Mario Party: Grand Tour is the eleventh Mario Party game. The game will be released March 17th, 2014 for Nintendo 3DS. 




Stats for each character are included. This includes their special Item, how to unlock some of them, and their rival.

Name Special Item Rival How to Unlock
Mario Fire Flower- Allows him to steal coins. Wario Default
Luigi Poltergust 5000- Allows him to skip a few spaces. Boo Default
Peach Perry- Allows her to fly to the nearest item shop or Star. Yoshi Default
Yoshi Egg- Allows him to change the Dice Block roulette from 1-10 to 1-3 Peach Default
Shy Guy Standard Kart- Allows him to go a few extra spaces and steals 10 coins from any player hit. Daisy Default
Boo Crown- Turns him into King Boo Luigi Default
Mii Koopa Shell- Gives him/her a Koopa Shell to ride on. Toad

Unlock for 100 tickets 

Daisy Flower Orb- Allows her to bypass any Trap spaces placed. Shy Guy

Unlock for 100 tickets

Toad Mega Mushroom- Grows him to a gargantuan size, squishing any players in the way. Mii

Unlock for 200 tickets

Toadette Bang Bat- Chooses a player and then smacks him/her, stealing 10 coins. Birdo

Unlock for 200 tickets 

Waluigi Bob-omb Trio- Three Bob-ombs attack the other players, stealing 30 coins total.

Koopa Troopa

Unlock for 300 tickets

Koopa Troopa Shell Spin- Hits a player with a shell attack, taking 5 coins. Waluigi

Unlock for 300 tickets

Wario Super Garlic- Turns him into Wario-Man Mario

Unlock for 400 tickets


Ring- Causes a player to skip a turn. Toadette

Unlock for 400 tickets

Non-Playable Characters


  • Wiggler Countryside- Lakitu
  • Sherbet Iceland- Penguin
  • Casino Delfino - Hotel Manager
  • Shifting Sands- Koopa Tut
  • Bowser's Casino- Bowser Jr.
  • Peach's Castle- Toadsworth
  • Minigame Bus- Boshi
  • Extras Area- Starlow
  • Ticket Shop- Swanky Kong
  • Options Central- Diddy Kong


  • Wiggler Countryside- Spike
  • Sherbert Iceland- Fire Snake Squad
  • Casino Delfino- Phantamanta
  • Shifting Sands- Pokey
  • Bowser's Casino- Koopalings
  • Peach's Castle- Mega Goomba


  • Wiggler Countryside- Major Burrows
  • Sherbert Iceland- Fire Bro.
  • Casino Delfino- Shadow Mario
  • Shifting Sands- Mummipokey
  • Bowser's Casino- Bowser
  • Peach's Castle- Goomboss

Boards and Areas

There are 6 boards in the game, and two are unlockable. Also included are the Ticket Shop, Extras Area, Options Central, and Minigame Bus.



Board Name Host Mid-Boss Boss
Wiggler Countryside Lakitu Spike Major Burrows
Sherbert Iceland Penguin Fire Snake Squad Fire Bro.
Casino Delfino Hotel Manager Phantamanta Shadow Mario
Shifting Sands Koopa Tut Pokey Mummipokey


Board Name Host Mid-Boss Boss How to Unlock
Bowser's Casino Bowser Jr. Koopalings Bowser Beat Mummipokey
Peach's Castle Toadsworth Mega Goomba Goomboss Unlock for 1000 tickets.


Ticket Shop

The owner of the ticket shop is Swanky Kong, making his first Mario Party appearance.

Items found in the Ticket Shop
Name Description Price
Starter's Trophy A trophy for all starting players. Free
Lucky 8 Dice This dice can be lucky for parties, and the luck is in for you! 10 Tickets
WarioBoy Wario's version of the GameBoy with several games included! 10 Tickets
Poltergust 5000 WARNING: Only works in haunted mansions. 10 Tickets
Mario Pinball Land Machine Mario's pinball adventure, now in a machine! 20 Tickets
Mii Collection Change your Mii with this amazing painting! 20 Tickets
Medium Star Trophy For mediocre players only. 20 Tickets
WarioBoy Color Wario's second console. Man, how does he do it? 20 Tickets
Records Book A book that displays all your records throughout Mario Party: Grand Tour. 30 Tickets
Bookshelf Stores all your books and games!

30 Tickets

Luigi's Diary DO NOT READ!!!! (But buy it anyways) 30 Tickets
WarioBoy Advance  Wario's....third console???? 30 Tickets
Storyline Scrapbook Look back at all your good (and not so good) memories. 30 Tickets
Virtual WarioBoy The forgotten fourth handheld by WarioWare. 40 Tickets
WG (Wario Gamer) Wario's next handheld. 40 Tickets
Great Player Award A trophy for how far you've come!

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