• Bombs Away: You and 4 others are stuck on a small floating island. You must avoid cannonballs and not get shot off the island. Whoever is still on the island is the winner.
  • Hot Rope Jump: You and 4 others jump over a rope made of fire. The rope moves at random speeds, and whoever touches it loses. The last one standing wins.
  • Bumper Balls: 4 players are stuck on an island and are standing on giant balls. You have to knock your opponents off the island to win. This game takes a lot of skill.
  • Bumper Ball Maze: This game is for one player. You move around a maze that has tons of twists and curves and try to stay on the ball. You must make it to the end.
  • Platform Peril: 4 players jump across platforms and must make it to the end. There are walls to block the player, and each platform is a different length. Whoever makes it to the end wins.
  • Buried Treasure: 4 players are digging in the dirt looking for treasure. The faster you mash the button, the faster your character digs. Whoever finds the treasure wins.
  • Face Lift: A picture of a character's face appears in the middle of four screens, each containing the default form of that face. Whoever streches out their face into a similar position wins the minigame.
  • Skateboard Scamper: 4 players start off on skateboards on a ramp. You have to make it to the end and dodge Thwomps, while also getting money bags. Careful, for the track breaks behind you.
  • Bobsled Run: Two teams of 2 are in bobsleds and must reach the end of the racetrack. There are areas where you can fall off, and you can even bump into the other teams bobsled!
  • Mushroom Mix-Up: 4 players stay on a cluster of mushrooms. You must stay on the one that doesn't sink or a Blooper will come and take you away. The last few standing win.


  • Hexagon Heat: This minigame is similar to Mushroom Mix-Up, except now the water is now lava and the mushrooms are now hexagons. The platforms have been updated to go at faster or slower speeds, just to differentiate itself from Mushroom Mix-Up.
  • Hot Bomb-Omb: What was originally a Mario Party minigame has ALSO been updated to fit a new style. It's a full on battle of skill as you fight to see who will be the last man standing as you throw a Bomb-Omb about to explode at each other.
  • TBA


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