A game produced by Darklight industries, featuring several characters from both Mario and Daklight stories.

Playable characters

free-for-all games

No fearing dissapearing

  • Try to reach the end before the two mischivous mages make you dissapear completely!
    • Every can win, extra coins for first place

Sleight of the hand=

  • Watch a person shuffle a deck and lay out the guards. Then place bets on whether the card is the lower than the card he sets aside, or higher.
    • Winning players split the coins, losing players lose theirs.

No rest for the wicked

  • Each player finds themselves in a different hallway, each trailed by a Wicked pirahna plant.
    • Only two players can win. Once two cross the finish line, the doors close and the othr players lose.

Fire maze

  • Each player walks in a maze that has walls made of fire. As time progresses, the fire gets bigger.
    • All four players can win.

Undead jamboree

  • Try to reach the safe haven before the undead defeat you!
    • Every player can win, only coins for first place.

2x2 team games

Above the clouds

  • One player stears a flying machine, the other keeps it aloft.
    • Only one team wins.

3x1 team games

Breaking down

  • SINGLE PLAYER: Run along a breaking down pathway THREE PLAYERS: Destroy the pathway.
    • Single player takes coins if he wins, three players take single player's coins if they win.

over the edge

  • SINGLE PLAYER: Run around below until the time runs out. THREE PLAYERS: Drop objects down the hole and try to hurt the single player.

1 player

Ferocity quelled

  • Player must defeat an angry chain chomp.
    • Player loses coins when they lose, gains coins when they win.

Bring it on

  • Player must defeat one opponent.
    • Player lose all coins if they lose.

Fire walker

  • Player must tightrope walk across a firey pathway before they are burned alive.
    • Player gains a lot of coins upon victory.

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