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Mario Party 10 - Party Palooza is the next installment of the Mario Party series.With more friends along the Road and even some DLC in the future.This Mario Part reintroduces coustumes.


After Bowser ruined what to be a fun vacation in 2005 , Toadsworth went all out on this Vacation he decided that Mario and his friends would be going to Delfino Island this time and hopes Bowser won't be spoiling the party. But when they fly over the island it is coverd in darkness which also means that the Shine Sprites are missing yet again. Then Bowser flies next to the plane in his clown car and says "Bwa ha ha. Oh did I spoil your vacation again anyways I stole the Shrine Sprites but I knew you would beat me so I brought ... THE KOOPLINGS!".

Then another Clown Car showed up packed full with Koopalings all seven of them and with Bowser Jr. "Bwa ha ha. You have to beat my big brothers this time, ________ [Player your using for Story Mode]"Ahem" said Wendy O Koopa. " Oh sorry and my Big sister" Bowser Jr replied."___________! [Player your using for Story mode] If you want the shine sprites back you have to beat my minions at a board and then beat a Koopaling. So Long _______!" Bowser said as he flew away. "Oh No Master [Or Mistress] __________! Bowser took the sine sprites ... Again! Please find the Shrine Sprites and fight the Koopalings" Said Toadsworth. The Player Nods their heads and runs of to their adventure.Then emerging from the bushes were Lakitu and Wiggler they followed the Player as a part of Bowser's plan. After the Player reaches Bowser. " Bwa Ha Ha! Well __________, Your finally but get ready to get pummled to dust! After The Player beats Bowser. Well you have proven that your better than me but can you beat me with the Koopalings." Uh Dad, The Koopalings and I decided to conquer the world on our own. Also we invented this new invention called the power sucker when we suck your energy and _______'s energy We will be invincible"said Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr Pointed the invention at Bowser and pulled the trigger when someone threw an Koopa Kid Orb at the invention."What The!" said all of the Koopalings. It was Bowser's old minion Koopa Kid! Koopa Kid takes out the invention and says "Older is always better". Then the player engages in a battle with the Koopalings. When they win the Koopalings get blasted out of the castle."Ugh I thought I would never be saying this but Thank you ________. Also this time repeat! ONLY THIS TIME I will let you party if Koopa Kid and I can join. The Player nods there head and pose. Characters Mario Luigi Toadsworth Peach

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