Mario Party Deluxe! is the 10th installment in the Mario Party series. New features and characters have been added and the game is on the Wii U and the Nintendo IC.

The game now has gives you the ability to play as your Mii, as well as a Party Painter, which you can use to make anything in the game a different color.


Once every year, the Carnival Of Fungi arrives in The Mushroom Kingdom. U, the ringmaster of the carnival, invites Mario and his friends to the Carnival, only to be invaded by Bowser! All of the prizes are then taken Bowser. Mario and Com. must play all the minigames and boards in order to get to Bowser.

Playable Characters (Starters)

Mario: The main hero! Mario will stop at nothing to prove he's no ordinary plumber!

Luigi: Mario's twin brother. Luigi seems to be pumped up for the party!

Princess Peach: The Mushroom Kingdom's ruler. She refuses to be the damsel in distress this time!

Princess Daisy: Sarsaraland's princess is back! Get ready for some antics when she's around!

Yoshi: Mario's animal pal! Yoshi seems to want to beat Bowser... or beat his hunger.

Toad: Mushroom Kingdom's resident fungi! Beware his Fungus Finish!

Toadette: Toad's sister, Toadette is back and ready for action!

Wario: Mario's rival. Wario is in for the money and riches, not to be genourous!

Waluigi: Luigi's rival. Waluigi is tall and lanky, which helps him reach secret places on the boards!

Koopa Troopa: A creature of habitat, Koopa Troopa has come to stop Bowser!

Donkey Kong: DK returns as a playable character! Bowser, beware!

Shy Guy: The most shy minion yet! Shy Guy also wants The Party Prizes back!

Playable Characters (Unlockables)

Diddy Kong: DK's animal pal appears on the board for the very first time!

Dry Bones: Dry Bones returns! For years, he's been waiting to get invited!

Petey Piranha: Beware this power flower! Even he thinks Bowser is unfair!

Baby Mario: Mario's infant form, Baby Mario hits the board... with a loaded diaper!

Baby Luigi: Luigi's infant form, Baby Luigi wants to show everyone he's brave!

Hammer Bro.: Since Mario Party 8, this mallet-monster hasn't reappeared in any other MP games... until now!

Fly Guy: Shy Guy's flying counterpart, Fly Guy is the one who spotted Bowser's attack!

U: The Carnival Of Fungi's owner! U wants to save his carnival AND his specail guest!

Your Mii: Your Mii is the most important character in the game! Earn him/her by working hard on the game!


Coming soon!

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