Mario Party 3DS: Party non-stop is an upcoming game for the 3DS, in the series this has some weird and interesting elements in and retro elements to. So it will appeal to old timers and new people to the Mario Party series. Please only edit spelling mistakes or put in minigame ideas on minigame section =)


This game features alot more characters than normal!

Name Bio Picture

Mario is back and is ready to party! He wont hold back, even against his friends.



Luigi, Mario's younger brother. He has always been know as a coward but he wants to prove himself that he's not


Princess Peach, the princess always getting kidnapped by Bowser, she has know got the courage to party her way to the final round against Bowser and beat him.

Daisy Princess Daisy of Sarassland the tomboy princess she only plays to win and is a sore loser
Yoshi Our favourite dinasour Yoshi! Yoshi is a strategist he works really well when paired with Birdo.
Birdo The unusual Pink dinasour who is a male confused that he is female, but Birdo is perfect to party with because you can persuade him to do the washing up!
Wario Wario the fat guy in yellow, him and Waluigi always get up to no good in a party.
Waluigi Waluigi's back and ready to mischief things up but there is nothing new up his sleeve just the normal cheating.
Toad He's a Fun-Gai! Toad is a party popstar he always trys to impress Toadette and Princess Peach
Toadette The sweet little mushroom gal! She can shake things up in a party. be careful one blink and she'll have got the star already!
Boo Boo! And Boo to you Boo! yes the ghost is here and his buddy Dry Bones are ready to rock'n roll!
Dry Bones The skeleton undead Koopa Troopa's here he may seem quiet but you won't believe your eyes if he's in a party!
Hammer Bro Hammer Bro the best in the Koopa Troop. These elite Koopa's aren't just good at fighting but also there brilliant for parties!
Blooper Awwww! The cute li'l squid! Dont be fooled he plays to win!
Koopa Yep its are best buddy Koopa Troopa is here to party too!
Shy Guy The mysterious masked dude in a robe wants to show Bowser he is the best minion for parties!
Koopa Kid Koopa Kid has planned to come back and here he is! He has learnt more skills and is ready to master the way of the party.

Donkey Kong is bored of helping people on boards he wants to party again!

Bowser Bowser thinks he is the best of the best and finally has decided to join the crew to party.
Bowser Jr Bowser's favourite son. Recently he and Bowser had an argument about who was the best person at parties!
Diddy K Diddy K, DK's li'l buddy he's cheeky and funny and makes the party more exciting make sure you invite him to the party!
Dixie K Diddy's sister, she and Diddy are rvals but will work together but only because she wants to win!

Rosalina has left Lubba to guard the galaxies while she comes to party! She is new to the thing called "party" but is suprisingly good!

Toadsworth Toadsworth the old Toad, he used to host partys but he thinks he's not to old to party!
Baby Mario Its- a me Baby Mario! Mario's younger self had his birthday and Mario and Luigi decided the babies could join the crew for parties.
Baby Luigi Luigi's younger self. Baby Luigi wants to show the others he mature enough to explore.
Baby Peach Peach's younger self also wants to party she may be cute but she's one damn tough cookie!
Baby Daisy Daisy's younger self. Baby Daisy is sick of being after Baby Peach Baby Daisy wants to impress the Baby Bros and wants to get more attention than Baby Peach
Lakitu Look theres a cloud with a smiley face in the sky ahhhh it's raining spiny's it must be LAKITU! Yep you guessed it he wants more than just to show off his driving skills, he has joined the crew and he loves parties!

The most loyal servant to Bowser. These wizards are sometimes seen in Parties shaking the game up, but they want to be part of the party now!

Petey Piranha Petey Piranha may seem like a person who doesn't like parties but you'd be surprised he L.O.V.E.S parties!
King Boo King Boo wants a rematch with his rival Luigi he wants to have a Duel party.
Wendy O Koopa The spoilt Koopaling said "Daddy! I Want To Party!"
Ludwig Von Koopa This Koopaling is Bowser's favourite Koopaling so he let him in parties.




Pow Sewers

DefaulT Partner


Luigi Luigi's Mansion Mario
Peach Peach's Castle Daisy/Rosalina
Daisy Daisy's Cruiser Peach/Rosalina
Yoshi Yoshi's Island Birdo

Birdo's Beauty Salon

Wario Wario's Theme Park Waluigi
Waluigi Waluigi's Casino Wario
Toad Toad Road Toadette/Toadsworth
Toadette Toadette's Music Room Toad/Toadsworth
Boo Boo's Horror Kitchen Dry Bones
Dry Bones Dry Bones' Dry Dry Desert Boo
Blooper Blooper's Waterfall Paradise Hammer Bro
Hammer Bro Hammer Bro's Workshop Blooper
DK DK's Jurrasic Jungle Diddy/Dixie
Koopa Kid TBA Bowser Jr/ Bowser
Shy Guy Shy Guy's Airline Plane Koopa Troopa
Bowser Bowser's Magma Maze Bowser Jr/Koopa Kid
Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr's Playroom Koopa Kid/Bowser
Diddy K Diddy K's Banana Pirate Ship Dixie/DK
Dixie TBA Diddy/DK
Rosalina Rosalina Galaxy Mix Up Peach/Daisy
Lakitu Lakitu's Sky Gardens Mario/Luigi
Ludwig Von Koopa TBA Wendy O Koopa
Wendy O Koopa TBA Ludwig Von Koopa
Baby Mario TBA Baby Luigi
Baby Luigi TBA Baby Mario
Baby Peach TBA Baby Daisy
Baby Daisy TBA Baby Peach
Petey Piranha Petey Piranha's Garden King Boo
King Boo King Boo's Castle of Doom

Petey Piranha

Magikoopa has no partner but has a board Magikoopa's Libary

Retro Boards and New Unowned (by playable)

MP5: Sweet Dream

MP6: Snowflake Lake

MP7: Pagoda Peak

MPDS: Wiggler's Garden

MP9: Bob Omb Factory


Palm Tree Beach

Magic Forest of Ilussions

Rainbow Roadway Street

Goomba's Happy Hotel

Penguin's Winter Wonderland (special Christmas giveaway)

Pink Boo's Trick or Meat restaurant (special Halloween giveaway)

Loveland (Valentines Day giveaway)

Star Bunnies' Easter Egg Galaxy (Easter giveaway)


There are six hosts

Brighton (host space effect is to make all good and bad spaces good)

Twila (host space effect is to make all good and bad spaces bad)

Unamed Fire Element Version (TBA)

Unamed Water Element Version (TBA)

Unamed Earth Element Version (TBA)

Super Latiku (host space affect is to make coin baskets apeear on random places on the board on the last 5 turns)


Host Space

Blue Space

Green Space

Red Space

Good Space AKA Baby DK Space

Bad Space AKA Baby Bowser Space


Bowser has stolen the milleniam star and hosts a party duel you can choose 1 of ten characters to start


After that you must defeat all 31 other characters to obtain the star, the character you choose (e.g Mario) is unlocked for you with board and when you defeat an opponent they get unlocked and so does their board and in order to obtain the retro boards is to beat all 31 characters.



Story Mode

Minigame Arcade

Extras Room

Party Mode

Deluxe Party (8 players like MP7)

Double Deluxe Party (Teams Of Four Altogether 16 Characters at once)

Brutal Battle Party (8 players start with 100 coins and each space on whatever board is a happening space (green space) which could give coins or take coins, if a player loses all coins they are out!) Also minigames are taking away coins (1st: -0, 2nd: -5, 3rd: -7 and 4th:10)

Wi-Fi Party! (Play Online)

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