Mario Party 11
The image for the game.
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
May 15th, 2018
Party Mode

Amiibo Party Mode Minigame Midway Arcade!

Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Party
Series Mario Party
Predecessor Mario Party 10
Successor Mario Party 12
Cost $59.99
"Mario Party 11" is the upcoming sequel to Nintendo's hit Mario Party series. The game will be coming out on May 15, 2018 for the Wii U, and will use the original Mario Party formula from previous game. The new mechanic in this game is Assist Characters, which you can call in twice per game.


The gameplay is much like the first few Mario Party games, ditching the car mechanic from the last 2 main games. You go on 10+ different boards by using 1 or more Dice Blocks to determine where you walk. You can get Candy's to change the something about the game. The goal is to get more Stars than the other 4 opponents on the board. The new gameplay feature is Assist Characters. You can charge up a meter twice by beating minigames and getting coins, and then you can summon your partner to help you on the board.

Amiibo Party Mode returns from the last installment, but with more improvements. You obviously need Amiibo, but two more have been added to the lineup of Amiibo, making 11. Once you place one down, their map appears. However, once you place more down, a piece of your map goes away. This continues until you make Map 12: Amiibo Land, consisting of 1 piece from each Amiibo's board.

Minigame Midway Arcade is the new mode. You can play any minigame in this mode, or you can fight with 4 other players in a streak of a minigames that you can chose.

Default Characters


Image And Name Description

NSM Mario


Mario is the main hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, and the older Mario a few minutes. Mario is mostly known for using power-ups and his jumping ability.



Luigi is the younger of the Mario Brothers, and the underappreciated one. He's known for his jump-flutter ability, and his incredible use of the Poltergust 5000. He's also sort of a fraidy cat...



Princess Peach is the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom and the love interest of Mario. She usually gets kidnapped, but has been shown to hold her own in some cases.

Daisy MP10


Daisy is a headstrong princess and the girlfriend of Luigi. She's not usually in any mainstream games, but appears in spin-off Mario Party. Yeah...there's not a lot to her...

Yoshi Smash5


Yoshi is Mario's dinosaur pal and loyal to his friends...even if they drop him in pits all the time. Yoshi is known for his long tounge and his ability to lay eggs, along with fluttering...even if it's Luigi's thing.

Toad Artwork - Super Mario Crystalline World


Ah, Toads. The loyal yet cowardly people of the Mushroom Kingdom. And here's one now! What Toad lacks in bravery, he makes up for in speed and loyalty! His voice is also...a bit annoying.



Birdo is...well, no one knows. Is her speices male? Is her species female? None of that may be answered, but we know one thing: Birdo can spit go...girl...boy...both.

Sochi 2014 olympic wario 3d render by ratchetmario-d8j2g4e


Wario is Mario's archrival and a greedy person overall. All he wants is money, no matter who he has to get it from, or how he has to get it...but who cares? Let's PARTY!!



Waaaaaaaaaa!! Here's Waluigi, Luigi's tall and lanky rival! He's usually seen partnered up with Wario in spin-off games, including this one! Look out for him when he's WAAAAAAAlking!

Donkey Kong-1

Donkey Kong

He's the leader of the bunch! Donkey Kong comes back after the last game to kick some tail. If he beats ya at a minigame, it's gonna hurt! Yeah, that's all I got for puns...



NewChallengerBanner 9Volt

Bowser took a break from being the villain and a gimmick to being a full character for all modes! He's known for his short temper, army of minions, and being a dad...oh, and kidnapping princesses.

Nabbit, New Super Mario Bros. U


NewChallengerBanner 9Volt

Not much is known about this sneaky thief, but all we DO know is that he's here to PARTY! Nabbit is mostly known for stealing items and running off with them, preferably from Toad House's.

Unlockable Characters


Image And Name Description How To Unlock

Rosalina MP10


Not much is known about Rosalina. All we do know is that she's the mother of the Luma's, and one of Mario's new friends.

Purchase from Toad's Shop for 300 Coins.


King Boo

NewChallengerBanner 9Volt

King Boo is the king of the Boo's, and this is his first playable appearance! He's known for putting people in paintings and scaring the pants off of Luigi...yeah.

Purchase from Toad's Shop for 500 Coins.

409px-MP8 DryBones

Dry Bones

Well, this is...odd. A skeleton of a Koopa...that can walk? I think Boo's have something to do with this...huh. Freaky but cool. Purchase from Toad's Shop for 700 Coins.


Diddy Kong

NewChallengerBanner 9Volt

Diddy Kong is Donkey Kong's best friend...and now a playable character! Diddy is known for being a good racer, and using hand-made gun to shoot...peanuts?

Purchase from Toad's Shop for 900 Coins.

Spike - Mario Party 10


Spike is an uncommon Mario enemy who somehow has an endless supply of spiked balls in his stomach. Man, Mario enemies are weird...only now I realize that, Purchase from Toad's Shop for 1100 Coins.


Bowser Jr.

Bowser Jr. is the only real son of Bowser, and he's no different! Jr. is sneaky, cunning, and is usually seen in the Koopa Clown Car. Beat his minigame hidden in Bowser's Castle.



Kamek is Bowser's trusted servant, and a good wizard overall. He's lost a few brain cells...thank Miyamoto it wasn't from Koopastock. Beat his minigame hidden in Mystic Mountain.

100px-KoopaTroopa MP9

Koopa Troopa

A Koopa Troopa is the second most common member in Bowser's army. They are known for hiding in their shells and having a lot of variations. Beat his minigame hidden in Grassy Gardens.

Toadette - Mario Party 10


Toadette is a female Toad, and Toad's girlfriend...I think? Sister? Just a friend? Ah, well. The point is, Toadette is always up for a party! Beat her minigame hidden in Blooper Beach.



NewChallengerBanner 9Volt

Whittle's are wood spirits who have just been seen in minigames...until now. Whittle is known for his incorrect grammar and helpful tips.

Beat his minigame hidden is Rosalina's Starship.

DLC Characters


Image And Name Description How To Unlock

Shy Guys

Shy Guy

Shy Guy is...weird. No one knows why he's shy, or why he wears that mask of his. He comes in the Party 9 Pack, and is the only character in that pack. Buy the Party 9 Pack, or purchase individually.

Hammer Bross

Hammer Bro.

Hammer Bro. is part of Bowser's Army, and infamous for showing up in packs. He comes in the Party 8 Pack, along with Blooper. Buy the Party 8 Pack, or purchase individually.



Blooper is one of many squid-like creatures in the Mushroom Kingdom. He comes in the Party 8 Pack, along with Hammer Bro. Buy the Party 8 Pack, or purchase individually.


Monty Mole

NewChallengerBanner 9Volt

Monty Mole has dug his way to boss to playable character! He's new to the series, and comes in the Party 11 Pack with Flutter and Petey Piranha.

Buy the Party 11 Pack, or purchase individually.

Flutter - MP Island Tour


NewChallengerBanner 9Volt

Flutter is the grown-up form of Wiggler...who knew? Flutter is new to the series, and comes in the Party 11 Pack with Petey Piranha and Monty Mole.

Buy the Party 11 Pack, or purchase individually.

Petey Pirana

Petey Piranha

NewChallengerBanner 9Volt

Petey Piranha is the most well known Piranha Plant...and a big fella overall. He's new to the series and comes in the Party 11 Pack with Monty Mole and Flutter

Buy the Party 11 Pack, or purchase individually.

Assist Characters


Image And Name Description


Baby Mario

This partner is for Mario.

Once summoned, Baby Mario gives an increase in luck, giving the player a better chance at getting a higher number. It's very rare this doesn't work.


Baby Luigi

This partner is for Luigi.

Once summoned, Baby Luigi gives Luigi a random candy. This candy can help or hinder Luigi, but usually gives him a good candy instead of a bad one.

BabyPeach (1)

Baby Peach

This partner is for Peach.

Once summoned, Baby Peach triggers a random minigame that the AI tells the player is good at. If you don't win, you still get a few coins.


Baby Daisy

This partner is for Daisy.

Once summoned, Baby Daisy can either give you coins or take a few from a random opponent on the board. Either way, you still get coins.


Baby Yoshi

This partner is for Yoshi.

Once summoned, you get a luck increase, or a few coins. However, with this comes the fact that most candys you get will be bad...for awhile.

Toadsworth by banjo2015-d8ns17u


This partner is for Toad.

Once summoned, Toadsworth places a trap on the board that if anyone lands in, it takes their candies and gives them to Toad.

Baby Birdo by Doh Ver2

Baby Birdo

This partner is for Birdo.

Once summoned, Baby Birdo gives the player a boost in Dice Luck, giving them a better chance of getting higher numbers on Dice Blocks.


Coin Coffer

This partner is for Wario.

Once summoned, Coin Coffer chooses a random opponent and steals all their coins and gives it to Wario. However, sometimes it takes only 1 Coin...

Moneybag SM64DS


This partner is for Waluigi.

Once summoned, Moneybag spills a few "Coins" on the board, and if any opponent bumps into them, they get a decrease in luck.

Cranky Kong SSB4

Cranky Kong

This partner is for Donkey Kong.

Once summoned, Cranky lectures a randonly chosen opponent and gives them a lecture, which puts them to sleep, causing them to lose luck.


Boom Boom

This partner is for Bowser.

Once summoned, Boom Boom can attack an opponent and take their candies, or maybe even a Star sometimes.

Blue Toad SSBYellowToadJump3DWorld

Blue/Yellow Toads

This partner is for Nabbit.

Once summoned, the Toad gets a Propelle Mushroom and randomly crashes on opponents later in the game, and takes some of their luck points.



Name Description Boss, Minigame And Description
Grassy Gardens

A park-like area where Piranha Plant resides. It's a basic course, and helps newcomers settle in with the game's mechanics. There's a hidden minigame in this board. Beat it and you unlock Koopa Troopa.


Piranha Plant

It's minigame is Plant VS Plant.

In order to beat it, you must get a Fire Flower and use it on the plant. Problem is, the blocks you get them from can choose Bullet Bills...and launch them at you.

Pokey Peril Desert A desert area...taking place inside a giant cactus. The gimmick here is sand leaking in from holes. If the sand lands on you, you go back a few spaces, ranging from 1 to 6. Get to the top, ride the cactus flowers, and fight the boss!



It's minigame is Cacti Launch.

In order to beat it, you must find Shells in the sand around it and launch them at it. Watch out for other Pokey's, though!

Blooper Beach This stage takes place on a beach, right next to a pirate ship. The gimmick here is ink covering a spot, and when you land on it, you lose some coins. There's a hidden minigame on this board. Beat it and you unlock Toadette.

Gooper Blooper Super Mario Crystalline World

Gooper Blooper

It's minigame is Cannon Calamity.

In order to beat it, you must shoot Amps out of a cannon...or at least, one of four. The other 3 are filled with Super Mushrooms...which heal him.

Tohmraw Volcano

A hot as heck volcano...or at least, the summit of it. You have to make it through falling lava rocks, which take coins with them. Get to the top, jump in, and get ready for a boss fight!


Giant Whomp

It's minigame is Grovel And Gravel.

In order to beat it, you must trick it into falling on spikes, back first. If you dont, though, he'll go for you, face first!

Haunted Halls A haunted...hotel? Yep. Pink Boos can come around and steal some of your possessions, like Coins. Also, sometimes the hallways switch directions, hence the "Halls" part in "Haunted Halls"...Have a spooky good time...

Boohemoth Solo


It's minigame is Hide And Go Eek!

In order to beat it, you must hide behind the weakest of 4 pillars. If Boohemoth bumps into it, it falls on him, taking away his health.

 Thundercloud Lane  Thundercloud Lane is that one area where items disappear to. As such, falling ? Blocks may help or hinder you on your quest to the thundercloud. Make it to the cloud, jump in, and get ready for a thunderous fight against the boss!

Lakitu - New Super Mario Bros Wii


His minigame is Back At Ya!

In order to beat it, you must throw Spiny Shells...that blend in with a crowd of Red Bom-Ombs and more. Find them and win!

IceBurg A village and a castle completly decked out in ice and snow. It snows on the path and covers some spaces, making it hard for you to predict where your gonna land. Head to the ice castle, and get ready for a cold boss battle!

Baron Brrr

Baron Brr

His minigame is Warm Reception.

In order to beat him, you must trick him into diving into lava pits. However, sometimes he may dive into an ice pit, giving him more power.

Mystic Mountain Mystic Mountain is a mountain that's been overtaken by magic! Watch out for Ztar Paths, which can take away Coins or even Stars. There's a hidden minigame in this board. Beat it and you unlock Kamek.

Kamella SMCW


Her minigame is Airship Landing.

In order to beat her, you must pick the right airship that's aiming for her! Watch out for her magic, though, as it will shrink whatever ship you are on!

Koopaling's Funhouse Right before Bowser's Castle, a trapdoor opens, revealing The Koopaling's Funhouse! Filled with living dolls, beach balls, and moving walls, you have to reach the end to face the 7 Koopalings! They love to be mean, don't they?



Their minigame is You Cannot Beat Us!

In order to beat it, you must avoid the Koopalings shooting magic out of the TV. Deflect it at them 7 times, and you beat them!

Bowser's Castle

This is Bowser's giant castle. Area 1 consists of Thwomps, fireballs, and Bom-Ombs. Get ready to save the Party Crown from Bowser once and for all! There's a hidden minigame in this board. Beat it and you unlock Bowser Jr.

Beneath Bowser's Castle is a dungeon. After beating Bowser, you have to navigate the dungeon and watch out for Chain Chomps! Get to the dungeon's end, get ready for a battle with Dry Bowser, and reclaim the Party Crown!

438px-Bowser - Mario Party 10DRYBOWSERPM

Bowser/Dry Bowser

Bowser's minigame is Crown Craziness.

In order to beat it, you must scale the back of Bowser as debris falls onto you! Rinse and repeat 5 times, and you win...right?

Dry Bowser's minigame is Bully Battle.

In order to beat him, you must avoid the Giant Bullies trying to attack you. Make them land on Dry Bowser a few times, and you finally win!

Rosalina's Starship What's this? An UNLOCKABLE map? This takes place on Rosalina's Starship, along with Starship Mario. Look out of the Octoombas and beat the board! There's a hidden minigame on this board. Beat it and you unlock Whittle.


Dino Piranha

It's minigame is Good Egg Cooking.

In order to beat it, you must launch it's eggs at it. However, some of the eggs may explode, giving him a chance to attack.

Other Boards


Name Description Boss, Minigame And Description
Amiibo Land Amiibo Land is the only stage unlocked by Amiibo! 11 Amiibo are used to unlock the stage in it's fullest, and it consists of a gimmick of each Amiibo's board. For example, Donkey Kong's board piece has a barrel throwing gimmick. You can also unlock the level by entering special codes, and can become a whole map if completed!

Bowser amiibo

Amiibo Bowser

It's minigame is Amiiboat.

In order to beat it, you must toss Bom-Ombs out of a rowboat! Don't let them explode on you, though!

The Village The Village is an Animal Crossing themed board that can only be bought on the eShop with the Party 11 Pack. You can talk to villagers, and Bells replace regular coins. Watch out for Pitfalls, as they take away a few Bells! If you beat it, you get 5 Animal Crossing themed minigames! Try it out, and turn over a New Leaf!



His minigame is Happy Halloween!

In order to beat it, you must find Lollipops in a stack of candy and give it to him. Don't give him the regular candy, though!

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