Mario Party 10 is a brand new Mario Party game for the Wii U. This is the 10th Mario Party installment in the Mario Party franchise and the 13th overall including the handheld Mario Parties. It will be released in October 2015. The vehicle mechanic from Mario Party 9 is now removed with the aims of boards more like Mario Party 7. Collecting Stars return from Mario Party DS. 8-player mini games return form Mario Party 7. Bowser's Tower again appears from Mario Party: Island Tour although the story is different. A new mode called Bowser Party is added. The players can earn Coins, Mini Stars and Stars by playing in Story Mode, Party Mode, Minigame Mode, Mission Mode and Bowser's Tower to buy and unlock new features for the game in Galllery Mode. A new mode called multiplayer mode can allow Mario Party 10 players from around the world play with each other.

The game features 14 boards overall: 7 normal boards for Story Mode, 3 Battle Boards and 4 Mario Kart based boards. Only one of them features the classic conditions of collecting Stars.


Story Mode

The characters have a perfectly 'normal' day in an all new Mushroom Kingdom when Dry Kamek appears with a message. It said, "Hello, my dear people! Just to let you know, I will turn everything to dry just like my friends: Kameks, Koopa Troopas and Shy Guys! I'm a bit busy ordering some of my minions so you have plenty of time to worry about you and yourself turning to dry. Goodbye! Don't forget your babies!" Just when Mario finished reading it, everybody was shocked with a lightning bolt, slowing all of them down before the babies were kidnapped by a flock of Dry Kameks.  Everybody was furious. A small text appeared in a corner of the letter. It was from Koopa Troopa! It read, "Hello Mario and friends. We are trapped! I'm the only Koopa who is not turning to Dry Bones like Paratroopa has done next to me! It's only a matter of time before everybody gets turned to dry! Be quick! From Koopa. P.S. Dry Bowser is a clone of Bowser who has stripped Bowser off the throne and now he's with..." Before Mario could read it all, Dry Kamek rudely snatched it off him. Mario and his friends decide to set out for the journey to Dry Bowser's Kingdom - wherever it is!

Mission Mode

A mysterious green and pink egg has appeared in a Wild Yoshi Sanctuary and it was a sight to enjoy. But one day, the egg hatched and Yoob appeared! The Yoob started to eat Yoshis but this Yoob had a weird system. If the Yoob laid an egg, it would take a few days for the Yoshi egg to turn into a Yoob Egg. The players has to complete a mission to rescue a Yoshi, the last mission is Yoob the boss, if defeated, more Yoshi Eggs are underneath.

Bowser's Tower

Bowser's has become evil because of a drink from Dry Bowser! He is starting to clone the characters into Metal Characters to defeat the player who is trying to reach Bowser and help him. Metal Mario and Bowser is unlocked here.


Playable Characters

There are a total of 20 playable characters with 10 of them that are unlockable therefore, 10 that are playable at the beginning of the game. These 10 characters + Boo and Dry Bones can be playable in Story Mode. All are playable in Mission Mode, Party Mode and Minigame Mode.

32px-MK8 Mario Icon


32px-MK8 Luigi Icon


32px-MK8 Peach Icon


32px-MK8 Daisy Icon


32px-MK8 Toad Icon


32px-MK8 Wario Icon.


32px-MK8 Waluigi Icon


32px-MK8 Koopa Icon

Koopa Troopa

32px-MK8 Yoshi Icon


32px-MK8 Toadette Icon


Boo*** Dry Bones***
32px-MK8 MMario Icon

Metal Mario****

32px-MK8 Rosalina Icon


32px-MK8 Bowser Icon


32px-MK8 BabyMario Icon

Baby Mario*

32px-MK8 BabyLuigi Icon

Baby Luigi*

32px-MK8 BabyPeach Icon

Baby Peach*

32px-MK8 BabyDaisy Icon

Baby Daisy*

Baby Yoshi*****

Unlockable players are marked with an * (available after Story Mode completed), ** (available if all boards are completed), *** (available after the first 3 boards are completed), **** (available if Bowser's Tower is completed) and ***** (available if Mission Mode is completed).


Story Mode

Go on a solo adventure across 7 boards to try to stop Dry Bowser's plans!

The player sets off with all the other characters where three other random characters appear in the first board with the player. This happens for every other board.

Party Mode

Play by yourself or with friends up to 14 boards!

Battle Royale

Tag Battle

Dual Battle

8-player Battle

8-player Tag Battle

Bowser Party

1 vs 3 Battle

Minigame Mode

Play great competitions including mini games or any mini game you want with your friends or just by yourself!

Free Play

Play any mini games you want to play for as long as you want with the number of players you want!

Boss Rush

Try to win as many Boss mini games as you can!


Play other mini games such as Puzzle minigames and more!

Time Attack

Complete 15 selected mini games in the shortest amount of time as you can!


Look at your records, figurines, stamps, highlight reels, music and voices earnt from completing stages in Mario Party 10 or from the Toad Shop!


Look at all your Mario Party 10 significant events such as completing certain Modes or collecting certain collectables!


Listen to all music tracks in this game!


Listen to the characters of Mario Party 10 in this game!


These are special collectables that can be sent through MiiVerse or can be used as a license badge.


These are special collectables that can be earnt by completing parts of Mario Party 10!


This place will remind you what to do.

Toad Shop

Buy certain Mario Party 10 things from here!

Mission Mode

Complete missions in bits and pieces and try to stop Yoob from decreasing the population of Yoshi's!


World 1 World 2 World 3 World 4 World 5 World 6 World 7 World 8 World 9 World 10

Mission .1

Mission .2
Mission .3
Mission .4
Mission .5
Mission .6
Mission .7

The missions are set in other Mario Party Games from 1-10.

Bowser's Tower

Try to reach the top of Bowser's Tower by winning mini games to stop Bowser with his evil mind!


Melody Motorway

Most similar to: Aim Boss 1 Boss 2 Special Spaces/Items
Classic conditions Get to the Star set in a random place on the board to earn it in place of 20 coins! Hammer Bro Smash Party Music Note's Loud Beat None.

Pipeline Expressway


Most Similar to: Aim Boss 1 Boss 2 Special Spaces/Items
Windmillville MP7 Try to own pipes by placing coins of your choice of amount which have a number of Stars that it gives to you. When another player places a bigger amount of coins, you lose the pipe. Petey Piranha's Pipe Punch On Pipe Change Space/Item - Changes the amount of Stars of each pipe.

Toad Parkway

Most Similar to: Aim Boss 1 Boss 2 Special Spaces/Items
Pyramid Park MP7 Try to steal your opponents' Stars by using a Piranha Plant! Goombas Great Gang Dry Bone's Shell Chaos Piranha Plant Space/Item - Gives you a chance to steal opponents' coins.

Star Skyway

Most Similar to: Aim Boss 1 Boss 2 Special Spaces/Items
None Attempt to earn the largest amount of Stars by exchanging your Mini Stars for Stars using an Exchange Toad. Ztars' Shoot-Out Exchange Space/Item - gives you a chance to exchange your Mini Stars for Stars

Yoshi Waterway

Most Similar to: Aim Boss 1 Boss 2 Special Spaces/Items
King Boo's Haunted Hideaway MP8 Find Yoshi who has Stars to give you. Boshi's Bomb Battle Find Space/Item - gives you the location of Yoshi

Mount Mushroom

Most Similar to: Aim Boss 1 Boss 2 SpecialSpaces/Items
Pagoda Peak MP7 Reach the top of the mountain to earn as many Stars as you can! Mr Blizzard's Downhill Blast None.

Dry Bowser's City

Most Similar to: Aim Boss 1 Boss 2 Special Spaces/Items
None. Try to lose as many Stars and Coins as you can! Koopalings' Big Bash Dry Bowser's Island Battle -6 Space - makes you lose 6 coins, Sink Space/Item - makes you choose a tower to sink and Tower Warp Space/Item - makes you warp to another tower

Other Boards

Battle Boards

Shoal Pipes

Thirsty Geysers

Mario Kart Boards

These boards come from Mario Kart tracks remade into Boards.

MK8 Twisted Mansion

MK8 GCN Sherbet Land

Retro Boards

These boards come from earlier Mario Party Games.

Bowser's Pinball Machine MPDS

Neon Heights MP7

Rainbow Dream MP5



Hexes are traps that first came from Mario Party DS although hexes have similar functions as some Candies, Orbs from other Mario Parties. If the player lands on his/her own hex, the player earns five coins/mini stars except for positive hexes such as the Coin Block.

Name Picture Effect
-10 Coins
Gives 10 coins from the person who landed on it to the person who set it
-5 Coins
Gives 5 coins from the person who landed on it to the person who set it
-20 Coins
Gives 10 coins from the person who landed on it to the person who set it
-1 Star
Gives a Star from the person who landed on it to the person who set it
-2 Stars Gives two Stars from the person who landed on it to the person who set it.
Warp Pipe
Warps the player who landed on it to another place.
Item Block
+3 Spaces Makes the player who landed on it go forward three spaces.
-3 Spaces Makes the player who landed on it go back three spaces.
Coin Block Gives the player a limited amount of time to collect as many coins as they can.
Star Block Gives the player who landed on it 1-3 Stars.


coming soon...


coming soon...


The Preparation for minigame music varies on the setting of the mini game. The water theme is close to Koopa Troopa Beach from Mario Kart 64, the air theme is Rock Rock Mountain from Mario Kart 7, indoor theme is Tick Tock Clock from Mario Kart DS, space theme is Rainbow Road from Super Mario Kart, snow theme is Sherbet Land from Mario Kart Double Dash!, Bonus Minigames are Toad's Factory, desert theme is close to Yoshi Desert from Mario Kart Super Circuit from the Wii and outdoor ground is Dolphin Shoals from Mario Kart 8. coming soon...


  • This is the first ever Mario Party Game to include a Baby or a Metal for a playable character.
  • Baby Yoshi's appearance in this game is different from Super Mario Bros. U.

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