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Mario Party 4DS is the newest Mario game for the Nintendo 4DS (after Mario Kart 4DS and Super Mario 4D Land). It will release in 2017 as the fifteenth game in the Mario Party series after Mario Party World for the Wii Mii.


Gameplay in Mario Party 4DS is much like in Mario Party: Island Tour. Each board has different features, and many of the boards utilize the Nintendo 4DS's 4D features as part of the gameplay. For example, in Leaping Lava Lake, the heat pads will heat up to maximum heat (72 °F). When they do, your character will lose a turn. You must roll over 15 in three turns to reach water before the heat pads heat up to max heat - for more information, see the article titled 'Nintendo 4DS'.

Aside from boards and features, the actual gameplay of Mario Party 4DS is to successfully complete a board by following it's unique instructions. In Leaping Lava Lake, for example, you must reach the end first, and to do that you must avoid losing any turns. These rules do not apply to any other board, as each board is unique like in Mario Party: Island Tour.


There are a ton of game boards and even more characters in Mario Party 4DS:











King Boo

Bowser Jr.

Petey Pirhana


Leaping Lava Lake

Super Steaming Sun

Windy Windmill Wasteland

Breezy Blowy Backstreet

Deadly Dimensional Daze

Bullet Bill Blaster

Great Gravity Generator

Bowser's Big Base


The story in Mario Party 4DS is definitely less wacky and zany than any story from any other Mario Party game. The plot is that it is Mario's birthday, and everybody is celebrating by throwing a huge Mario Party! However, things turn bad when Bowser starts turning the game boards into dangerous, hazardous fields of death, and it's up to Mario and friends to complete each board and turn them back to normal!

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