Mario Party Duels is a new game in the Mario Party series, for Nintendo DSiWare. It plays like Duel Mode in Mario Party 3, where partners follow you around.


There are eight boards, and 12 characters, and 20 partners. You must first choose a character and a partner, then a board. Then you choose whether you want your partner in front of or behind you. You and your partner both have a certain amount of health, and travel around the board trying to defeat the opponents and get more spaces for yourself after the amount of turns you chose. When it's your turn, you either land on a blank space and it becomes yours, and you get no coins, you land on one of your spaces, and you get 3 coins, or you land on an opponent's space and lose 3 coins. You may also land on a Game Guy space, in which you battle Game Guy in a battle minigame, or you come face-to-face with an opponent. If this happens, a battle occurs. The partner facing the opponent attacks first. (For example, if Mario's goomba was facing Luigi with a Koopa behind him, the Goomba would attack and Luigi would take damage.) If both partners are in front, then the one with the higher speed attacks. After all characters have gone, they play a minigame. If your partner loses all it's health, then it will vanish and you must go back to your starting area to get another. You can also have one partner in front of you and one behind. If a character falls, then you instantly win if you're in a 2P game, and there's just one less opponent in a 3P or 4P game. At the end of a turn, you play a minigame for coins. At the end of all the turns, whoever has the most spaces wins. It should be noted not all battles fare like the ones described. Also, partners have salaries, meaning at the end of every minigame they will take a certain amount of coins from you. If you don't have enough, they will leave.


All characters have 5 health, and start with 10 coins. Also listed are their partners in challenge mode.


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