Mario Party - Best Party Ever! is a Mario Party game for the Wii U.




The game plays like Mario Party 1-8. The players walk around separately in non-linear boards, and the one with the most Stars at the end wins. However, the player can play in Mario Party 9-style, where the one with the most Mini-Stars when the games ends wins. This is called "Mini-Star mode". The player can choose to play either in a mode where the player with the most Stars/Mini-Stars wins (called "Classic Party mode") or in a race to the finish (called "Race to the Finish mode"). Items appear in this game, and there are new items called Battle Items that can be used to attack enemies. Attacked enemies lose coins and are knocked back a few spaces. Mini-bosses and bosses return from Mario Party 9.

Game Modes

Party Mode (1-4 players)

Play in any board you have unlocked.

Minigame Stadium (1-4 players)

This mode is played in a special board exclusive to this mode. The character with the most coins when the game ends wins. The only spaces here are common and 1-player minigame spaces. The only way of earning coins here is to win 10 minigames.

Minigame Marathon (1 player)

Beat as many minigames as you can. The game ends when you get any placement other than first place.


The game has 28 playable characters, 18 starter and 10 unlockable. There is also the option to play as a Mii. The unlockable characters can be unlocked by beating them in story mode or getting a certain number of Stars/Mini Stars.

Each character has a default partner that they are partnered with in story mode. Also, they all have a color that represents them in minigames. e.g. in the Swimmy Cheep Cheeps minigame, the character's Cheep Cheep submarine will be of the character's color.

Starter Characters

Character Name Default Partner Color
Mario Artwork (alt) - Mario Party Island Tour
Mario Luigi Red
100px-Luigi Artwork - MPIT
Luigi Mario Green
100px-Princess Peach Bubble Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour
Peach Daisy Pink
Daisy Peach Orange
Wario Waluigi Yellow
Mario Party - Island Tour Waluigi Artwork
Waluigi Wario Purple
Toad Toadette White with red spots
Toadette MPNL
Toadette Toad Pink with white spots
Yoshi Birdo Light Green
Birdo MPNLands
Birdo Yoshi Shocking Pink

Unlockable Characters

Character Name Default Partner Color Stars/Mini Stars
200px-Hammer Bro. Party 8
Hammer Bro. Lakitu Green & Black 50/1.000
Lakitu (NEW!) Hammer Bro. Green & White 100/2.000
Blooper Monty Mole White & Black 150/3.000
Monty Mole (NEW!) Blooper Light Brown 200/4.000
Rosalina (NEW!) Polari Cyan 250/5.000
Polari SMG
Polari (NEW!) Rosalina Black 300/6.000
Pianta (NEW!) Noki Blue & Green 350/7.000
Noki (NEW!) Pianta Blue & Yellow 400/8.000
478px-Nsmb2 bowser
Bowser Bowser Jr. Dark Red 450/9.000
250px-Bowser Jr (Mario Party 9)
Bowser Jr. Bowser Rainbown 500/10.000


There are 10 boards in this game, 8 starter and 2 unlockable.

Starter Boards

Board Name Description
Delfino Battle
Delfino Plaza This board is a reference to Super Mario Sunshine. The mini-boss is Gooper Blooper and the boss is Shadow Mario.
Peach s castle hd by machriderz-d5b3n4s
Peach's Castle This board takes place outside of Peach's Castle. The mini-boss is Big Wiggler and the boss is Petey Piranha.
SSB5 Mario Galaxy
Distant Galaxy This board is a reference to Super Mario Galaxy. The mini-boss is Dino Piranha and the boss is King Kaliente.
Ms- underground
Deep Blue Cave This board takes place underground. The mini-boss is King Bill and the boss is Major Burrows.
Luigi Mansion Stage
Haunted Boo Mansion This board takes place in a ghost house. The mini-boss is Bouldergeist and the boss is King Boo.
Desert 1 B
Super-Hot Desert This board takes place in the desert. The mini-boss is Angry Sun and the boss is King Pokey.
??? This board takes place in a snowy land, The mini-boss is Chief Chilly and the boss is Sorbetti.
Paper Town This board is a reference to the Paper Mario series.

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