Mario party collection

Mario Party Collection is a game made by AquaAtia and Nintendo Celebrating Mario Party's 15 anniversary. This Game is coming out in 2013. This Mario Party has every board every item every costume and every character from all of the games and even new ones.


Charcter Mario Luigi Peach Daisy Yoshi D.K Koopa Kid Wario Waluigi Blooper Hammer Bro Birdo Toad Toadette Boo Kamek Shy Guy Koopa Bowser* Mii Rosalina Toadsworth Tumble
Description The Man in Red is back The Man in Red's brother is back for some fun The princess of resuce is also here

The Princess of flowers is here 

The Dino is very happy to party The Kong is back for it's fitith game The Koopa is back The Garlic man is here Watch Out! It's Waluigi The INK ghost is here!

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