Mario Party: Super Stars!! is a Mario Party game released in 2012' for the 'Nintendo 3DS system. It has the engine of a classic Mario Party mode, like moving for yourself, but with the Mini-Star target, such as in Mario Party 9.


The plot of this game consists that the Star Festival was about to be held at the Mushroom Kingdom.

However, Bowser came to ruin the party, as usual. He hit the Star Shooter with a Bullet Bill and the Stars were sprayed through the Mushroom World.

The Mario Crew offers to help Toadsworth gather the stars in time. With the help of the Mario Crew, this work will be much easier.

Green Toad, Rosalina, Donkey Kong, Pink Boo, Pianta, Red Birdo, Shy Guy and even Bowser himself hosted various boards.

They have to beat various bosses in order to gather the Power Stars and restore peace to Mushroom World!


All the characters are playable from the start.

It is notable mention that Dry Bones was removed because he was in a Mini-game and Blooper was also taken out because Big Blooper is the boss of the Coconut Mall board. Shy Guy has also been removed because he was turned into a host. Funky Kong probably replaces Donkey Kong, who was a playable character in the first four Mario Parties. It is worth mentioning the Lakitu in this game has a red shell, making it the same as in Mario Kart 7 and obviously, it doesn't ride its cloud.

Boards and Bosses

Name Host Boss How to earn Mini-Stars [*]
Toad Town Green Toad Bowser Jr. Find them scattered around the board
Rainbow Cross Rosalina Dino Piranha Collect them while switching planets
DK Temple Donkey Kong Kamek Collect bananas then trade them for mini-stars when you meet Donkey Kong
Holy Mansion Pink Boo King Boo Find a Boo and defeat it to get 3 mini-stars. The Boos get constantly replaced.
Coconut Mall Pianta Big Blooper Buy mini-star at shops. Each mini-star costs a ticket. Shops open and close in a random order.
Birdo Village Red Birdo Whomp King When you meet Red Birdo, choose one of the 3 eggs and one of them has mini-stars in it.
Petal Volcano Shy Guy Big Bob-Omb Collect bombs and when you reach the end of the board, throw them at the volcano to reveal Mini-stars.
Bowser's Castle Bowser Bowser If you are even able to reach Bowser, you get 10 mini-stars.
  • Please note that you can also receive 10 mini-stars if you win a mini-game.

Also, it is worth mention it that Tickets are collectibles in Coconut Mall.


  • Blue Space: If you land on it, you win a mini-star.
  • Red Space: If you land on it, you win a mini-ztar, that decreases 1 mini-star from your total count.
  • Happening Space: If you land on it, it will trigger an event.
  • Bowser Space: If you land on it, it will trigger a Bowser Event.
  • Toadsworth Space: If you land on it, it will trigger a Toadsworth Event. (similar to DK space)
  • Lucky Space: If you land on it, you can go to a special location on the board that has 3 mini-stars in each space. (No mather what the board)
  • Unlucky Space: If you land on it, you can go to a special location on the board that has 3 mini-ztars in each space. Uh-oh.
  • Friend Space: Shares 3 mini-stars with you and a friend.
  • Foe Space: Shares 3 mini-ztars with you, but also a friend.
  • Battle Space: Automatically triggers a battle mini-game.
  • Duel Space: Automatically triggers a duel mini-game with a random player.
  • Item Space: Gives you a random item.
  • Boss Space: Only triggered during the end of the game, but still considered a space. The winner, during the ending animation, goes on it to battle the boss.


  • Mushroom: Lets you use two dice blocks to move.
  • Golden Mushroom: Lets you use three dice blocks to move.
  • Lakitu Cloud: This cloud takes you to another random space on the board.
  • Poison Mushroom: Limits you to a 1-5 dice block.
  • Mega Mushroom: Lets you use five dice blocks! If you it anyone, he/she will drop all of his/her mini-stars!
  • Fire Flower: Lets you shoot a fireball onto a space, to trigger a Fire Space. Anyone who lands on it will lose a mini-star. (Once used, it will be removed)
  • Ice Flower: Lets you shoot a iceball onto a space, to trigger a Ice Space. Anyone who passes by will lose a mini-star. (Once used, it will be removed)
  • Thwomp: Lets you put it over a space. Who passes by will be smashed by the Thwomp and will not be able to move more that turn.
  • Ukiki: They spy a space. If someone lands on it, they attack him and he will be sent to the start.
  • Mystery Box: Might have an item or 20 mini-stars inside it!
  • Thunderbolt: Shrinks a player, making him unable to move for a turn.


  • Items return after being absent since Mario Party 4.
  • Bowser is the host and boss for his board.
  • In this game, Lakitu wears red boots; In other games, he didn't wear boots.
  • Rosalina does not float in this game, but can teleport herself to other planets.

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