Mario Party Fun
Developer(s) FlameKing Enterprises
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Go
Release Date(s)
November 28th, 2015
Single Mode, Multiplayer Mode, Miniggame Mode, Options Mode
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Genre(s) Party, Minigame
Series Mario Party Series
Predecessor Mario Party 10
Mario Party Fun is the next game in the Mario Party Series, and is for the Nintendo Go. It is the first game in the series to have an explorable Hub-World, and to have the Mii be the first character. It's also the first game where the characters seem most life-like, as they are constantly trying to get the player to like their board the best. It's also the first Mario Party Game to have a Rating System for the Boards, and for that to also have effect on gameplay. It's also the  first game to have multiple hosts for each board, and to have amiibo use to change the board's format.


It's <insert your name here>'s birthday, so Mario and the gang get together for a planning session. Mario says it's a great idea for <insert your name here> to have an awesome adventure party! However, Luigi disagrees, and that <insert your name here> would love to face their fears at a haunted ghost mansion! Yoshi thinks <insert your name here> would love a tropical beach, and Peach thinks <insert your name here> would love a giant birthday cake party! Wario knows that <insert your name here> wouldn't like any of that, and that they would rather steal coins from others in the desert. Toad says that's stupid, and that <insert your name here> would love a city party much better! Daisy disagrees, and knows that <insert your name here> would love a cruise much more. They all start to argue, until Toadsworth walks up, and says that they should all set up their own parties, and <insert your name here> can decide which is the best! They all agree, and run off to set up their parties! Toadsworth turns around, and reminds <insert your name here> that he can also invite others to come and set up parties to.


Playable Characters

Image Name Description How to Unlock
MiiMKTT Mii You get to party with Mario and the Gang! How lucky! Have fun, and remember: be yourself! Default
Mario SML Mario Mario's back and is ready to party! Our red-headed plumber loves to party, and has set up an awesome adventure board for you! He hopes you have lots of fun, and enjoy the party! Default
Luigi SML Luigi Luig's here to have a ball! His party will be so fun, it's scary! But don't worry! Luigi loves you, and will help you be brave, and face your fears! He's a good friend! Default
PeachOblivion Peach Her majesty is at your service, Peach! She's a great and loving character to play has, and will always do her best to please the birthday boy/girl on their special day! Default
Toad SML Toad Toad is a fun character, and is ready to jump right into the fun! He'll make sure that everyone is safe at his city, but will also make sure that everyone has fun like this happy fungi! Default
BSSBYoshi Yoshi Everyone's favorite dinosaur, Yoshi the Green! He's going to make it the blast, and will have a great time! With him, everything's fun! Default
Daisy MP10 Daisy It's Daisy, the Princess of Sarasaland! She's a fun go-lucky gal, and even though she's tomboy, will get along great with just about anyone! You're so lucky to have her! Default
Wario remake for Mario Party 10 (without shadow) Wario It's the Master of Everything Disgusting! Wario wants to have a fun time with you! Sure, he might be a little greedy and smelly, but he's a powerhouse! A good friend! Default
223px-KoopaTroopa MP9 Koopa Koopa is a Troopa, and is here to have fun! He wants to see the smile on your face when he gives you the time of your life, because that's what presents are all about. Default
NSM DK Donkey Kong The King of Sing, Donkey Kong is here to bash! He's a strong brute, and will help you along the way! He wont get distracted by any monkey business, but will go crazy for bananas! Buy his Invitation at the Party Shop
Toadette - Mario Party 10 Toadette This fungal is ready to party! She's prepared a lovely song for your birthday, and here are the words: "Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! We'll beat the rest of the crew! Happy birthday to you!!!" Buy her Invitation at the Party Shop
Waluigik Waluigi It's the sick and twisted Waluigi! Master of all trickery! He wants YOU to win, and he's got it all covered, and has that smile on his face. But should you trust him? He is known for his cheating... Buy his Invitation at the Party Shop
Tumble MGGT alt Tumble It's the party guy that's been there since the beginning! He's ready to give you the time of your life! Prepare for one of the BIGGEST PARTIES EVER! Roll that lucky number!!! Buy his Invitation at the Party Shop
Lubba Lubba Hailing from the cosmos, it's Lubba, the Captain of Starship Mario! You're going to have a blast with him! In fact, with this guy around, you'll be Superstar in no time! No time at all. Buy his Invitation at the Party Shop

Non-Playable Characters

Image Name Description What he/she does
293px-Toadsworth artwork -- Super Mario Sunshine Toadsworth TBA Hosts the boards and the game.
BowserOblivion Bowser TBA Hosts the Bowser Board.
Goomba Goomba TBA Runs the Item Shop.
HammerBroNSMBU Hammer Bro. TBA Hosts the Battle Minigames




Compatible Amiibo