Mario Party: Mushroom Mayhem is an upcoming game for the 3DS in the Mario Party series. It is confirmed there will be new modes, characters, stages and other elements included.

Mario Party: Mushroom Mayhem
Developer(s) Hammers R Us Inc.
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) 3DS
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Family


Media Included 3DS Cartridge


Party Mode

Party on a board with your favourite characters and choose from a variety of rules! Any of these can be Multiplayer and Online.

Standard Star Party

Play on any board with up to 3 other computers or humans and earn coins to purchase Stars!

2 vs. 2 Star Party

Play on any board with 3 computers or humans, one is on your team, then play a tag match and earn coins to purchase Stars!

Duel Star Party

Play on any board with 1 opponent computer or human and earn coins to purchase stars!

Standard Vehicle Mode

Play on any board in a vehicle with up to 3 computer or human opponents, captain your team and collect Mini Stars (avoiding Mini Ztars) then face of against a mid-boss and a board boss!

2 vs. 2 Vehicle Mode

This mode is just like Standard Vehicle Mode, but instead of one car, two cars with two players, and not collecting Mini Stars, racing to the finish and every round challenging your opponent to see who gets to roll the dice and go further!

Deluxe Party

Like Star Party, but with up to 7 computer or human opponents!

Deluxe Vehicle Mode

Like Vehicle Mode, but with up to 7 computer or human opponents!

Battle Mode

Choose up to 7 computer or human opponents and Party through the Circuit playing minigames every turn until losing coins from various events and minigames (1st is 0, 2nd loses 2, 3rd loses 4, 4th loses 6), if down to zero the player is out. Battle Mode only characters will be availible here too.

2 vs. 2 Battle Mode

Same as Battle Mode. (7 computers/human players is possible)

Solo Mode

Play through of the characters story and defeat Bowser and his minions!

Minigame Mode

Choose from a variety of your unlocked minigames in a special game or just Free Play

Mushroom Shop

Buy Minigames, Stages, Characters and more!


Change the options of the game.

Records Mode

View records for minigames and other things.



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