Mario Party 11 is the next sequel in the Mario Party series It was announced foe E3 2015 for Wii U and announced for 2016. This Mario Party is different because of the modes.


There are seven modes which are

Party Mode (Mario Party 9 and 10 style)

Minigame Mode (Play your favorite minigames)

Story Mode (A mode which has a story in the game)

Classic Mode (New boards fautring the gameplay from 1-8)

Retro Mode (Bringing back old boards from Mario Party 1-10)

Toad's Party Shop (Buy cool, nifty things in this shop)

Option Mode (Jusify settings sound, mic test, and listen to music and character voices)

History Mode (Learn about Mario Party's Fantastic history)

Amiibo mode (Play on amiibo boards and amiibo minigames)

Bowser Mode (Play Bowser Party with new boards and make sure you feel good while bein bad)

Online Mode (Play 5 turn boards and play minigames online)


16 Characters are confirmed with some characters being

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