Mario Party: Forever Fun
Developer(s) TTY Inc.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Early 2015
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Genre(s) Party
Series Mario, Mario Party
Predecessor Mario Party: Island Tour
Successor Mario Party 10

Mario Party: Forever Fun is a Mario Party Game for the Wii U. The main feature is unlike any of the others: you can choose to turn the Bosses, Cars, and Stars On and Off! That way if you don't like the cars, you can just do a normal board, or if you don't like the bosses, you can just play without them! etc. This game's soul purpose is for family and friends to get together and have the exact party you and  friends want.

Game Modes

Party Mode

The main mode of the Game! You can play as any of the playable characters (that are unlocked), and play on any board of your choice! (That's been unlocked.) After every round, a Minigame will start. You can also turn On and Off Boss Battles, the Kart, Stars, or even Bonus Stars and Minigames!

Party Mall

In the Party Mall, you can buy stuff! It ranges from Characters, to Boards, and Minigames! It will even have DLC in the Future! And all of the employes will be happy to help you!

Minigame Party

On this game mode, you can choose to either do the Minigames you've bought, or do new special Game Modes! These game modes will be confirmed soon.

Party Options

Here, you can listen to music, watch replays, permenatly turn on/off Game Mode Options (Karts, Bosses, etc.), or even delete all of your data! It will also roll the credits.


Everyone is finally tired of fighting! So they get together to throw a Great, BIG, Party! The Mario Bros. and Toad think it should be like classic old times, where all you do is collect stars. Wario, Waluigi, and Koopa Troopa think there should be no stars, and should just try to collect coins, and become RICH! Bowser, Bowser Jr., and Donkey Kong think there should be EPIC Boss Fights! Peach, Daisy, and Yoshi think they should just have a nice, peaceful car ride. Bowser says that's stupid, Mario get's deffensive, and they all start arguing/fighting. Toadsworth then yells for them to stop, and says that they're all great ideas, and suggests, why not find a way to use them all? They all think that's great idea, and run over to Peach's Castle. Toadsworth then walks up to the screen, and tells the player(s) that they will make ALL the decisions, and thar he's sure the others will end up satisfied.




Image Name Color Description Alt. Costume
MarioArtworkSSBZ Mario Red It'sa him, Mario! Our red-capped great mustached plumber is back to party, and has brought his two bros. with him! He's goin'a have a blast! Also, since Mario & Bowser made a truce, we'll have a nice, peaceful, party this time (well, unless Boss Battles are turned On). Dr Mario by DohIMissed
LuigiNose Luigi Green Our green clad, Luigi is here! He's facing his fears, and joining Mario & Bowser for a Party! That 'L' will no longer stand for 'Loser', and will stand for 'Winner', and is going to take the gold! Mr L 3D
Gasparo Gasparo Orange The long lost bro., Gasparo, is here! He treasure hunts for a living, and is now competing in Mario Party! He's stronger than his other two bros., mainly because he's been living in Gold Mines. SuperMario3DIslandGasparo
Peachy Princess Peach Pink Our great mushroom princess, Peach, has arrived! She will elegantly win this party, and will do it in ease! She usually get's kidnapped by Bowser, but she's 'changing her schedule' to by with Mario during this party. PeachySp0rts
Daisy MK7 Daisy Yellow Daisy the Tomboy is ready to Party! She will use her flower powers to blossom, and make her power grow! Yay! But wait, isn't she a tomboy? DaisySp0rts
Toad Toad Light Red Toad, the random citizen of the Mushroom Kingdom, has joined the party! Like Gasparo, he has done some treasure hunting, and even had a game of his own! There are millions of Toads out there! CaptainToadCTTT
Yoshi art YBA Yoshi Light Green Yoshi, our happy dino friend, has been invited too! he can flutter-kick, and usually gives Mario a ride! But this team, it's Free-for-All, and Yoshi has set out to win! Yarn Yoshi
Green Koopa New Koopa Light Orange Koopa, our favorite little minion from the Koopa Troop! Oh, how happy he looks! He can duck into that little shell of his, and spin around like a whack-a-doodle! It's lethal! You guys will have a blast playing as him! ParatroopaMKH
WarioMPDS Wario Purple The greediness of Wario has arrived! He will rip one if he looses or wins, he just eats too much garlic (ugh!). He's very powerful and strong, but is quite slow. He also owns his own Gaming Company, WarioWare! WarioSSB4
WaluigiMP8Official Waluigi Black Waluigi is here to Party! He will do anything to win, even if it means Cheating! He's a trickster alright, so you better keep an eye on The Great Waluigi, Partner of Wario! WaluigiWarioWare
MKDB Mii Icon Mii White Your Miis can Party too, and will even make all the choices and options before the game begins! (Turn On/Off Bosses, Stars, Kart, etc.) They will be a blast, as you compete against Mario and Friends! TBA


Image Name Color Description How to Unlock Alt. Costume
Bowser SM3DL Bowser Dark Red All hail the Koopa King himself, King Bowser! He's here to party, and will make it big and grand! He's a powerhouse, but is kinda slow. He also made a truce with Mario, no matter how much he wants to take all the stars! He's keeping to his word. (Groan) TBA DRYBONESBOWSER
BowserJr.SMG Bowser Jr. Dark Orange He's heir to the koopa throne, he's none most for causing trouble and mischief, he's... Bowser Jr.! He just couldn't have missed out on this party! He's small and fast, and pretty agile, and owns his own Koopa Clown Car! He's pretty awesome, and fun to play as. TBA KoopaKid-MiniBowser
PeteyPiranhaPlant Petey Piranha Dark Green The greatest Piranha Plant of all, Petey Piranha is here to have fun! This Piranha means no harm, and and will party till he drops! He also loves to paint! TBA
DKthumbsUp Donkey Kong Brown The King of Swing has swung his way into the party! Donkey Kong is back, and is ready to party like never before! He's got the moves, the swag, and the Banana Shakes, he's ready to go! TBA FunkyKongSSBH
DiddyKong Diddy Kong Tan The little ape buddy of the Swing King is our favorite chimp, Diddy Kong! He's small and fast, and even created his own jetpack! Wow! He's also invented a Popgun that Launches Peanuts through the Air! Even though he does all that, he's still super fun to hang around with! TBA DixieKong
Rosalina MK7 Rosalina Cyan Hailing from the cosmos, Rosalina comes from Out of this World! She'll make everything a blast when you play as her, and will even have a Luma floating by her side! Even though it won't help, it's still good to have your friends by your side. TBA Cosmic Spirit
ToadetteMP8 Toadette Magenta Our little shroomette girl, Toadette! This gall is ready to have a blast! She's speedy and quick, but she's very weak. Just like Toad, she's had some adventures in the mines, too! TBA Toadette CaptainToadTreasureTracker
250px-MP8 Birdo Birdo Rose The egg launcher, Birdo, has arrived! She can shoot eggs out of her nose as fast as you can say Mushroom! Where does she get all of these eggs? Who knows? Where does Yoshi get all of his eggs? TBA Not yet Known
Babymariositting Baby Mario Blue The baby version of our favorite hero, Baby Mario! He's much younger than Older Mario, and is absolutely useless! Now wait, this youth isn't so useless! He can crawl, and crawl fast! Although, he is more vulnerable than Today's Mario. TBA MiniMario MvsDK4
254px-MetalMarioMK7Solo Metal Mario Gray This metalic man is encased in Silver! Mario has gotten a Metal Box, and has transformed into Metal Mario! He's now buffer, sinks faster, and runs slower! Yay! Everyone loves this material guy! TBA GOLDMARIO


Image Name Description How they Help
Toadsworth2 Toadsworth The mighty protector of the Princess, Toadsworth, is here! He will help as much as he can to make sure everyone has a good time, and is strict on cheaters. But overall, he is kind, and cheerful. Is the Party Host & Star/Mini Star Keeper & Runs the Party Mall
Lakitu Artwork Lakitu The Koopa from the skies, it's Lakitu! Returning from Mario kart, he's ready to help host the party! He's really good at doing it, since he's been doing it in Mario Kart for 8 Mario Kart Games. He literally lifts you strait into the Minigames! Minigame Host
The True King Boo by evilwaluigi King Boo The king of the dead, King Boo will make your luck run short! He will run the classic Chance Time again, and will make the party go WHACK! You'll be lucky if you can go a whole game without running into him! He's happiest when your unluckiest! Chance Time Host
Transparent koopalings group NSMBU~SsM The Koopalings These mischievous children are are to make sure that the Bosses are fought Right! Their names are Larry, Lemmy, Wendy, Iggy, Roy, Morton, and Ludwig Koopa. These 7 are the adopted children of the Koopa King, Bowser! Boss Battle Hosts (And Hostess)
Goomba New Goomba Ah, Goombas. They're so fun to stomp on! But this time, they're deciding to help! themselves. They'll sell you useful items for Coins you pick up on the board! You can use them to either multiply your roll, or even attack the other players! Use them well. Use them wisely. Item Shop Keeper
ShyGuy Shy Guy What's behind the mask of Shy Guy? Nobody knows. But we do know that they have turned over a new leaf! They have decided that they will work over the money for the game! Anyone who passes them by has to pay 5 or 10 Coins. Whoever stops where they are gets the whole jackpot! These guys are a little scared of Yoshi. Bank Keeper
MushroombanditNSMBU Nabbit These guys love to break the law, and STEAL ANYTHING USEFUL! They take that role again in Mario Party. They will steal Coins from Opponents for Free, but with a little money, they will also steal Items and Stars! This guy will always steal your stuff, so watch your back! Coin/Star/Item Stealer
Solochuck Chargin' Chuck Chargin' Chucks are rough and tough and mean! They are the Koopa-Versions of your Favorite Football Team! While they are hosting the Battle and Duel Minigames, they can't help but want to be in on the action. Battle and Duel Minigame Host
Wiggler MK7 Wiggler The Caterpillars of the Jungle. These guys are cute, but when aggravated, will turn red, and charge with full power! In Mario Party, they will give you rides for 10 Coins! After being paid, they will happily take you to the next post, as they happily WALK ALL OVER THE OPPONENTS on his way there! So happy! Gives Rides
Bully - Super Mario 3D World Bully These guys are jerks! You do not want to mess with these guys! Lucky for you, the only appear when the Kart is turned On. Then, they will be at spaces that consist of Mini Ztars, and will run away right after you take them. They're so mean! Give Out Mini Ztars
ROBSSBAssemble R.O.B. The Robotic Operating Buddy (Also known as R.O.B.) has been chosen by Nintendo to chose just who's the Best of the Best! What an honor! So just who is the best of the best? Once all the turns are over, you'll find out via everyone's favorite robot, R.O.B.! Announces who's the Super Star!



Board Name Description Kart Boss Duel Minigame
Mushroom Festival A nice, green, peaceful party outside of Princess Peach's Castle. If you want a nice and easy time, this is the place for you! The fun is endless! Mushroom Kart MPWii U Goomboss Balloon Fighters
Mario Liberty Out in the ocean, near the Coast of Mushroom City, lays a tower that represents the Liberty given by one of our favorite heroes, Mario! It's even colored red, like him! You go in the Inside of the Tower, but you can also go on top of Mario's Cap to fight the Boss: Whomp King! MC Tour Bus Whomp KingNSMBAS Not yet Known
Dry Desert A hot, dry, desert. Either dry and shrivel up in shame, or sweat it, and win victory! Just watch out for the quicksand and Lack of Water!They are both very lethal! Not yet Known PokeyNSMBU Not yet Known
Pipeline Sewers Down in the sewers that run underneath the WHOLE ENTIRE MUSHROOM WORLD, a party has been set up! As disgusting as that is, this isn't the first time this idea has happened! In Mario Kart 7 & 8, you drive around the Pipes & Piranha Plants, and race for the finish line! The same is now here! Not yet Known Undergrunt Gunner Twist'n'Turn Pipelines
Dolphin Shores Let's have a nice summer party on the beach! There's the sun, the waves, and all those cute little dolphins! The perfect way to get your summer on! Let's go play some Volley Ball! Wave Rider Gooperblooper01 Not yet Known
Gumball Candy Store Let's go to the candy store, where all the treats and candies a little kid could ever imagine awaits us! Wee could have a sweet ride, or treat ourselves to Super Stars! Either way, everything's sweeter with CANDY! Gingerbread Go-Kart Hisstocrat Not yet Known
Dino Colosseum Welcome to the Dino Dome! This place screams ancient history! Literally! With all those dangerous dinosaurs roaming around, it's a jungle out there! Or, should I say in there. Dino Jeep Reznor Reznor Bonkers
Adventure Jungle Adventure is out there! This jungle will give you the quest of your life! Bananas, monkeys, this place is all about Donkey Kong! Have a save trip! Rambi-Pulled Wagon King K. Rool Not yet Known


Board Name Description Kart Boss Duel Minigame How to Unlock
Sherbet Island A nice icey island off of the coast of Sherbet Land! It's nice and frozen, and not tropical at all! Perfect for Snowball Fights, Snowmen, and Snowboarding! Just right for the perfect Snow-Day Party! Not yet Known Baron Brrr Not yet Known TBA
Fire Flower Fields All the hereos have been shrunk and lost inside of Princess Peach's garden of flamin' flowers. Can you escape and grow back to your normal size? Petal Power
SMG 029
Not yet Known TBA


Minigame ideas are being take NOW! If you want to suggest a Minigame, see here.


2 vs. 2

1 vs. 3

Battle Minigames

Duel Minigames

  • Balloon Fighters-The two players get into Hot Air Balloons, and try to shoot down the other's Balloon. However, there are a bunch of balloons infront of the both Hot-Air Balloons, making it hard to shoot the Hot-Air Balloon without getting rid of the Smaller Balloons first. The first player to go down, looses!
  • Twist'n'Turn Pipelines-The two players stand at two different pipes with wheels, and the player has to shake the Wii Remote as fast as possible, which will turn the wheel to loosen the pipe. Whoever unloosens their pipe all the way first wins, and a leak will start in the loser's pipe, causing him/her to wash out.
  • Reznor Bonkers-The two players ride on different Reznors, and press the buttons showed on the screen as fast and correctly as possible. Once that's done, the Reznors will turn, and charge at each other. The one who did it the slowest/most incorrectly will go flying off, and will be the looser.

Boss Minigames

Other Info

  • This is the First Mario Party Game to have Alternate Costumes
  • This is the First Mario Party Game to have Refferences to Other Series.
    • Yarn Yoshi is Yoshi's Alternate Costume.
    • WarioWare Wario and Waluigi are Alternate Costumes.
    • There is a Board Entirely Based on the Donkey Kong Country Series, including King K. Rool being a Boss.
    • R.O.B. is in as the Helper who tells who the Super Star Is!
  • When the Kart is turned On, the Board Completely Changes Shape to match up to what the Kart was like in Mario Party 9.
  • Unless the Kart is turned On, you have to pay 20 Coins to go in and fight the Boss.