Mario Party: Galaxy Tour is a Mario Party game made by LegendaryStar Co.. The game takes place in space and stars Mario.


Image Character Description
Mario2 Mario A all-star veteran at partying! He is a favorite for most pepole.
LuigiArtworkSMUTE Luigi Mario's brother. He is trying to get out of Mario's shadow, and is starting to succed in doing so.
Peach the Pink Blossom Peach The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. She treats her citizens very kindly.
Daisyinsupermariosupermario3dsupermarioworld Daisy The princess of Sarasaland. She is very energetic, and usually joins Mario In sports and parties.
YoshiSSBI Yoshi A friendly dinosaur from Yoshi's Island. He is faster than other characters.
Baby luigi Baby Luigi A baby version of Luigi that is very athletic and fast, like his partner, Yoshi.
Flutter 2 Flutter A flying Wiggler that flies around and helps Luigi sometimes. She is stronger than some characters.
120px-Bandit New (1) Red Rash A greedy Bandit and a high ranking member of the Bandit Gang. He is able to haggle the shopkeeper of the Item Shop to lower the item price.
Adopt 1 Glenda A assistant to Professer E. Gadd who studies the cosmos with a portable telescope. She is joining the party to discover new places in the cosmos.
32.Pofessor E. Gadd E. Gadd A scientist that lives in Evershade Valley who studies anything scientific. He can jump very high.


Name Description
Wild Wiggler Galaxy A galaxy in a dense woods. In order to get a star, go to the Star Space and spend 20 coins.
Mt. Koopa Galaxy A galaxy that has very high mountains. In order to get the star, you have to catch up with Koopa The Quick and pay him 10 coins.
Sunken Temple Galaxy A galaxy that is a sunken temple that has rare minerals called Musiconium. To get the star, you have to open one of three chests in the temple. One of the chests are fake and will take a star away instead.




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