Mario Party Revolution
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Platform(s) Wii

Wii U Nintendo 3DS

Release Date(s)
TBA 2012
Story Mode, Party Mode, Mini-game Party, Battle Mode, Trial Mode
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Genre(s) Action, Party, Multiplayer
Media Included Wii Optical Disk

Mario Party Revolution (in Japan: マリオパーティーRevolution) (also named: Mario Party R) is a familly game from Mario Party Games. The name "Revolution" means that this game is mixed from all the Mario Party games (comon). You can play with 1-4 players for really funny modes: Story Mode, Party Mode, Minigame Mode, Battle Mode and Trial Mode. You can play online too to play 8-Player Mode.


Story Mode:

In Story Mode, you must find the 6 Universal Star to change Mushroom Kingdom and beat Bowser with his Magic Stick. To have a Universal Star you must collect stars and coins to become a Superstar:


(coming soon)

To become a Superstar, you must have:

|The Minus Star]]: Stop on the most Red Spaces then the others.

  • [[|The 4th-st-Place-Star]]: Be the 4th place on the Stages Results.
  • [[|Item Star]]: Pay the most costly items only on Item Shop's.


In Story Mode, you have 5 modes:

Modes: Player VS Player Description:
Battle Royal Mode P1 vs P2 vs P3 vs P4 You must collect stars and coins so much possible to become a Superstar.
Battle Duel Mode (Story Mode) P1 vs P2 It's much like Battle Royal Mode with new spaces.
Duel Mode P1 vs P2 Collect coins so much possible to have a partner (buddy) to destroy pieces of the heart meter from your oppenent.
Teamwork Mode 1 P1 + P2 + P3 + P4 It's like Battle Duel Mode but your partner works with you.k
Solo Mode P1

Party Mode:

In Party Mode, it's like Story Mode but you can chose your options free.

Minigame Mode:

In Minigame Mode, you can chose a minigame what you want but you must buy a minigame first. They are 3 modes for:

Battle Mode

In Battle Mode, you must win all the minigames do you have to have coins. Who has the most coins will be the winner.

Trial Mode

In Trial Mode, it's like Battle Mode. In this stage you have only Blue, Red and Battle Spaces. Whos has the most coins wins the game.

Adventure Mode:

Join with your partner a minigame adventure on Whu Whu Island. Rescue the lost Toad in the volcano.
Puzzle Mode: In Puzzle Mode, you can play puzzle like Tetris, Mario's Puzzle Party (MP3) and more another Puzzle-Games. Puzzle-Games are the rarest Mini-Games.


Playable Characters

Name: Icon: Description: Favorite Partner: Battle Partner Unlock:
Mario Mario Icon MPR The main hero of Mushroom Kingdom. He is also known as ' Jumpman '. Luigi

Gargantua Koopa Troopa

Luigi Luigi Icon MPR Mario's brother. The big-jumper ever. He started at 1983. Mario Goomba /
Yoshi Yoshi Icon MPR A super buddy from Mario and Luigi. He started in the Super Mario World series. Birdo Boo (pink) /
Peach Peach Icon MPR The Princess of Mushroom Kingdom. She is a little tricky. Daisy Toadbert /
Daisy Daisy Icon MPR Peach's best friend. The Princess of Sarasaland. Peach Snift /
Toad Toad Icon MPR A friendly person. He likes to stay some Chance Time-Spaces. Toadette Thwomp /

Wario Icon MPR

He likes treasures. He likes to use the Dash Punch. Waluigi Bob-omb /
Waluigi Waluigi Icon MPR Wario's brother. He hates and he tricks Luigi. Wario Piranha Plant /
Donkey Kong DK Icon MPR He is to strength for a monkey. He likes to use the Banana Peel's to tricks his opponents. Diddy Kong Whomp /
Koopa Troopa Koopa Troopa Icon MPR He is a good character to play at 2 vs 2 Minigames to use his Super Move. Red Paragoomba Spiny /
Red Paragoomba Paragoomba Icon MPR SMB3 enemie. He is much tricky like Koopa Troopa. Koopa Troopa Tail Goomba /
Shy Guy ShyGuy MPR Mysterius "faceguy". Great item user. Kamek Snifit /
Kamek Kamek MPR Genius magician. He is really tricky. Shy Guy /
Birdo Birdo Icon MPR Yoshi's friend. She is too tecnical to beat a minigame. Yoshi Draglet /
Toadette Toadette MPR The sweetest fungus at Toad Town and Toad's sister. Toad /
Mii Random He/She is always ready to play a Wii-game. Mii /
Diddy Kong Diddy Kong Icon MPR A funny monkey who makes nice stunts. Donkey Kong Whimp
Boo Boo Icon MPR A creepy and a scary ghost. He is tricky then Koopa Troopa. Dry Bones Dark Boo
Dry Bones Dry Bones MPR To creepy then Boo! He can use trickly the Maximum Dices. Boo Amp
Buddy Bro. Buddy Bro. MPR Always cool! Nice guy with 14 years. Spike Mr. Blizzard
Blooper Blooper MPR Great "sushifish". The special move from Blooper is great. Monty Mole Squirto
Bowser Koopa King
Monty Mole Monty Mole MPR Blooper

Battle Partners

The states from MP3 are changed.

Name: Icon: Description: Special Attack: Favorite Partner: States: Salary:
Goomba Goomba MPR Kick Luigi

HP: 1

Attack: 2

Gargantua Koopa Troopa Garg. Koopa MPR Shell Toss Mario

HP: 2

Attack: 1

Pink Boo Pink Boo MPR Invisibility Yoshi

HP: 1

Attack: 2

Toadbert Toadbert MPR Big Hammer Peach

HP: 1

Attack: 1

Snifit Snifit MPR Metalic Balls Daisy

HP: 2

Attack: 2

Thowmp Thwomp MPR Thwomp Stomp Toad

HP: 2

Attack: 3

Whomp Whomp MPR


He haves no attack

Donkey Kong

HP: 4

Attack: 0

Bob-omb Bob-omb MPR BOOM! Wario

HP: 1

Attack: 1

Piranha Plant Piranha Plant MPR
  • Leaf Cut
  • Super Bit

HP: 1

Attack: 3

Spiny Spiny MPR
  • Spike Defense
  • Shell Toss
Koopa Troopa

HP: 1

Attack: 2



Battle Royal Maps

Some stages are 2D too. The 2D-Maps haves spaces like rectangle blocks.

Name: Image: Description: Dificulty: Unlock:
Mushroom Hills Mushroom Hills MPR A little stage with Piranha Plant and Ptooie's. Some Piranha Plants eats you.
  • Easy
Tropical Isle A sweet isle with sweet fruits. Wacht out for coconut's there. They can falling on you and then you gonna be hurt. (= Poisson Mushroom (MP1)) * Easy

Complete Piranha Hills in 1st to 3rd.

(Default in Multiplayer)

Bowser Jr. Canyon A dangerous canyon with Bullet Shoters around. If a Bullet Bill attacks you, you returns to the START-place. If the 5 turns are done, Bowser Jr.'s pencil is too dangerous, wacht out of the ground. ** Normal Unlock this stage by beating Tropical Isle. (Default in Multiplayer)
DK Riverside ** Normal Unlocked
Frozen High's *** Hard Unlocked
Bowser's Tower *** Hard Unlock this stage by beating Frozen High.
Tumble's Magic World *** Hard Unlock this stage by having a S-rank on all the stages on the bank.

Battle Duel Maps

Name: Description: Dificulty: Happening:
NES Mario vs DK It's a classic stage like the arcade game * Easy Donkey Kong throws a barrel.

Duel Mode Maps


Teamwork Maps 1


Teamwork Maps 2


Solo Maps


Other Maps

Name: Image: Description: Mode:
Wuhu Island Wuhumountainloop Adventure Mode
Trial Mode

Retro Stages

Retro Stages are only for Party Mode.

Name: Image: Description: Dificulty: Origin (Game):
Mario's Rainbow Castle 640px-MP1 MarioRCmap Make with your star a super big rainbow! Easy Mario Party 1
Horror Land 634px-Horror Land map (nighttime) Become a super wizard to defeat Wizard Bowser! Hard Mario Party 2
Spiny Desert 640px-SpinyDesert MP3 It's too warm there. Watch out of slipy sands! Normal Mario Party 3
Goomba's Greedy Gala This place is very, very, very greedy. Mario Party 4
Toy Dream Mario Party 5
Snowflake Lake Mario Party 6
Grand Canal Mario Party 7
Bowser's Warped Orbit Mario Party 8


Colored Spaces haves meanings too:

  • Blue and Red Space are Coin Spaces;
  • Yellow/Gold Spaces are Mini-Game Spaces;
  • Green Spaces and the other Spaces are exeptions.
  • They are the other spaces too.

Standard Spaces

Name: Image: Type: Description:
Blue Space 120px-MP9 Dice Space Common This space gives to you 3 coins.
Red Space Red Space PMWiiU Semi-common This space takes from you 3 coins.
Happenings Space 120px-MP9 Happening Space Rare Something happens in the map.
Coin Space

Game Guy Space MPR

Rare Game Guy (apparence like Shy Guy with a tie(?)) takes you all the coins then he gives you a Coin Challenge. If you win, your money will be doubled and if you lose, you win nothing.

Battle Royal Mode Spaces

Name: Image: Type: Description:
Chance Time Space 120px-MP9 Random Space Rare You gonna go to the Chance Time Event.
Bowser Space 120px-MP9 Bowser Space Rare

Bowser gives you a "Bowser Event Roulette" or if you don't haves any coins (0 coins) "Bowser gives you a Price Roulette. No 0 coins alowed. That's good news!

  • 10 coins
  • 20 coins
  • 30 coins
  • 50 coins
Bowser Jr. Space 120px-MP9 Bowser Jr Space Rare Bowser Jr. gives you somethings bad.
Battle Space 120px-MP9 Competition Space Rare Hammer Bro. takes you, with a hammer, all 10-20-50 coins then he gives you all a Battle Game.
Duel Space Duel Space MPR Rare Hammer Bro. takes you all 10 coins and then you must chose a opponent to battle then he gives you a minigame.
Star Space Star Space MPR One per board/ Random Toadstool gives you a star if you gives 25 coins to him.
Bank Space Bank Space Two per board If you pass the bank from Yellow Toad, he takes you 5 coins to reserve. If you stop on the Bank Space, Yellow Toad gives you all the coins from the reserve.
Item Space Item Space MPR Rare Tumble gives you a Item Minigame. Sometimes gives you direct a item or a Item Dice Block.
Friend Space Friend Space MPR Rare Gives you and an chosen opponent both 5 coins.
Pink Boo Space Rare

He steal coins, items and a star from a opponent for you.


STAR: 50 coins

ITEM: 20 coins

1-Player Minigame Space Rare Tumble gives you a 1-Player Minigame.

Duel Royal Mode Spaces

Name: Image: Type: Description: Mode:
Warp Pipe Warp Pipe 3D Land Rare He warps you to go to the another warp pipe. All
Beanstalk BeanstalkNSMBW Common All


Name: Image: Type: Description: Price:
Mushroom SuperMushroom Common This item gives you 2 red dices. 5 coins
Golden Mushroom GM-crownno Common This item gives you 3 golden dices. 10
Key Key Semi-Common This item open the closed doors. 5
Reverse Mushroom Reverse Mushroom MPR Semi-Common You gonna go the reverse way. 15
Poisson Mushroom PoisonMushroom Semi-Common You chose a character or you to have this item then your chosen character/you gonna moves limit 1-3 steps. 10
Warp Block ItemBoxMK7 Semi-Common He makes you a exchange of a random character randomly to a another place. 10
Dash Punch Dash Punch MPR Semi-Common Makes you/(r) opponent bouncing to the 5th Space. 15
Super Leaf SuperLeaf2 Semi-Common With your tail, you attack your opponent to steal 5 coins for you. 15
Metal Mushroom MetalMushroom Semi-Common You can attack your opponent to steal 10 coins for you. 20
Bowser Mushroom BowserMushroom Semi-Common You can attack your opponent to steal 20 coins for you. 25
Rainbow Star Rainbow Star Rare With your invincibility, you attack your opponent to steal all the coins for you. 30
Magic Lamp Magic Lamp MPR Rare 25
Item Bag 35
Item Stealer 25
Boo Bell 20

Dices and Blocks

The number of dices are only examples.

Name: Image: Description:
Dice Block Dice Block MPR They gives you random a number of steps: 1-10.
Minus Dice Block Minus Dice Block MPR Appears randomly. They gives you random a number of steps: 1-3.
Medium Dice Block 200px-Diceblock MP9 Appears randomly. They gives you random a number of steps: 4-7.
Maximum Dice Block Maximum Dice Block MPR Appears randomly. They gives you random a number of steps: 8-10.
Red Dice Block Mushroom Dice Block If you use the Mushroom, it appears 2 dices. (see description "Items Mushroom")
Golden Dice Block Golden Dice Block MPR If you use the Golden Mushroom, it appears 3 dices. "(Golden Mushroom)
Purple/Poison Dice Block Purple Dice Block MPR If you use the Poison Mushroom, your steps of spaces appears 1-3 spaces limit."(Poison Mushroom)
Reverse Dice Block Reverse Dice Block MPR

If you use the Reverse Mushroom, he gives you random a number of steps: 1-10 reverse.

Hidden Block Hidden Block MPR Appears randomly. He gives you 20 coins, a Star or a item.
Event Block Event Block MPR

Appears randomly. It appears a NPC.

  • Yellow Toad: He gives you coins of the bank randomly.
  • Bowser: He gives a Bowser Roulette.
  • Bowser Jr.: He gives a Bowser Jr Minigame.
  • Tumble: He gives a minigame/1-Player Minigame.
  • Toadstool: He gives a Star if you haves more then 20 coins.
  • Pink Boo: He serves to steal coins (Free) of stars (50 coins) or items (20 coins).
  • Hammer Bro.: He gives a Battle Game or a Duel Game.
  • 8-bit Toad: He gives a Retro Minigame. (only on Party Mode)
Coin Dice Block Coin Dice Block MPR Appears randomly. Gives you a number of coins. 1-10
Minus-Coin Dice Block Minus-Coin Dice Block MPR Appears randomly. Takes you a number of coins. 1-10
Item Dice Block

On a Item Space, sometimes gives Tumble a Item Dice Block:

  • Golden Mushroom
  • Key
  • Poison Mushroom
  • Warp Block
  • Super Leaf
  • Metal Mushroom


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  • The moves of all the playable characters are the same as the game: Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games and Mario Sports Mix.
  • Paratroopa cannot be a playable character because he is a NPC from a Mini-Game: Generator GREEN SHELL.
  • Minigame Results of Mario Party Revolution it's similar of Mario Party 9.