Mario Party Gameboard Circus is a game for the Nintendo MH and is the fifthteenth instalment (twentieth in Japan) in the Mario Party series and the fifth instalment for a handheld console. This is the fifth Mario Party game to be developed by Nd Cube. Unlike Mario Party DS ,Mario Party: Island Tour and Mario Party: Star Rush, it is possible for up to eight people to join in wireless mode using only one game card, also the mini games and the gameboards from the previous Mario Party instalments make an appearance in a new mode called Retro Boards, most of the reused retro minigames return from Mario Party DS.


One day in the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario and crew receive an invitation to Cap Tapper's Gameboard Circus.The gang then cheers about it and board the MSS Sea Star ship to the Star Shroom City. While Mario and the gang are partying and playing games, Bowser and his seven Koopalings, his four Koopa Kids and Bowser Jr secretly steal the Prizes for winning the Superstar Arena, Mario and crew decide to battle in the boards to retrieve the prizes and become the Superstar.


Mario Party Gameboard Circus uses the traditional independent four player gameplay from the previous Mario Party entries, unlike Mario Party: Island Tour, the boards don't have a finish line, and all party boards can be accessed, but the 1-6 dice blocks return, however the triple dice block returns from Mario Party DS and the 1-10 dice block returns from Mario Party 9. Oddly enough, the game, uses the no turn gameplay from Mario Party: Star Rush in Toad Scramble.


Superstar Arena

1 Player

A one player mode which follows the storyline. The player is put through twelve different game boards and defeat several bosses in order to get to Bowser's Dark Ship. CUP difficulty increases each time a player completes a board, the game can be saved each time the board is also completed.

Mario Party

1-4 Players/8 players(Only in Partner Battle and Group Battle)

The main mode of the game. Here, players can compete against other players or CPUs on a party board. Customized settings can be chosen, such as disabling or enabling bonuses, the number of turns, CPU difficulty, etc. There are six ways of playing Mario Party:

  • Battle Royale: The free-for-all party mode. four players choose their characters and compete to see who is the superstar.
  • Tag Battle: The teams party mode. Here, two players team up against another two to see who is the superstar team. Teams still play separately, though. Most minigames played are two vs two minigames.
  • Duel Battle: The duel party mode. This mode is for only two players, but it still plays similarly to Battle Royale. Only duel minigames can be played.
  • Partner Battle: Returning from Mario Party 7, this mode is similar to tag battle, but teams play united and it allows up to 8 players to join the fun in the form of four teams of two. Unlike in Mario Party 7, players can play with separated controllers. Only 8-player minigames can be played in this party mode.
  • Group Battle: Very Much like Tag Battle and Partner Battle teams there are two teams of four and they can play in eight player mini games to see who is the superstar team.
  • Bowser Battle: This mode has one of the players battle against the other seven players, Bowser is the player who battles against the seven players, very similar to Mario Party 10.

Minigame Mayhem

'1-4 Players

  • Free Play: Returning from Mario Party DS, the free for all Minigame mode, four players choose their character and minigames and play to test their skills in the minigames.
  • Pipe Predicament: Jumping into the four pipes, the four players must win ten different minigames in order to escape the pipes.
  • Balloon Builders: In this mingame mode, the four players compete to win minigames that fill up their hot air balloons, who ever gets the highest in their balloons is the winner.
  • Casino Calamity: The four players are sent into a casino roulette, the roulette gives minigames and one of the players will jump on the roulette and choose the minigame, there are the normal types of mini games, 1 vs 3, 2 vs 2 and 4. Whoever has the most coins after winning the minigames wins the game.
  • Boss Bash: The four players will jump into the Boss Fight Arena and compete against each other in boss minigames to see who can receive the most points at the end of the game. If the player finishes first in a minigame, he or she receives five points; finishing second gives him or her three points; third gives the player two, and fourth gives the player one.

1-8 Players

  • Rocket Rascals: Returning from Mario Party DS, the eight players must win minigames to acquire and place bridge pieces on the square 5x5 grid. The first to make a path from their corner of the grid to the rocket with the bridge parts is the winner.
  • Piranha Plant Prancers: The eight players must feed their two Piranha Plants with minigame coins in order to reach the finish line, when the team reaches the finish line they win the game.

Toad Scramble

1-4 Players

Each player starts as one of four colored Toads and moves across a nonlinear game board simultaneously, recruiting ally characters, playing minigames, and fighting bosses.

Cap Tapper's Gallery Tent

Here players can take a look at their records and look at the cutscenes in the game after completing Superstar Arena and playing Mario Party and Minigame Mayhem. Various Retro Boards and Retro Minigames can be played here. Character Trophies can be bought here.

Puzzle Museum

A museum where the player can play six puzzle-action games, the majority being classics from previous Mario Party games. This mode introduces the new touch-controlled puzzle game, Triangle Twisters, which offers two play modes, Frenzy Mode and Focus Mode. Additionally, the player can pit themselves against another human-controlled player in the Multiplayer version of this mode.

Extra Mode

A multiplayer exclusive mode that includes games designed for Eight: the cooperative School Strings, the competitive Desert Duel and the Rally Stage Grass Grabbers. Players can play this mode with either Miis or Mario characters that they have made on the MH. Loads of different games in the Gallery Tent can be bought to play in this mode.

Playable Characters

Mario Party MH has 35 playable characters and 12 board hosts making the first instalment with a lot more characters. Koopa Kids return from Mario Party 7 and can be unlocked by completing the Superstar Arena and so can Blooper, Hammer Bro, Kamek and Shy Guy. The Miis return from Mario Party 8 and can are only accessible in Extras Mode or Multiplayer Mode.

Party Boards

Picture Name Description Boss Boss Mini Game
Mushroom Town The player must collect the Mini Star Orb for twenty coins, once the player claims it, it will transfer to a different location.


Stomp and Strike
600555 1292786023012 full
Pokey Desert Players must find different colored pokeys and defeat them because they contain Shine Sprites and Star Medels.


Spike Speed
Airship Clouds Unlike the other boards, there are no Mini Stars, Shine Sprties or Star Medels to collect, players ahve to collect Blue Stars in order to win.

Bowser Airship

Ship  Shooter



Players must fnd Stars in the snowy parts of this board. In order to do so, they must battle Mr Blizzards in order to win.
Mr. Blizzard

Mr. Bilizzard

Blizzard Blowout
Bob-omb Battle Factory Bob-ombs will appear on the spaces and blow up and cause the players to lose their Stars, so watch out.
120px-King Bob-omb - Mario Party- Star Rush

King Bob-omb

Bob-omb Blitz
MTO- Pipe Plaza
Pipe Plaza Collect different Shine Sprites and Stars fom Piranha Plants inside the pipes
120px-Petey Piranha - Mario Party- Star Rush

Petey Piranha

Piranha Pipe Prance
Koopa Waterfall Find Koopa Shells and thow them to your opponents so you can hit them and steal your collectable star medels. 

Boom Boom

Boom Boom Beatdown
Luigi's Mansion Avoid the Boos, they will steal your dice blocks and replace them with someting worse!

King Boo



Kamek's Haunted Bookshelves Find three different wands. The player will need to pay 10 coins to open the crystal that is being held on the wand.
120px-Magikoopa Artwork - Super Mario Galaxy


Book Bomber
200px-MP9 Magma Mine
Boiler Molier Cave Travel through the vent of the volcano and escape out of the crater to avoid losing your collectable items


Spit'n Slice
Starline Express Run across to the top of the train in order to find Stars, Shine Sprites and items
250px-Wingo CTTT


Flight Fight
Bowser's Star Rector Chase after Bowser and his minions in order to take back the prizes they stole from the Gameboard Circus
91px-Bowser - Mario Party 10


Bowser's Orbit Battle


Dice Blocks

Item Image Description
Normal Dice Block
118px-DS Diceblock
Adds the player's roll 1-6
Double Dice Block
Add all the numbers the players get when hitting the two blocks
Triple Dice Block
Adds all the number the players get when hitting the three blocks
1-10 Dice Block
Adds the player's roll 1-10
Halfway Dice Block
Adds the player's roll 1-5
0-1 Dice Block
100px-0-1 DiceBlock
Adds the player's roll 0-1