Mario Party 3D Adventure is the 3DS installment of the Mario Party series and will be released in 2014.

Mario Party 3D Adventure


The Mario Crew watch the Mini Stars fly around in the sky, but suddenly Bowser steals all the Mini Stars( like in Mario Party 9). The gang are ready to take action, but they are blocked by police officers(similar to the ones from Mario Power Tennis). They said thay got a call from Bowser saying that the Mario Crew were the ones who stole the Mini Stars. The gang quickly run  in the other direction. Now, they must save the Mini Stars from Bowser and clear their names. What they did not know was that Paratroopa and Fly Guy were following them...


There are a total of 15 playable characters. 9 are starting characters, 2 are unlocked by purchasing them at the shop, 2 are unlocked by completing Solo Mode and 2 are available via QR code.

Starting  Characters

  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Peach
  • Daisy
  • Wario
  • Waluigi
  • Toad
  • Toadette
  • Yoshi

Unlockable Characters

  • Donkey Kong( available for 250 party points at the Shop)
  • Diddy Kong( available for 250 party points at the Shop)
  • Paratroopa( available by completing Solo Mode)
  • Fly Guy( available by completing Solo Mode)
  • Rosalina( available by getting her QR code)
  • Honey Queen( available by getting her QR code)

Party Mode

Play along with up to 4 players in Party Mode.`Gameplay is similar to the gameplay in Mario Party 9, where characters drive along in a car, collecting Mini Stars and avoiding Mini Ztars. At the end, you will get party points, depending on the number of Mini Stars you collected.

Solo Mode

In Solo Mode, one player travels across 6 boards while running from the police. In each board, either Paratroopa or Fly Guy( both on the last two boards)will be playing for Bowser. If either of them wins, they will steal all the Mini Stars you collected, help the police put you behind bars and you will have the restart the board again. Only the 9 starting characters are playable in Solo Mode.


You can get all sorts of cool things in exchange for party points at the Shop.Such as...

  • Unlockable Characters
  • Sound Test
  • Different Cars
  • Special Dice Blocks
  • Minigames you did not find on a board


You can play all sorts of minigames, such as...

  • Free for All Minigames
  • 1 vs Rivals Minigames
  • Bowser Jr Minigames
  • Battle Minigames
  • Reverse Minigames
  • Jackpot Minigames


  • Mario Town
  • Peach Gardens
  • Yoshi Island
  • Wario Gold Mine
  • Waluigi City
  • Bowser Castle*
  • DK Jungle**
  • Rosalina Universe**
  • Unlocked by completing Solo Mode
    • Unlocked by spending 400 party poinrts at the Shop( not playable in Solo Mode)


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