Mario Party 11 U
Developer(s) Hammy Logooo
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Genre(s) Party

Mario Party 11 is the sequel to Mario Party 10 and the second Mario Party game for the Wii U. Created by Hammy Games Inc., it will be released sometime in 2016. It contains new characters, boards and items.


This game maintains the traditional Mario Party play style, also giving you the option to play the old Mario Party style. You are on a game board with various spaces. By hitting the Dice Block, you move the shown amount of spaces. You can collect Coins along the way but certain events will get rid of coins. You must buy Power Stars, which also have a Ztar counterpart. Ztars take coins from you, as well as a Power Star, when encountered. Whoever has the most Power Stars at the end of the game wins. If two players have the same amount of Stars at the end, the winner will be determined by the amount of Coins they have. After every turn, a minigame starts. 





Image Name & Partner Emblem Signature Bubble
Mario MP10


Default Partner: Luigi


Tanooki Bubble

Mario turns into Tanooki Mario, allowing him to jump on each other player's head, stealing 10 coins from them. If you press the correct button, Mario will turn into a statue and take 20 coins!

Luigi MP10


Default Partner: Mario


Vanish Bubble

Luigi turns into Vanish Luigi, allowing him to avoid all obstacles for a single turn. If you press the correct button, Luigi will take 10 coins from any player he passes.

Peach MP10


Default Partner: Daisy


Heart Bubble

Peach gains three hearts, floating around her, allowing her to stop anyone she passes from moving for the next turn. If you press the correct button, you can also steal one of their bubbles.



Default Partner: Peach


Blossom Bubble

Daisy throws a flower into the air and a dartboard appears. Stop the wheel at the right time and you could get all of the players with your flower. The flower spreads spores that make the other players lose 10 coins and one bubble. If you press the correct button, victims will lose two bubbles instead of one.



Default Partner: Toadette


Poison Bubble

Toad leaves a Poison Mushroom behind for every 4 spaces he travels for 3 turns, turning those spaces into Poison Spaces. Whoever lands on them lose half their bubbles. If you press the correct button then they will lose all of their bubbles.

MP7 Toadette


Default Partner: Toad


Brigade Balloon

Toadette gets the help of the Toad Brigade, allowing her to aim the Brigade Cannon and turn spaces into Pay Spaces, meaning that they have to pay 20 coins to Toadette or move back 3 spaces. If you press the correct button, the price will be raised to 30 coins and if players don't pay, then they move back 5 spaces.



Default Partner: Birdo


Egg Bubble

Yoshi curls up into an egg, allowing him to roll around for 2 turns. Whoever he rolls into loses 15 coins. If you press the correct button, Yoshi will obtain those coins.

Birdo MP9


Default Partner: Yoshi


Bow Bubble

Birdo will throw a bow at a random player via the dart board. The bow will knock the player back 3 spaces and steal half their coins. The bow will return to Birdo, giving her the coins. If you press the correct button, the bow will knock the player back 6 spaces.

591px-Wario MP9


Default Partner: Waluigi


Magnet Bubble

Wario obtains a magnet, allowing him to steal coins from other players. The amount of coins he steals depends on what number you hit. If you press the correct button, Wario will pick up 3 coins for every Blue Space he passes.

Mario Party - Island Tour Waluigi Artwork


Default Partner: Wario


Cheater Bubble

Waluigi cheats by jumping over every second space. If you press the correct button, Waluigi will jump over 2 spaces at a time.


Image Name & Partner Emblem Signature Bubble

Donkey Kong

Default Partner: Diddy Kong


Banana Bubble

After using it, the player will throw a determinated amount of Bananas (amount determined by the roulette wheel) on the wished spaces. When opponents land on them, they slip and stop moving.


Diddy Kong

Default Partner: Donkey Kong


Popgun Bubble

Diddy shoots his Popgun, who it hits depends on the dartboard. The player who is hit will be unable to take their next turn.



Default Partner: Shy Guy

Bag Bubble

Nabbit's sack grows huge, stealing one Bubble from each player and giving it to Nabbit. If you press the correct button, you will steal two Bubbles from each player.

Shyguy MP9

Shy Guy

Default Partner: Nabbit


Fly Bubble

Shy Guy transforms into Fly Guy and steals coins from other players. The amount stolen depends on the dartboard.


Baby Mario

Default Partner: Baby Luigi


Electriball Bubble

Baby Mario gets three balls of lightning, allowing him to zap 10 coins away from whoever he passes. If you press the correct button, the lightning will make whoever is hit miss the next turn as well.


Baby Luigi

Default Partner:Baby Mario


Mix Bubble

Baby Luigi gets a fireball and an iceball to throw, via the dartboard. Whoever is hit by the fireball loses 10 coins and the iceball will destroy one Bubble.

Koopa Troopa SMBU

Koopa Troopa

Default Partner: Whittle


Para-Shell Bubble

Koopa Troopa gains wings, as well as another Dice Block, with the numbers from 1-3 on it. If you press the correct button, Koopa Troopa will be immune to roadblocks and other players for that turn.

129px-Whittle NSM64W


Default Partner:

Slide Bubble

Whittle will summon the Great Tree Slide for him to slide on. On the slide, Whittle is invincible. If you press the correct button, you will go double the amount of spaces you rolled.

Rosalina, Mario Kart 7


Default Partner: Lubba


Launch Star Bubble

Rosalina summons a Launch Star to move twice as many spaces as she rolled. If you press the correct button, coins will be floating in the air for Rosalina to grab.



Default Partner:


Starship Bubble

Lubba summons Starship Mario to shoot Star Bits at opponents. They will lose coins, the amount of coins lost being determined by the dartboard.



Default Partner: Nobody


Party Bubble

Mii summons more Miis to carry him for his turn, avoiding all roadblocks. If you press the correct button, the Miis will give you coins.



Name Description Staff
Marshmallow Meadows

A board taking place in a large field filled with candy. There aren't many special features on this board, unless you count that as a special feature. This is a pretty straightforward board with only three alternate routes, those being a choice between two lilypad routes, a cave or a hill and either side of a tree.

Host: Glide Guy

Shopkeepers: Monty Moles

Troublemaker: Petey Pirahna

Mini-Boss: Wiggler

Boss: Chocoomba

Goomba City A board taking place in a bustling city filled with Goombas. Goombas will sometimes block your path and you will have to take a bit of a detour, rather than going in your desired route. Luckily, this board has many routes to take, sometimes even just going backwards along the same route!

Host: Goombario

Shopkeepers: Goombas

Troublemaker: Private Goomp

Mini-Boss: Tanoomba

Boss: Goomboss

Shrunken Station A board taking place in a seemingly gigantic train station... Or are you just tiny? Sometimes you will have to push a giant enemy out of the way to continue. This board has one route choice, into the train, or not.

Host: Grand Luma

Shopkeepers: Small Guys

Troublemaker: Grand Goomba

Mini-Boss: Giga Guy

Boss: Big Bill

Seaweed Reef A small board on the beach with a tunnel leading underwater. Waves will wash up on the shore, taking half of your coins if you get caught in it. This board has very little routes.

Host: Penguin Coach

Shopkeepers: Penguins

Troublemaker: Fishing Lakitu

Mini-Boss: Cheep Chomp

Boss: Gooper Blooper

Shy Guy's Toybox A board taking place in a giant room filled with toys. Toys will move around, altering routes. This means that there are a lot of routes.

Host: Sergeant Guy

Shopkeepers: Shy Guys

Troublemaker: Bandit

Mini-Boss: Boom Guy

Boss: General Guy

Dry Bones Cave A board on a dreary mountainside, with a cave in the side. Boos and Dry Bones will chase you down, stealing half your coins if they catch you. There aren't many paths inside the cave but plenty outside.

Host: Dry Bowser

Shopkeepers: Boo Buddies

Troublemaker: Mattermouth

Mini-Boss: Boohemoth

Boss: Dark Bones

Bowser Bazaar A treacherous board in a marketplace. To get Stars, you have to collect five Star Chips from merchants. There are too many routes to count, allowing for easy movement around the market.

Host: Bowser

Shopkeepers: Varies

Troublemakers: Koopalings

Mini-Boss: Bowser Jr.

Boss: Bowser


Name Description Staff
Comet Observatory A board taking place in the familiar Comet Observatory. You can go and buy the Star or collect Star Chips from the Rooms. There are many routes leading to Rooms.

Host: Polari

Shopkeepers: Lumas

Troublemakers: Cosmic Clones

Mini-Boss: Honey Queen

Boss: King Kaliente

Delfino Plaza Another board based off of a previous Mario game. There aren't too many special features on this board, other than the Piantas and Nokis ready to help you!


Shopkeepers: Piantas

Troublemakers: Cataquacks

Mini-Boss: Bowser Jr.

Boss: Shadow Mario


Bubbles act as temporary power-ups similar to Candy from Mario Party 8 and others. You can get them by passing a Bubble Space or purchasing them in the Shop. Some Bubbles are exclusive to certain boards and there are Bonus Stars for the player who gets the most Bubbles and the player who uses the most Bubbles.

Blue Bubbles

Blue Bubbles are used on the player or Dice Block.

Image Name Description
Mushroom Bubble Adds another Dice Block.
1-Up Bubble Adds two more Dice Blocks.
Mega Bubble Adds three more Dice Blocks
Mini Bubble Gives you a Dice Block with the numbers 1-5 on it.
Slow Bubble Slows down your Dice Block.
Double Bubble Doubles whatever number you got on the Dice Block.
Golden Bubble Whatever number you hit, you get that amount of coins for every space you move.
Biddybud Bubble Summons a Para-Biddybud to take you directly to the Star.

Red Bubbles

Red Bubbles are put on a space.

Image Name Description
Boo Bubble When an opposing player passes this space, a Boo will steal 5 coins from them.
Thwomp Bubble When an opposing player passes this space, a Thwomp will crush them, destroying half their coins.
Amp Bubble

When an opposing player passes this space, they will get electrocuted, losing 5 coins.

Pipe Bubble When an opposing player passes this space, they will be brought back to the space where they started the turn.
Lakitu Bubble When an opposing player passes this space, they are brought to the same space as another player, via the dart board.

Green Bubbles

These are used before you move.

Image Name Description
Lightning Bubble Shoots lightning at your opponents, destroying 10 of their coins.
Bomb Boo Bubble Explodes a random opponent, destroying part of their coins.
Warp Bubble A pipe appears, making you swap places with a random opponent.
Paragoomba Bubble A Paragoomba appears and swaps two random opponent's coins.
Duel Bubble Starts a Duel minigame between you and your chosen opponent.

Yellow Bubbles

These Bubbles are used as you move.

Image Name Description
8-Bit Bubble Turns you into an 8-bit version of yourself, hitting a Brick Block and getting a coin for every space you move.
Metal Bubble Transforms you into a metallic version of yourself, making you immune to roadblocks and other obstacles.
Gold Flower Bubble Similar to the Metal Bubble, but you get 5 coins for every space you move.
Pal Pill Bubble Summons 8-Bit versions of you to walk alongside you, stealing a Bubble from every player you pass.
Bullet Bill Bubble You ride on a Bullet Bill, running into opponents and making them lose part of their coins.

Pink Bubbles

These Bubbles are thrown on a Space.

Image Name Description
Mr. Blizzard Bubble When someone lands on this Space, Mr. Blizzard will bombard them with snowballs, making them lose all of their Bubbles.
Kamek Bubble When someone lands on this Space, Kamek will turn one of their Bubbles into its equivalent in coins.
Portal Bubble When someone lands on this Space, they will lose half their coins, which will be sent to whoever placed the Bubble.
Bandit Bubble When someone lands on this Space, Bandit will appear and take a Star, giving it to whoever placed the Bubble.

White Bubbles

These Bubbles are exclusive to certain boards.


Beta Elements

  • This game was originally called Mario Party: Fantasy Realm

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