Mario Party: Universal
Developer(s) AdamGregory03
Hudson Soft
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Party
Series Mario Party
Mario Party: Universal is a Mario Party fan game by AdamGregory03, made primarily because of the somewhat mundane reviews of the Wii U's actual Mario Party game, Mario Party 10.


Classic Party

Classic Party plays out similarly to Mario Party games 1-8. Players will take turns moving around a board, the main goal being to save up twenty coins so stars can be purchased. The player with the most stars after the final round of the game is the Superstar. A minigame will be played at the end of each turn, with the halfway mark minigame being a Mini-Boss, and the final round minigame being a Main Boss. There are five boards Classic Party can be played on.

Nabbit Party

In Nabbit Party, the gamepad player controls Nabbit, who has stolen five stars. After Nabbit roles a dice and moves, he hides on the board. If any of the characters lands on the space he is hiding on, they will be taken into a 1-on-1 minigame in which Nabbit has a slight advantage. The game is either over after the set turns are up or when Nabbit loses all his stars. If Nabbit has at least one star after all set turns, he wins.

Modern Party

Modern Party plays out similarly to Mario Party games 9-10. Players travel alongside each other in a vehicle along a linear board, collecting Mini Stars along the way. The player with the most Mini Stars after reaching the end of the board in the Superstar. Here, minigames will happen more at random, or triggered once landed on a minigame space. There is a fortress with a Mini-Boss minigame and a larger castle at the end of the board with a Main Boss minigame.

Bowser Party

In Bowser Party, the four players in the vehicle must work cooperatively to avoid the gamepad player, playing as Bowser. Bowser gets four dice blocks to compensate for the four characters. The four characters start with six hearts and can gain more. Bowser must deplete the character's hearts to zero by catching up to them and hitting them in a Bowser Minigame. If at least one character makes it to the end, the four win. If Bowser depletes everyone's hearts, he wins.



MP10 Mario Luigi SM3DW 180px-Peach - Mario Party 10 Daisy SSB4
Mario Luigi Peach Daisy
150px-Yoshi - Mario Party 10 DK Strong Wario4 Toad 3D Land
Yoshi Donkey Kong Wario Toad
NabbitSenpai Character-bowser
Nabbit Party only
Bowser Party only



Classic Party Boards

  • A board that takes place in a jungle setting.
  • A board that takes place on an alien planet.

Modern Party Boards

  • A board that takes place rocky mountains.


See Mario Party: Universal/Minigames.

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