Mario Party XI (Formally known as Mario Party 11) is a game for the 3DS and Wii U, idea by Kirbystar247 and hopefully with credit to other users, scheduled release mid-2016.


One dark night, the player notices a strange, glittering object on the ground. When they examine it, it seems to be a glittering crystal silver shinier than the sparkling sun...

...the next morning, you wake up to find a letter from Bowser saying that he's retiring and is throwing a huge party for everyone in town. And it turns out even Donkey Kong gets the letter.

On no! The party was too good to be true! Now the player gets to witness not a party, but a now-gigantic Bowser turning everything in the world (Except you and him) into toys and modelling...


There are fourteen playable characters, each with a colour.

Default Characters

Unlockable Characters

Party Boards

Board Stars Boss
Petey's Greenhouse Random space, 20 coins each. Piranha Plant
DK Snow Fields Fixed space, 20 coins each. Can get any number. Kritter
Koopa Troopa Mall Random space, costs up to 30 coins. Bowser Jr.
Toadette's Theme Park Three tickets, one with star, each costs 10 coins. Kamek

Game Mechanics

Spaces: There are three types of spaces. Blue gives you 3 coins, Red makes you lose 3 coins, and Green trigger crazy events, good or bad, depending on the location.

Items: Pass a hex or enter the Item Shop on boards to get them! Hexes can be layer as traps to steal coins and stars, while items provide one-time boosts such as additional dice blocks or so forth!

Dice Block: Roll this to move! If you have multiple dice blocks, you get 10 coins for matching numbers.

Currency: Coins and stars can be collected in the game. The winner is whoever has more of the latter in ten turns, if it's a tie it's instead judging the former.

Final Five Frenzy: When five turns are left, the player(s) in last get a quick gift from Bowser (Coins, stars, etc.) and all red and blue spaces effect coins by 5, not 3. Also, items at the shops are changed, from simple Double Dices and Warp Dices to Triple Dice Blocks, Star Pipes and suchlike.