The final boxart for the game.

Mario Party: Third Dimension (also titled Mario Party 3D for short) is a game in the Mario Party series. It is released for the 3DS.


Rosalina hosts a party, and the grand prize is the title of the Ultimate Party Master, and also the Star Staff. But Bowser eventually crashes the party and steals the Star Staff.

Playable Characters

The game has been confirmed to have 18 playable characters, 8 which are default, and 10 that must be unlocked or purchased.


Unlockable Characters


Unlocking Criteria

  • Birdo: Purchase her for 20 Party Cards.
  • Toadette: Purchase her for 100 Party Cards.
  • Hammer Bro.: Purchase him for 140 Party Cards.


  • Blue Spaces: Gives the player 3 coins.
  • Red Spaces: Takes 3 coins away from the player.
  • Green ? Spaces: Triggers a random event.
  • Pink Direction Arrows: Don't count as spaces, but allow the player to choose which way to go.
  • Yellow VS Spaces: Triggers a Duel Minigame between the activating player and a random player.
  • Lavender Spaces: Roll a dice to determine how much further ahead you advance.
  • Purple Space: Roll a dice to determine how many spaces you move back.
  • Cyan DK Spaces: Either allows the player to play a DK Minigame or another good happening.
  • Black Bowser Spaces: Either allows the player to play a Bowser Minigame or another bad happening.


The game is confirmed to have 8 boards.

Name Story Mode Party Mode
Wiggler Garden Yes No
Toad Road Yes Yes
Horror Land Yes No
Ghoulish Graveyard No Yes
DK Stone Statue Yes Yes
Kamek Library Yes Yes
Bowser Jr Island No Yes
Bowser Castle Yes Yes


  • The board, King Boo's Ghoulish Graveyard, is very identical to Horror Land from Mario Party 2.
  • For minigames, see here.

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