Mario Party Back In Time

Box art for Mario Party Back In Time

Mario Party Back In Time 3DS

3DS artwork

Mario Party Back In Time is a Mario game for the Wii and Nintendo 3DS. You can play with four people but you can play with over for people via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection or Nintendo Network.


Mario and friends are having a party, Pauline finds a Time Mushroom outside Peach's Castle and tells mario, soon every one is gatherd around the rare Time Mushroom. Mario pokes the Time Mushroom with his finger and soon a giant portal opens in the sky and sucks up all the guests at mario's party they get transported to the first Mario game ever, Donkey Kong Arcade however only Mario, Pauline and Donkey Kong were there Pauline sugests the get through this course and see if they can get to the present that way, they progress and unlock all the other characters on the way. at the end of the game they find a Grand Star Mushroom and have a cellibrate!





  • Donkey Kong Arcade - Super Mario 3D Land

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