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A new Mario Party game for the Nintendo Wii U, & 3DS.


Mario Party 8 characters

Character selection screen.

All characters from Mario Party 8 return as default characters. 10 characters are unlockable.


Mario & Peach - Power Players

Luigi & Daisy - Tango Tanglers

Yoshi & Birdo - Egg Explosion

Wario & Waluigi - Double Crossers

Toad & Toadette - Zoomin' Shrooms

Boo & Blooper - Creature Feature

Dry Bones & Hammer Bro. - What-the-Deuce


Bob-omb & Bullet Bill - Explosive Enemies

Koopa Troopa & Goomba - Old Classics

Magikoopa & Shy Guy - Magical Masks

Monty Mole & Wiggler - Burrowed Butterflies

Donkey Kong & Koopa Kid - Retired Returners



This marks DK'S & Koopa Kid's returns in the

Mario Party series.


The reason I gave Shy Guy a guitar is because of this

picture I saw one time about the new Paper Mario game.

It showed a trio of Shy Guys wearing sombreros & holding guitars.

I've been obsessed with the idea of Shy Guy having one ever since. If

you don't like it, go to Russia!

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