Waluigi MPIT
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Mario Party: Spooky Invite
Developer(s) NinRMAX
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
October 2015
Party Mode, Gallery, Arcade.
Age Rating(s)
Rated E
Genre(s) Party
Mario Party: Spooky Invite is a upcoming party game for the Nintendo 3DS. The game is developed by NinRMAX and published by Nintendo. Mario Party: Spooky Invite is celebrating Halloween for 2015. The game has over 37 minigames in counting.


One night in the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario and the gang had nothing to do at their Halloween party. Then, Mario revices a call from Bowser, Saying that he wants the gang to come to his castle. Mario's friends agreed to go to Bowser's castle. Minutes later, The gang arrives at Bowser's Castle. But, It seems that they have been tricked and stuck in a haunted house full of ghosts and other things. They work together and try to get out of the spooky house and beat Bowser for good.


Image Name Description How to Unlock
Mario Mario is the main character in the game. He's ready to party with all his friends! Starter
Luigi The green plumber is back in the party and ready for some fun! Starter
591px-Wario MP9 Wario Wario loves gold, But he's also a fan of fun parties! He also joins on the party, Starter
Waluigi Wahh! Waluigi is also back into the party. Starter
Princess Peach Bubble Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour
Princess Peach While she is not kidnapped by King Koopa this time, Peach is joing in the party. Starter
150px-Daisy MPIT

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