Mario Party: Super Charged
Developer(s) 250px-Nintendo svg
Publisher(s) 250px-Nintendo svg
Platform(s) Nintendo Next
Release Date(s)
Flag of Japan December 9, 2015

Flag of USA December 17, 2015

Single player, multiplayer, online
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Party, puzzle
Series Mario Party
Mario Party: Super Charged (also known under its beta title as Mario Party: Unleashed   or Mario Party: Starblast in Japan) is an upcoming party game currently being developed and produced by Nintendo for the new Nintendo Next console. It is the 11th major installment in the Mario Party series for a home console and will launch with the Nintendo Next in December 2015. The game will be rated E for Everyone and contains mild cartoon violence and comic mischief.



Mario Party: Super Charged will play much like its predecessors, in that up to four players take turns rolling a die and moving around 3D boards, where the goal is to collect as many coins and stars as possible. After everyone on the board completes their turn, a minigame event takes place and coins (and this time around, sometimes stars) are awarded as prizes.

New Features

  • Customize Your Boards: Party Mode offers players the ability to customize the boards and the overall play style in new and exciting ways. Although the traditional turn-based play style that was present in previous Mario Party games is making a return, a new feature now allows the more adventurous players to set up the boards so that it is a race to the top rather than a quest for the most coins and stars. Additionally, if you prove to be a party master, you can unlock up to three larger versions of each board for endless hours of action!
  • Switch In, Switch Out: Up to 16 players can now join in on the mayhem with a new Switch In, Switch Out feature in Party Mode. Players can configure the game so that after a certain number of turns, they switch out with another player. Players play on the same team, sharing the same number of coins and stars, but they progress according to their own tastes for unpredictable and chaotic fun!
  • Take The Party Online: For the first time ever, take the party online with friends or strangers. Party Mode, Minigame Mode, and Bonus Mode are all available with online play. You can also create your own online profile and represent your country in the worldwide leaderboards. Players can even make use of pre-determined messages during gameplay to taunt their opponents.

Game Modes



Board Description Status Unlock Criteria
Peach Castle A basic game board centered around Peach Castle, where Koopa Troopas and Goombas try their best to sabotage your efforts! Default N/A
Frozen Mountain Brrrrr... it's freezing! Frozen Mountain features a wild ice rink and a slippery slide adds to the mayhem! Also, avoid the giant snowball! Default N/A
Blazing Inferno Fiery pits galore! Watch your step on this board which has sinking spaces! Default N/A
Mystic Island There's something creepy about this island. Beware of the various magical happenings that take place. And more importantly, be on the lookout for King Boo! Default N/A
Candy Land This board is filled with cookies and chocolate... anything you can imagine! However, not everything is sweet in Candy Land; rumor has it that Flutter goes around stealing coins... and stars! Default N/A
Jungle Tropics Jungle Tropics has living trees and flowers so be careful! They're definitely not the friendliest bunch. If you're lucky, Spear Guy might just give you a special gift... Default N/A
Gold Palace Everything on this board is gold... even the Chain Chomps! Although it is not an easy board to master, the pay out is rewarding - coins and stars galore! Default N/A
Dungeon of Doom Innovative trickery lurks on this board. Land on the wrong space and you'll find yourself without any more coins or stars. This board features a rotating wall as well! Unlockable
Coconut Isle This board is situated on a relaxing beach populated with palm trees. What could possibly go wrong? The presence of Blooper Scooper and Cheep Cheeps are some of the obstacles you'll encounter! Unlockable
Sandy Desert Pokies reign in this dry, dry desert! Nobody is ever safe on this board until they take shelter under the cobblestone temple. Don't let the quicksand devour you! Unlockable
Planet Galaxy High up in the sky, on another planet... Planet Galaxy shakes things up to the next level. That is, the board turns itself over at random, adding to the insanity! Unlockable
Bowser's Carnival This board belongs to none other than Bowser! Don't let the carnival environment fool you though - Bowser is out to make your journey a miserable one in this nighttime board. He and the Koopalings will do everything in their power to strip you from everything you have! In Story Mode, this is the last board you'll play on. If you emerge victorious, apparently Bowser will let his guard down and join the party... Unlockable

Playable Characters

There is a total of 24 playable characters. Most of the unlockable characters are newcomers. Also, some playable characters now have color swaps, as listed below.

Starter Characters



Mario-SM3DW Mario N/A
NSMBWii Luigi Luigi N/A
Peach N/A
MKXL Wario Wario N/A
Waluigi N/A
Daisyinsupermariosupermario3dsupermarioworld Daisy N/A
Yoshi. Yoshi Blue, Yellow, Pink, Purple, White, Black, Orange
Birdo MP9 Birdo Orange, Blue, Green, Purple
Toad Toad Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow
MP7 Toadette Toadette N/A
Boo Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour Boo N/A
DryBones SMB Dry Bones Black, Red, Blue
369px-MP8 Blooper Blooper N/A
200px-Hammer Bro. Party 8 Hammer Bro. Boomerang Bro., Fire Bro.
Shyguy-237x275 Shy Guy Yellow, Black, Green, Blue
Green Koopa New Koopa Troopa


Unlockable Characters



Baby DK N/A Land on a DK space on the board Jungle Tropics. There's a random chance that Baby DK will appear, and upon appearing, he will join the party.
Magikoopa Artwork - Super Mario Galaxy Magikoopa Yellow, Orange, Green, Red Meet up with Magikoopa on the Mystic Island board in Story Mode.
Petey Piranha SMG3 Petey Piranha N/A Purchase him in the Gift Shop for 300 Party Points.
MKXL Toadsworth Toadsworth N/A Purchase him in the Gift Shop for 500 Party Points.
Diddy Kong N/A Meet up with Diddy Kong on the Jungle Tropics board in Story Mode.
Bowser Jr MP9 3 Bowser Jr. N/A Landing on a ? Space on the Peach Castle board might make Bowser Jr. appear, and he will then join the party.
Monty Mole N/A Purchase him the Gift Shop for 1000 Party Points.
Bowser NSMBW Bowser N/A

Defeat Bowser in Story Mode.



The game will feature 102 all-new mini-games, and will reportedly include new mini-game categories too.


Shock Jumpers Jump or duck to avoid the electric shocks... it's that simple! However, be careful; as time goes on, the electric shocks will speed up! The last person standing wins!
Building Bridges Lakitu needs help building a bridge to help the Goombas get across. Be the first person to build a bridge by completing the complex puzzle.
Electric Night There was a power outage in the city and they need their electricity back! Ground-pound the various switches to figure out the correct sequence to restore electricity and supply the city with power first!
Castle Rumble Knock all your opponents off Princess Peach's Castle in a free-for-all rumble inspired by Super Smash Bros.! Use power-up capsules to your advantage!
Mallet Mania Who knew carnival games could be such hard work? Smash your mallet against the plate in front of you to raise the water level in your tank. The first person whose water level reaches the red mark wins!

The Ukikis are littering the jungle with their banana peels, and it is your job to collect as many banana peels as possible and place them in your stack in under 60 seconds. You can also steal from your opponents' piles!

Laying Down the Line You will be shown a complex line trajectory for 5 seconds and you will then need to trace the line as you remember. The person who traces the line most accurately is the winner.
Ready, Jet, Go! Embark on a high-speed race to the finish... in the air! Avoid the floating pieces of granite in the sky and pass the finish line for the win. Tip: Doing barrel rolls will increase your speed!
First Come, First Serve Goombas, Nokis, and Piantas are coming to eat at the diner, and you must take their orders and prepare their meal before your opponents do so! The first player to obtain three points wins.

Cherry Ambition

Cherries are falling from the sky! Move left and right to collect the most cherries in your basket. However, if you collect strawberries or blueberries your point count will decrease by 1 point!
It's A Toss-Up
Rope of Hope Last the longest on your rope! You can move up, down, left and right to avoid getting hit by falling Spineys and hammers. It's not that easy though: the rope will eventually start swinging back and forth to make matters more difficult for you. Be attentive!
Weeping Willows The Willow trees can be happy, angry, and even sad! Their moods will be unpredictable and in each round you are tasked with standing beneath the Willow tree that you think will be sad. The catch: You have 5 seconds to decide. If you are successful, you'll earn a point. The first person to three points wins! As time goes on, it will become harder to predict which mood the Willow trees will display.
You Snooze, You Lose The arms of the clock are spinning and you must stop as close to the time show on the image in the center of the screen, without going over. If you go over the time or are farthest from the time compared to your opponents, the alarm will sound and you will be eliminated. The last person standing wins! Be advised though; as the competition goes on, the arms of the clock will increasingly move faster!
Slim Pickings
Lilypad Mad Jump from lilypad to lilypad and make your way across the lake first to win. Avoid the Cheep Cheeps and avoid falling into the water, or else you'll need to start from the beginning again! The farther you travel, the smaller the lilly pads become.
Maze Runners
Flip the Switch

Leap of Fate

Trampoline Queen Bounce off a series of trampolines in the sky and be the first to make your way to the platform at the end of the course. You'll need to avoid Bullet Bills along the way, and most importantly, don't miss the next trampoline or you'll waste valuable time!
Paintball Hall A frenzy-filled game of paintball will have you navigating through hallways and targeting your opponents. You'll have 60 seconds to rack up as many points, so be stealthy!
Mirror Masters
Take It or Lever
Rock 'n Rollers It's a rollerskate race! You'll be shown a series of button sequences and you will have to accurately and quickly input the sequence to advance. If you mess up the sequence, you'll lag behind your opponents! Cross the finish line first and take home the trophy!
Mario Madness
Veggie Roots It's a frantic race against the clock to cultivate the greatest number of vegetables in the garden! Luck must be on your side, however, as you may encounter empty roots!
Clap Time
Drive Me Ome
Destruction Derby
Laser Loser You're trapped in a top-secret room filled with lasers! Simply avoid getting hit by the lasers' rays to stay in the game. If you get hit three times, you'll be eliminated. You can also punch and kick your opponents to hinder their performance!
Ice Try
Da Blob
Level Headed
Hamstercle Course Trapped in a hamster ball, you will need to navigate the complicated and colorful course. Moving around will be tricky, though! Slow and steady wins this race!
Shine Your Light
Field Day A series of tasks will have you mowing the lawn, watering plants, and feeding the animals on the farm. The first person to fully complete their duties is the winner! A triathalon nobody expected!
Door to Door
Log Trog
Dig Out Be the first to dig your way out of the underground mine. Oh, and one more thing: you must do so in complete darkness! Also, be sure to avoid any blocked paths; otherwise, you will waste time and will need to find another route!

2 VS. 2

Balancing Beams
Precious Jewels Cooperate with your partner to find as many hidden jewels as possible in the huge palace. Green jewels are worth 1 point; Purple jewels are worth 2 points; and Multi-coloured jewels are worth 5 points!
Keep It Up Work with your partner to keep the giant, colorful orb afloat! If the orb hits the ground, the other team wins!
Fanning Away
Brick by Brick Break down the opposing team's brick wall before they break yours! You can use a special item once to temporarily stun the other team, so use it wisely!
Block Party With the help of your partner, successfully build a staircase made out of cube-shaped blocks that will lead you to the platform at the height of the room. The first team to have both players on the platform wins! Speed and accuracy are important here, but if your staircase is not constructed properly, the blocks will fall and you'll need to start over!
Sign Language
Battle Cards Deplete the opposite team's XP in this RPG-inspired mini-game! Draw cards and hope for the best!
Tug-Ow-War A game of tug-of-war with a twist: one opponent pulls the rope while the other throws Spineys to the opposing team on the other side in an attempt to stun them and gain an advantage.
Whomp Walkers Work together to get your Whomp past the finish line. One person rides the Whomp and controls the direction the Whomp moves in, while the other player moves obstacles in its path out of the way.
Rock the Boat Teams will need to ground-pound on their boat to create waves in their opponents' direction and tip over the opposing team's boat. Cooperation here is key: ground-pound at the same time as your partner for maximum effect! Also, the higher you jump, the bigger the waves!
Leafy Teams

1 VS. 3

Rug'd Away The solo player will literally be pulling the rug from under their opponents' feet in this nail-biting mini-game! The three players need to make sure they jump on time or else they'll be swept away with the rug. The solo player can "fake" a rug sweep to trick their opponents. If at least one player from the team of three remains after 30 seconds, the team of three wins!
Rolling Pin
Sabotage Island
Roastin' Toastin'
Control Freak
Target Shootout This mini-game is all about getting the most points within 60 seconds. Dozens of targets will fill up the screen at once. Each target has a number ranging from 10 to 100, reflecting the number of points the team or the solo player will accumulate upon hitting that target. The solo player has a slightly larger cross hair that moves a bit faster than the team of three, who each have smaller and slower cross hairs.
Luck or Loss
Mimic Trick
Shoots and Ladders The lone player shoots at the three other players who try to avoid the projectiles by climbing up and down ladders to fool the lone player. If the solo player can eliminate all three players before the 30 seconds are up, they win!
In the Dark
Curtain Call
Dizzy Dodging



Survival of the Fittest Survive this dangerous jungle arena filled with Klaptraps and falling, giant bananas!
Battle of the Vine
Bananorama! A jungle slot machine game with a simple goal: match up three images of bananas to earn points.
Barrel Forth
Jungle Rumble Ride Rambi the Rhinoceres through a treacherous jungle escapade and try to collect as many bananas as you can. If you run into an obstacle, you'll temporarily be stunned and won't be able to collect any bananas for some time!


All-Time High This button-masher will have you soaring to the sky (and beyond!) to obtain the greatest height over your opponents. After 30 seconds the results will be revealed!
On Cloud Infinite You and your opponents will be soaring through the sky on a giant cloud platform. The objective is straightforward: dodge any obstacles thrown at you! The cloud will get smaller over time, making it harder to avoid obstacles. At times, the cloud will even separate into multiple parts!
Wind Whirled
Space Speedsters Travel at high speed and control your space shuttle by moving left and right to prevent crashing into the oncoming walls. It starts off easy, but then the number of walls (and the speed you're travelling at) will increase!
Whose Line is It Anyway?
Risky Roulette
Glacier Meltdown
When There's a Web, There's a Way
Crown Down
Tower of Error
Boo Brigade

Batter Bros.

Shore Thing!
Coin Toss
Goomba Stompa
Stairway To Where? Make your way up this unpredictable staircase! It's all about travelling the greatest distance. Beware: you'll likely encounter missing steps and crumbling stairs to throw you off your game!
Hungry Hippos
Getting Axed
Coin Cannon A large cannon will shoot out coins randomly and unexpectedly, and it is up to the players to collect as many coins as possible before the 60 seconds runs out. The only way to collect coins is by jumping in the air. Timing is everything if you're looking to collect a lot of coins!
Apple Crumble

4 VS. 4

Mean Spin
Time Squares
Set It Off!
Mountain Mounters Work with your team to climb the dangerously steep mountain. The challenge lies in the fact that you're all tied to one another! Coordinate your movements and make your way around protruding edges!

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