4-Player Minigames

Red Piranha, Green Piranha

  • Rules: Petey Piranha guards the keys that lead out of the dungeon. Quickly sneak past him while he naps to get you're key. But if you don't freeze when Petey wakes up, you're attacked!
  • Controls: A/B buttons (take a step)

Slippery Balance

  • Rules: Players are dropped onto a sculpture of ice. Only thing is the sculpture if verry wobbly and tilts back and forth. Try to stay on the ice as long as you can, or you'll be plunged into the cold ocean below. Last player to fall off wins.
  • Controls: Left/Right on D-Pad or Analog Stick (move), A/Y (jump)

Popgun Panic

  • Rules: The Koopa Klan is invadin a western-themed town! Use you're trusty popgun to hold them off! Be sure to hit all the enemies, because if five make it into town, you're out.
  • Controls: D-Pad or Analog Stick (aim), A/B/X/Y (shoot)

1 vs. 3 Minigames

Factory Fraucus

  • Rules: Beware the person in the cockpit! For he can smash you with the mighty Thwomp! You'll want to be very careful, because the Thwomps can create shockwaves!
  • Controls for 1: D-Pad or Analog Stick (move Thwomp), L/R (release Thwomp)
  • Controls for 3: D-Pad or Analog Stick (move)

Boss Minigames

Kaliente Klash

  • Boss minigame of Rosalina's Comet Observatory.
  • Rules: While King Kaliente spits flaming rocks at you, hit them back with a hammer. Regular hammers are worth one point, gold hammers worth three. Just be sure you don't pick a wooden plank!
  • Controls: D-Pad or Analog Stick (move cursor), A/X (select)

King Boo's Light Year

  • Boss minigame of King Boo's Ghoulish Graveyard.
  • Rules: Shine flashlights on the Boos before they get you, or you'll lose a point! The bigger Boos are worth more points if you defeat them. Be ready to shine the light at King Boo!
  • Controls: D-Pad or Analog Sick (aim flashlight)

Gooper Blooper Bash

  • Boss minigame of Pianta's Plaza.
  • Rules: If you get close to Gooper Blooper's mouth, pull it and let it snap back! But watch out for those tentacles of his!
  • Controls: D-Pad or Analog Stick (move), A/B/X/Y (grab mouth)

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