Mario Party Fireball is a Mario Party game by Popple Co., any members can edit.


It's time for another Mario Party. With Geno and Mallow as the hosts. Mario and his friends have to defeat each other, and other baddies! But with Bowser huge, and his kids trailing along, can they be defeated? Only The Star Festival can decide.



  • DK's Jungle Japes - Host: DK (Boss: Larry)
  • Goomba's Gusty Garden - Host: Goomba (Boss: Roy)
  • Paratroopa's Awesome Airport - Host: Paratroopa (Boss: Lemmy)
  • Dry Bowser's Creepy Castle - Host: Dry Bowser (Boss: Wendy)
  • Shy Guy's Bewildered Beach - Host: Shy Guy (Boss: Iggy)
  • Baron Brrr's Kold Kavern - Host: Baron Brrr (Boss: Morton)
  • King Boo's Scary Mansion - Host: King Boo (Boss: Ludwig)
  • Bob-omb's Blow-up Barrage - Host: King Bob-omb (Boss: Bowser Jr.)
  • Bowser's Galaxy Genarator - Host: Bowser (Boss: Giant Bowser)


  • Party Mode (Main Story Mode)
  • Minigame Mode (Try to beat your mini-games high score)
  • Star Mayhem! (Use an invincible star and rush through the board before time runs out!)
  • Double Mode (Multiplayer)
  • Candy Kollector (Get 99 Candies First!)

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