 minigames in Minigame Mode

Rosalina-Win 10 DK Minigames with  Peach and Daisy

Baby Rosalina-Complete the eigthth board with Rosalina in Party Mode

Luma-Play 5 minigames with Rosalina and Baby Rosalina in Party Mode

Shy Guy-Beat Story Mode

Kamek-Beat Boss Rush

Yoshi-Unlock all minigames

Baby Yoshi-Complete the ninth board with Yoshi in Party Mode

Wart-Beat 10 Bowser minigames with 5 persons

II Piantissimo-Beat all boards in Party Mode

Bowser-Beat 20 Bowser Minigames

Baby Bowser-Complete all boards with Bowser

Bowser Jr.-Win 15 minigames with Bowser

Koopa Kid-Play all minigames

More TBA

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