Mario Party 11 logo

The game's logo.

Mario Party 11 is the eleventh installment of the main Mario Party series, and the fiftieth overall. It will be released for Wii U in 2018.


Classic Party

The original style of gameplay from Mario Party 1-8 makes a full return after it's watered-down appearance in Mario Party 10. This time, up to five players can play, meaning that a single player can play this mode using Off-TV Play on the Gamepad. What kinds of mini-games appear depend on how many players are on the board.

Vehicle Party

The style of gameplay from Mario Party 9 and 10. Like Classic Party, up to five players can play this mode, with one player using Off-TV Play on the Gamepad. Players ride a vehicle, taking turns moving it, and defeating bosses on the way to the goal.

Bowser Party

Returning from Mario Party 10, the Gamepad player takes control of Bowser, and has to knock out the other players in a vehicle by depleting their hearts in Bowser mini-games.

Amiibo Party

A new and improved version of the Card Party mode from Mario Party 5. Players use their amiibo figures as the player pieces.

Playable Characters

Image Name Description
Mpsrart18 Mario Let's-a-go! Mario is back yet again for more mini-game and board tromping fun!
Mpsrart19 Luigi Mario's green-clad brother, sidekick, and good friend is back for more!
Mpsrart20 Peach The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom has returned yet again for another exciting mini-game filled party!
Mpsrart23 Yoshi The fruit loving dinosaur from Yoshi's Island is here again for more fun on new boards!
Mpsrart30 Wario He's Mario's greedy rival, he's a treasure hunter, he's a microgame developer, and he's back to plunder more coins!
Mpsrart29 Donkey Kong Banana slamma! The strong ape from DK Island is back, competing with Mario in this minigame-plooza of a party!
Mpsrart21 Daisy The tomboyish princess of Sarasaland has returned to the party with a knack to use new items!
Mpsrart31 Waluigi Luigi's skinny and mischevious rival is back for another round of space stepping for coins!
Toad CG icon Toad The little but fast mushroom retainer is back for another round of fun!
Boo Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour Boo This ghost has been on Luigi's nerves for years, and now he has returned to swipe coins from his opponents!
Mpsrart28 Toadette The female equivalent of Toad is back! She's willing to see how far the dice will let her move!
Birdo MP9 Birdo The beauty queen reptile has returned! She wishes to show off in the latest batch of mini games!
477px-Mpsrart22 Rosalina The cosmic sorceress is back once more! She's hoping to keep the stars she obtains safe from any harm!
250px-NabbitNSMBU Nabbit (new) This crafty little thief has joined the party! He's willing to grab as many items as he can!


All Modes

Image Name Function
MP9 Happening Space Happening Space Triggers a board-specific event.
MP9 Bowser Space color Bowser Space In Classic and Vehicle Party modes, activates one of three events: Bowser Revolution, where all the players' coins or Mini-Stars are evenly divided, Reverse Minigame, where the first player to lose in a specific minigame gets 10 coins or Mini-Stars while the last one standing loses 20 of theirs, and Present for Bowser, where the player that landed on the space is forced to give either coins, stars or Mini-Stars to Bowser. In Bowser Party mode, if the vehicle lands on it, the player controlling Bowser will gain a boost via roulette (either an extra dice block or taking a certain amount of hearts away from all the other players).

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