Dry Bones

Magikoopa (Must Buy for 1500 Power Cards)

Petey Piranha (Must Buy for 1500 Power Cards)


Blue Space: You'll receive three coins.

Red Space: You'll lose three coins.

Green Space: An event happens, depending on board location.

Lightning Space: You pick a person to duel. Winner steals coins or stars.

DK Space: DK will come and help you out.

Bowser Space: Bowser will come and will make your life miserable.

Sun Space: A very lucky event will occur and gives free coins, stars, or candy.


Goomba's Gorgeous Garden

This was once a beautiful garden owned by Goomba, until Bowser sent Magikoopa to use magic

to make it infested with Piranha Plants. Goomba asks Mario and his pals to help out, so everyone

jumps at the chance to be the hero. The reward is a huge piece of candy.

Battle Rules

The first one to collect 2 stars wins.

Party Rules

Whoever gets the most stars wins.

Koopa's Beautiful Beach

Before Bowser sent Ninjakoopa to take over, this was a place where tourists relaxed. But now

Koopa needs someone's help to stop him. The reward is a trophy made of candy.

Battle Rules

Open the clam with the star in it first.

Party Rules

Try to open the most clams with stars.

Toad's Deadly Desert

Before Dry Bones came, it was just your average desert. But the ancient star has been stolen by Bandit, and

is planning on bringing it to Dry Bones. But everyone wants to get it back for Toad. The prize is an ancient piece

of candy (meaning it is an old kind of delicious candy, not all moldy and stuff).

Note: The Bandit is a third party member in this party, but cannot be used in party mode.

Battle Rules

Whoever steals the star from Bandit and brings it to the Pyra Mid wins.

Another Note: Yes, it is supposed to be called Pyra Mid. Two words.

Party Rules

Everyone starts out with 1 star, and everyone tries to steal everyone's stars. Anything goes!

Shy Guy's Summit of Shivers

This sacred summit was taken over by Jr. Troopa (an incredibly easy boss). In order for Shy Guy to get it back, he

needs Mario's help. The prize is an actual (mini) mountain of candy.

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