Starting Characters






Donkey Kong






Dry Bones

Koopa Troopa

Shy Guy



Unlockable Characters



Petey Piranha



Plus space-gives you 3 points

Minus space-makes you lose 3 points

Multiply space-multiplies your total by 3 for example if you had 10 points 10 times 3 equals 30 so you would have 30 points

Divide space-divides your total by 3 for example if you had 12 points 12 divided by 3 equals 4 so you would have 4 points

Chance space-chance time from Mario Party 1 2 & 3

Slots space-lets you hit five buttons on a slot machine to try to get points the pictures on the slot machine are a Banana Peel, a Koopa Shell, a Super Mushroom, a Fire Flower, a Tanooki Leaf, and a Super Star

2 Banana Peels equals 5 points.

3 Banana Peels equals 10 points.

4 Banana Peels equals 20 points.

5 Banana Peels equals 40 points.

2 Koopa Shells equals 10 points.

3 Koopa Shells equals 20 points.

4 Koopa Shells equals 40 points.

5 Koopa Shells equals 80 points.

2 Super Mushrooms equals 15 points.

3 Super Mushrooms equals 30 points.

4 Super Mushrooms equals 60 points.

5 Super Mushrooms equals 120 points.

2 Fire Flowers equals 20 points.

3 Fire Flowers equals 40 points.

4 Fire Flowers equals 80 points.

5 Fire Flowers equals 160 points.

2 Tanooki Leaves equals 25 points.

3 Tanooki Leaves equals 50 points.

4 Tanooki Leaves equals 100 points.

5 Tanooki Leaves equals 200 points.

2 Super Stars equals 30 points.

3 Super Stars equals 60 points.

4 Super Stars equals 120 points.

5 Super Stars equals 240 points.

Question space- It depends on the board being played.

Luma space- Luma will either give you 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 points sometimes a battle minigame will occur.

Bowser space-bowser will either take away 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 points sometimes a battle minigame will occur.

Item Space-get a random item.

The point of the game is to go around the board and try to make it to the finish while collecting points.

Whoever makes it to the finish first gets 100 points.

Second gets 75

Third gets 50

Fourth gets 25


Koopa Shell - knocks an opponent 5 spaces back

Fire Flower - makes any opponent lose 5 points and then you gain them

Super Mushroom - lets you roll two 1-6 dice blocks

Bullet Bill - knocks any opponent back 10 spaces

Ice Flower - makes any opponent lose 5 points and you gain them and they will be unable to move next turn

Golden Mushroom - lets you roll 3 1-6 dice blocks

Tanooki Suit - knocks all opponents back 3 spaces

Super Star - triples your roll

Banana Peel - makes any opponent go back 3 spaces

Flashlight - makes King Boo leave if he tries to steal points from you

Boo Phone - lets you call king boo to steal points from an opponent

Bowser Bomb - detonates after 5 turns whoever is holding it loses 50 points, you can give to opponents to avoid being blown up

Blue Shell - takes 50 points from the person in first place



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