Mario Party: Superstar Game
Developer(s) BlooP-OW
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Release Date(s)
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Age Rating(s)
ERating3RatingA CERO cero
Genre(s) Platformer, Action-adventure
Series Mario Party (series)
Media Included Media Switch Nintendo Switch Catridge
Media DL icon Digital Download
Available Input Joy-Con Icon Joy-Con
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Mario Party: Superstar Game is a Mario Party Game for Nintendo Switch. The game will include at least all the diferent gameplays from all the main Mario Party series.

Game Modes

  • Story Mode (Single Player): In Story Mode, the player can choose a character and pass through different new courses, defeating Bosses to defeat the evil Bowser and become the Superstar Hero! Unlike the other Mario Party games, this game have the players playing or in the Classic Mode, or in the Vehicle Mode or in the Race Mode during the Story Mode.
  • Bowser's Mode (1-5 players): In this mode, the player plays as Bowser (in multiplayer, the other players play with the heores). The objective of the player that plays with Bowser is that stop the heores to get to the end of each course, playing Bowser's Minigames.
  • Solo Mode (1-4 Players): In Solo Mode, players choose their characters and the boards to freely play anytime. To unlock various boards, the player needs to complete Story Mode (new ones) or buy them at Tumble's Shop with coins (retro ones). The bosses only appear on new boards, however, the player can choose to elimimnate boss minigames. The Solo Mode have different types of Gameplay:
    • Classic Mode: The traditional gameplay from MP1-8 returns. There, the objective of the player is to get the most Stars possible to win the game in a determinaded number of turns (minimum of 10 and maximum of 25), with an Minigame after each turn. The miniboss battle happends when are reached half of the determinaded number of turns and the final boss battle at the final turn. The player who wins at 1st place the boss minigames will get 3 Stars, at 2nd place will get 1 Star, at 3rd place will get 10 coins and nothing at 4th place. The Tower or the Castle do not show a boss minigame at this mode, but the player gain a Star, or an amount of coins or a ZStar by spinning a roulette when passing at it. A Sledge Bro. will appear at this moment.
    • Vehicle Mode: The Gameplay from MP9/10. There, the characters have to get to the end of the path with the most Mini Stars. Characters move around in vehicles taking turns being the "captain", or rolling the dice, with an Minigame after each turn. The player with most Mini Stars wins the course. The miniboss battles hapend at the Tower and at the Castle of the board.
    • Race Mode: The Gameplay from MP:IT. There, the player needs to be the first to reach the finish line at the end of the course, with an Minigame after each turn. The boss minigames happend when the first player reaches the tower or the castle of the arena. The player who wins at 1st place the boss minigames will get a Gold 5- 10 Dice Block, at 2nd place will get a Silver 2-6 Dice Block, at 3rd place will get a Bronze 1-3 Dice Block and nothing at 4th place. The castle boss do not will appear at the finish line, but some spaces before the finish line.
  • Minigame Mode (1-4 Players): In Minigame Mode, players can choose their characters and freely play various Minigames already unlocked in Story Mode and Bowser's Mode. The types of minigames of the game are:
    • Free-for-All minigames
    • 2-vs-2 minigames
    • 1-vs-Rivals minigames
    • Bowser Jr. minigames
    • Bowser minigames
    • Boss minigames
    • Extra minigames
  • Tumble's Shop: In Tumble's Shop, the player can buy lots of things, such as soundtracks, old Mario Party (seires) boards and Special Minigames with coins that can be earned in Story Mode and Solo Mode.
  • Star Bank: In the Star Bank, Coins collected in other modes are stored in this special bank. The player can also deposit Coins to buy things at Tumble's Shop.
  • MC Ballyhoo's Museum:  In this Museum, you can listen to the game's ssoundtrack, character voices,  you can see your trophies and also pictures.
  • Boss Mode (1-4 Players): In this mode, you can play Bosses minigames that you can only play if you complete all Story Mode. If the player complete every boss minigame without any miss, he will unlock MP9/IT/10 boss minigames.


New Boards

The layout of boards change a little depending of the type of gameplay. They are playable on Story Mode.

Name Theme First Boss Final Boss
Dinossaur Grassland Grassland/Park Whomp King Goomboss
Quicksand Temple Desert/Ruins Mummipokey Squizzard
Tumbling Archipelago Island/Underwater Mollusque-Lanceur Gooper Blooper
Crystals Railway Cave Cavern/Railway Mega Wiggler Major Burrows
Illusory Forest Jungle/Forest Bugaboom Petey Piranha
Frozen Glacier Snowfield Mega Fliprus Baron Brrr
Phantom Castle Horror Bouldergeist King Boo
Smash Stone Mountains Mountain Boss Sumo Bro. King Bob-omb
Cloudy Skylands Cloudy Sky Giga Lakitu Wingo
Cahotic Volcano Volcano/Badlands Boss Brolder King Kaliente
Lunar Colony Space/Moon Dino Piranha Kamella
Bowser's Planet Space/Castle/Casino Bowser Jr. Bowser

Retro Boards

The retro boards, much like retro courses from Mario Kart series, are past Mario Party game's Nitro Course. Most of them completely redesigned for HD graphics. They usually include new mechanics, new details , and completely new backgrounds. Also, most Retro Boards have new remixed and/or remastered music. All Retro Boards have to be bought at Tumble's Shop, each one differing in prize. There are 14 retro boards in total, each one originating from a previous Mario Party game. Like the new boards, the layout of the boards change a little depending of the type of gameplay, but, unlike them, these boards do not have any boss battles and do not appear on Story Mode. World 3 and World 4 were split into sections on their origin games, however, these section appear united at one board on Mario Party: Superstar Game.

Name Originally From Coins needed
Goomba's Booty Boardwalk Mario Party 8
Spiny Desert Mario Party 3
Kamek's Library Mario Party DS
Underwater Dream Mario Party 5
Horror Land Mario Party 2
Star-Crossed Skyway Mario Party: Island Tour
E. Gadd's Garage Mario Party 6
Shy Guy's Jungle Jam Mario Party 4
World 3 Mario Party: Star Rush
Bob-omb Factory Mario Party 9
Pagoda Peak Mario Party 7
World 4 Mario Party: The Top 100
Airship Central Mario Party 10
Bowser's Magma Mountain Mario Party


Playable Characters


Mario Luigi Princess Peach Princess Daisy Yoshi Birdo
Mario - Mario Party 10 Luigi - Mario Party 10 PeachMP8Official Daisy Yoshi - Mario Party 10 Birdo MP9
Toad Toadette Wario Waluigi Rosalina Donkey Kong
Toad - Mario Party 10 Toadette - Mario Party 10 WarioMPDS WaluigiMPDS Rosalina - Mario Party 10 DKthumbsUp


Baby Mario Baby Luigi Diddy Kong Dixie Kong Pianta Whittle
Babymariositting BabyLuigibeinghimself DiddyKong DixieKong PiantaTree Whittle
Monty Mole Spike Magikoopa Koopa Troopa Boo Dry Bones
MontyMole Spike - Mario Party 10 Kamek Suprised Green Koopa New BooNSMBU DRY
Waddlewing Lakitu Blooper Shy Guy Hammer Bro. Chargin' Chuck
Waddlewingpartay LakituNSMBU BlooperMP8 Shyguy MP9 HammerBroNSMBU Solochuck
Pauline Nabbit Koopa Kid Lubba Shadow Mario Mii
SMO Pauline (no mic) MushroombanditNSMBU KoopaKid-MiniBowser Lubba ShadowMario2 MiiLogo
Dry Bowser Dark Bowser Pijama Bowser Tuxedo Bowser
DRYBONESBOWSER DarkBowserSMW3D Bowser New 3DS SMO Bowser
  • OBS: Bowser and it's palletes are playable only in Bowser's Mode.


Image Board Minigame Name Description

King Whomp

Whomp King

Dinossaur Grassland Whomp King's Smash Stomp To defeat Whomp King, players must escape from him for a certain time, while he tries to smash the players while walking. Then, he will try to fall face-first in an attempt to crush the players, they need to avoid him. If a player is crushed, he/she doesn't have chance to Ground Pound on him to gain points in that turn. After his health meter reaches the middle, he will become faster, will start to make shockwaves that can paralyse the players and will throw Whimps.

Goomboss New Render


Dinossaur Grassland Goomboss's Jumping Battle Goomboss will walk arround, chasing the players and summoning Goombas to aid him. The players must find hidden springboards. They need to carry it close to the boss and jump to damage the enemie, earning points. Once used, the springboard will automatically be destroyed by a Goomba. Also, the player must avoid from Hop-Chops, enemies that looks like a springboard that attacks the player. If the player finds a golden springboard, it will gain 4 points if attack the boss using it. After his health meter reaches the middle, Goomboss gets angry, so he will start chase the players faster, will jump and make waves on the ground and will be surrounded by Paragoombas that will protect the boss.



Quicksand Temple Mummipokey's Rising Hunting Mummipokey will attack by popping out of the ground at different places throughout the battle and also by throwing rocks at the player, which makes the player lose 2 points. Players must jump on him and gain a point. If the player is lucky enough to ground pound on him, they'll get 3 points instead. Some pokeys are also on the battle arena to disturb the player. After his health meter reaches the middle, the boss will be faster, will start to throw more rocks and sometimes will appear above the ground with his mouth trying to chomp the player, making it lose 3 points.

Squizzard SMG2 °-°


Quicksand Temple

Lanceur smo


Tumbling Archipelago


Gooper Blooper

Tumbling Archipelago Gooper Blooper's Underwater Vortex The players are on submarines with a cannon each one that they must use it to attack Gooper Blooper. The boss is upon an water vortex that pulls the players to it. If the player gets too close to the boss, it will be attracted by the vortex and will lose 10 points. The boss will aslo use his tentacles to attack the players, trying to make them lose 3 points. The boss will also throw ink at the players to disturb their vision. After his health meter reaches the middle, he will spin to make the vortex stronger, will throw ink more often and will summon Bloopers to attack the players, who need to attack the enmeis with the submarine's cannon.


Mega Wiggler

Crystals Railway Cave Mega Wiggler's Pounding To beat Mega Wiggler, players need to jump on the given body segments to hurt him. Each stomp gives the players 1 point, but when stomping on the body segment while it is red, it gives 3 points instead. After his health meter reaches the middle, he gets mad and is faster, making it harder to stomp him. Also, some Swoopers appear to disturb the players. When he gets angry, his body turns red, so the special segment will be yellow instead of red. Also, the arena will be darker and harder to see the boss.

Major Burrows

Major Burrows

Crystals Railway Cave Major Burrows' Railway Excavation



Illusory Forest

Petey Piranha MPSR

Petey Piranha

Illusory Forest
Mega Fliprus Frozen Glacier

Baron Brrr

Baron Brrr

Frozen Glacier Baron Brr's Abominable Freezeway



Phantom Castle Bouldergeist's Chaser Debris Bouldergeist will throw rocks at the player and will summon a row of stone spikes out of the ground. The players needs to deviate from his attacks so do not lose 1 point. Black rocks release Bomb Boos upon concact to the ground and players will have to grab their tongues and throw them at Bouldergeist to gain 2 points. Sometimes a Gold Bomb Boo will be released by a gold rock and will give 5 points. And gray rocks do not release any Bomb Boo. After his health meter reaches the middle, Bouldergeist will turn into his second form, but with his rocky hands and will move around, making it harder to hit him. Also, he will try to punch the players and will use his slap attack. Both attack make players affected lose 3 points. Unlike in SMG series, the second form delives less damage than the first form.

King Boo MMWii

King Boo

Phantom Castle King Boo's Luminous Persecution King Boo will turn invisible and will destroy the light of the room, making it totally dark. The players must use their flashlights to iluminate the dark arena and find switches to reactivate the light of the room, damaging the boss. If a player illuminate King Boo with the light of its flashlight, it will gain 2 extra points. When all the switches are activated, the boss destroys the light again and changes the places of the switches. In addition to being invisible, the boss also split blue firealls at the players and summon Boos to distur them. After his health meter reaches the middle, King Boo will start to attack the players with lightning and will put some false electric switches.

King Sumo Bro.

Boss Sumo Bro.

Smash Stone Mountains Boss Sumo Bro's Smackdown

King Bob-omb MPSR

King Bob-omb

Smash Stone Mountains

Giga Lakitu1

Giga Lakitu

Cloudy Skylands Giga Lakitu's Spiny Kicking Giga Lakitu will throw Spinies at the players and also will move around the stage, releasing lightning from underneath his cloud. The players must defeat Goomas to get Goomba's Shoes, hit the Spinies and kick the Spinny Eggs back to Giga Lakitu, giving one point to the player. There are also some Gold Goomba's Shoes that gives 3 points to the player if he/she hit the Spiny and kick the Spinny Egg back to the boss. After his health meter reaches the middle, Giga Lakitu will throw Spinies faster and will move faster from a longer distance, increasing the chances of players making mistakes in time to kick back the Spiny Egg with the Goomba's Shoes. He will also release lightning more often and will start to throw Amps at the players.

250px-Wingo CTTT


Cloudy Skylands Wingo's Turnip Treasure

Boss brolder

Boss Brolder

Cahotic Volcano Boss Brolder's Magmatic Blockade


King Kaliente Darker

King Kaliente

Cahotic Volcano King Kaliente's Coconut Kickball King Kaliente will chase the players in his magma arena. The players must dodge his tentacles and his his fireballs to do not lose 2 points. The boss will also launch coconuts, witch the players must kick back at him, who will use his tentackles to knock it back. You must play a game of dead man's volley with him until it hits the boss and the player gets 3 points. Although the players must compete against each other to kick back the coconut. After his health meter reaches the middle, it loses his crown, being angry and transforming into his darken version. The entrie arena transforms into magma and the players must fight him on a ring of small platforms that will sink into the lava if the players stand on them for too long. King Kaliente's attacks include sending in dozens of Blue Lava Bubbles and summoning fiery meteors from the sky or spitting them out.


Dino Piranha

Lunar Colony Dino Piranha's Finding Disaster Dino Piranha will chase the players, running into them, spliting out coconuts and swinging his tail, which can make the players to lose 1 point. The players must find Lumas arround the planet that will give the Star Spin attack to attack Dino Piranha by swinging his tail, like in SMG series, making the players earn 1 point. If the players use the Star Spin attack to counterattack the boss with his Coconuts, the players gains 3 extra points. Although the power gave by the Luma is limitaded, making the player need to find another Luma to get the power back. After his health meter reaches the middle, the boss will move faster, spliting out fireballs sometimes and he can also do a ground pound attack that causes a shockwave that damages the players if they don't jump and will make the Lumas scary and will make them disappear.

Kamella SMG


Lunar Colony

Bowser Jr. - Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Bowser Jr.

Bowser's Planet

Bowser - Mario Party 10


Bowser's Planet