Mario Party Mini-game Battles!
Developer(s) GStT
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) 3DS, Wii, Wii U
Genre(s) Party
Media Included 3DS Cartridge, Wii Disc, Wii U Disc

Mario Party Mini-game Battles! is a Mario Party game based on mini-games. We expect more info in the future.



Mario and his friends are golfing until Wario started to cheat. They broke up into a fight thus Peach and Daisy decided to have a battle of mini-games. The one won the battle and could call him the "Star of the Games"!

What does this game include

  • Over 200 classic and new mini-games.
  • All the characters from previous Mario Party games.
  • 10 different modus.
  • A shop for purchasing all types of stuff.
  • And much, much more.

Boards and Details


  • Board 1. Mushroom Voyage. This board plays on a ship with tons of mushroom onboard.
  • Board 2. Diamond Mine. This board plays inside a mine full of diamonds and other gems.
  • Board 3. Cloudy Beanstalk. This board plays in the cloudy sky with a huge beanstalk.
  • Board 4. Hounted Garden. This board plays in the garden of Big Boo's Mansion.
  • Board 5. Palm Calm Beach. This board plays on the beach near Hotstone Volcano.

(More details comming soon.)


Versus Mode Spaces

  • All VS space (Blue)
  • 2 VS 2 space (Red)
  • 3 VS 1 space (Green)
  • 1 VS 1 VS 2 space (Yellow)
  • Players VS CPUs space (Pink) (When playing with 4 players it changes into a 1 VS 5 space)
  • 1 VS 5 space (Purple)

Story Mode Spaces

  • All VS space (Blue)
  • 2 VS 2 space (Red)
  • 3 VS 1 space (Green)
  • Battle space (Grey)
  • Lucky space (Rainbow) (Gives you a choice of 3 cards to choose from)
  • 1 VS 1 space (White) (The card can't be used at the end of a turn, you need to touch someone else, then a message appears if you want to challange him.)
  • Boost space (Light blue) (Give you another dice)

Extra Mode Course Spaces

  • All VS space (Blue)
  • 4 VS 4 space (Orange)
  • 7 VS 1 space (Lemon green)
  • 6 VS 2 space (Violet)
  • Battle space (Grey)


Versus Mode

This mode is identical to party mode in other Mario Party games. You travel on one of the boards but this time you collect cards. At the end of each turn all players choose wich card they want to use. There are 6 types of cards:

  • All VS Card
  • 2 VS 2 Card
  • 3 VS 1 Card
  • 1 VS 1 VS 2 Card
  • Players VS CPUs Card (not posseble to get when playing with 4-players)
  • 1 VS 5 Card (5th player is a random chosen character controled by a CPU)

When the players are done choosing wich card they want, 1 card would be randomly chosen and the players need to play a mini-game in the style the card showed you. Every card has his own use in this game and so the amount of points you get from it. At the end of every versus, the one with the most points wins and would be called the "Star of all Games".

The point settings are as followed:

Points When Won

Card 1st place 2nd place 3rd place 4th place CPU bonus
All VS 10 pnts 8 pnts 5 pnts 2 pnts 5pts
2 VS 2 Both 5 pnts Both 3 pnts none none none
3 VS 1 10 pnts when "1" wins,

4 pnts each when "3" wins.

5 pnts for "1",

2 pnts each for "3".

none none none
1 VS 1 VS 2 10 pnts when "1" wins,

8 pnts each when "2" wins.

8 pnts for "1",

6 pnts each for "2".

5 pnts for "1",

3 pnts each for "2".

none none
Players VS CPUs 10 pnts 8 pnts 5 pnts 2 pnts When all CPUs lose, +2 pnts.
1 VS 5 10 pnts when "1" wins,

3 pnts each when "5" wins.

5 pnts for "1",

1 pnt each for "5".

none none When CPU difficulity is set to Medium or higher, +2 pnts for "5" when they lose.

Story Mode

In story mode you travel through all the boards the defeat the other players, there is no multi-player involved in this mode! The goal is to complete the most mini-games with everything you got! This mode is per board 10 turns long. After the 10th turn you will get to the reward stage, the amount of points you get is determined on wich place you won in all the mini-games. The point count is as followed: The point settings are as followed:

Points At The Reward Stage

every 1st place in mini-games every 2nd place in mini-games every 3rd place in mini-games every 4th place in mini-games
10 pnts (x10 = 100) 7 pnts (x10 = 70) 4 pnts (x10 = 40) 1 pnt (x10 = 10)

After finishing the board you need to battle against another character in one of the special mini-games. Each board has one special-mini game themed to the board itself. These mini-games are:

Points At The Reward Stage

Board Name of mini-game What is the goal?
Mushroom Voyage Mushroom Bomber The goal in this mini-game is to trow mushroom painted bob-ombs to your apponents to blow them away from the field.
Diamond Mine Cave Rumble The goal in this mini-game is to mine your way to the end faster than your apponent. If you lose then the rocks will close the exit of the cave.
Cloudy Beanstalk Hurry to Grow The goal in this mini-game is to let the beanstalk grow as big as it can be. In the end, who has the talles beanstalk can grab the golden apple from the tree.
Hounted Garden As the Garden is Hounted The goal in this mini-game is to survive as long as you can without being touched by a boo. When you win the garden is yours.
Palm Calm Beach Vulcananas Collecting The goal in this mini-game is to collect as many bananas while avoiding lava and bring them to the monkeys. Whom gave the most bananas to the monkeys wins and gets a free boat trip back to the land.


In this game you fight a boss after the last turn. The bosses are:

  • Goomba King
  • Mega Shyguy
  • Big Boo
  • Evil Ukiki
  • Lakitu

The following bosses are rare in every board:

  • Snowman
  • UFO

The following bosses are Story Mode only:

  • Bowser?...
  • Cursed Star

Remember that the normal and rare bosses are only for Versus Mode!

The chance of fighting one of the bosses is different in every board. It goes like folowed:

Chance of bosses after the last turn

Board Goomba King Mega Shyguy Big Boo Evil Ukiki Lakitu Snowman UFO
Mushroom Voyage 25% 20% 10% 25% 10% 5% 5%
Diamond Mine 20% 15% 35% 10% 10% 5% 5%
Cloudy Beanstalk 10% 15% 15% 10% 40% 5% 5%
Hounted Garden 10% 10% 45% 10% 15% 5% 5%
Palm Calm Beach 10% 30% 10% 30% 10% 5% 5%


  • Major edits: BlackStone187
  • Catogories: MarioPhineas78



  • Mario
  • Luigi


  • Peach
  • Daisy


  • Wario
  • Waluigi


  • Yoshi
  • Toad

Unlockable Characters

All- Around

  • Stanley

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