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  1. Blooper - Play as every default character once.
  2. Hammerbro - Play 5 parties and complete story mode once.
  3. Birdo - Play as Yoshi 10 times.
  4. Petey Pirahna - Complete story mode twice and play as Hammerbro 3 times.
  5. Green Goomba - Play Groovin' Goomba's mini-game 8 times.
  6. Bowser Jr. - Complete the Bowser Battle mini-game.
  7. Diddy Kong - Land on the Donkey Kong space in 8 parties.
  8. Toadette - Play as Toad 12 times.
  9. Paratroopa - Play in Koopa Troopa Beach party board 5 times.
  10. Kirby - Complete story mode 4 times, play 100 parties, and unlock all the other characters.
Unlockable Party Boards:
  1. KIng Boo's Haunted Hideaway - Play as Boo 15 times.
  2. Luigi's Mansion - Play as Luigi in 10 parties.
  3. Monty Mole's Tunnel - Play every default party board twice.
  4. Bowser's Castle - Complete story mode and play 40 parties.

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