Mario Party DIY is a game for the Super NDS available when the console launches.


When the player first start the game they will be asked to create a profile. A profile is a user for mario party diy. When players share their mario partys via nintendo network their profile name will be displayed. You can create multiple profiles if more people use your Super NDS. If the player deletes their profile, all shared mario partys via nintendo network will be deleted. After that they can start creating mario partys! Players can create their own boards & minigames. Once they put the main game togehter (Grassy Board, Bowser Board, etc) they can start creating extra boards! When the game is finished and has been beaten once they can share it! (Players can share indivisual boards or minigames too)


The Editor is where players create their mario party. The Editor has three  sections, The Game section, The Board Section, And The Minigame Section.

The Game Section

The game section is where the player chooses stuff like what characters the player can pick from, what spaces are included, etc.

The Board Section

The board section of the editor is where they create the boards. Players can take 3d models and resize them and put spaces on them. Players can also choose what happens when you land on a ? space.

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