Mario Party: Dream Dice is a game for the Nintendo Switch, and the 11th mainstream (15th game overall) Mario Party game. The game marks the return of classic play (the trend that games 1-8 followed).

With the joycon setup, for the first time you can play multiplayer Mario Party games on the go with less than two remotes. The game is set for release in late 2018, along with Mario Kart Switch.


The gameplay is much more similar to Mario Party 8 than past games, as players now surround a board individually to collect the most coins and stars. Many of the boards change these gameplay mechanics, or the goal of the whole board.

Coins are a currency, where you can use the collected ones (from minigames or from the board) to buy powerups from shops, or even, in some cases, a star from a special character. Stars, however, are your main goal in the game, and they are scarce, only retrievable from special places on the map.

Dice Blocks will allow the player to move 1-10 spaces per roll, though this amount can be modified through power-ups, which can be collected on powerup squares. Between turns (every character takes their turn) a minigame will appear, which are divided into Free for All, Three vs. One, and Two vs. Two. When losing in the last 5 turns of the game, you will get a "Chump Chance", where you'll either get a powerup or 30 coins.

Like in the other games, there are bonus stars which will be given to you at the end of the round for doing something such as winning minigames. The bonus stars are-

  • Minigame Star- Whoever won the most minigames.
  • Power-Up Star- Whoever uses the most powerups.
  • Green Star- Whoever lands on the most Green Spaces.
  • Running Star- Highest distance ran.
  • Shopping Star- Whoever spent their coins the most.
  • Red Star- Whoever landed on the Red Spaces the most.
  • Millionare Star- Whoever collected the most coins in all.

Playable Characters

There are a planned 25 playable characters for the game. Almost every character from previous Mario Party titles are planned to return.

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