Mario Party: Dream's Fortune
Developer(s) Cyclone Games
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Story, Party, Mini-Games, Boss Rush, Library
Age Rating(s)
PEGI: 3+


Genre(s) Party
Media Included Wii U disk
Mario Party: Dream's Fortune is the newest Mario Party game being released for the Nintendo Wii U. It is being developed by Cyclone Games, instead of Nd Cube. Lots of new characters are being introduced.


For once, Mario decided to invite Bowser so he wouldn't crash the party, and Bowser is ecstatic. Though, a new foe is emerging in the shadows, and he is angry.

The Party Cube is here again, for Peach's birthday, and the old crew are back, with some new friends as well. But the evildoer is ready to hi-jack the Party Cube at any time!


Picture: Name: Description: Unique Item:
Marioart2 Mario The hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, he is never out of work with the King of Koopas, Bowser, always giving him trouble. But now since he was invited, what could possibly go wrong? Fireball
Luigi MP9 Luigi Mario's cowardly brother, who has a part-time job as a Ghostbuster. He was sceptical about Bowser coming to the party, but he is fine with it now. Poultergeist 5000
NSMBWiiPeach Peach The Princess' is having her birthday today, and the Party Cube has come specially for her! But she decided for Bowser to be invited, so the party wouldn't have been crashed. Heart Bomb
DaisyHockey Daisy The Princess of Sarasaland and Peach's best friend is, of course, invited to Peach's party. Luigi's girlfriend is also surely an amazing contestant. Blossom Bomb
LazyWario Wario The evil doppelganger of Mario who is obsessed with Garlic and umm... breaking wind. He likes his money, and he wants to be rich. Stink-Garlic
WaluigiMP8Official Waluigi Luigi's bad doppelganger is, like Wario, obsessed with money, but doesn't like his garlic, though he prefers Eggplant. He is a cheater through and through, but he denies it. Explosive Eggplant
Bowser NSMBW Bowser What? Bowser is being invited to the party? Ok... Bowser, the feared King of Koopas is ready to rock this party! Bowser Shell
Bowserjr MP9 Bowser Jr. Bowser demanded his son to be allowed to play in the party, or else he would wreck havoc, so here is the King-in-waiting of the Koopas. He is nimble and crafty so watch out. Klown Kopter
Yoshi Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour Yoshi The one of many Yoshis out there, this is the main one! The green dino is a threat to be reckoned with! Yoshi Egg
Birdo MP9 Birdo Yoshi's apparent girlfriend is a pink dinosaur with a diamond ring and red bow. She first appeared as a enemy of Mario, but now they are friends! Birdo Egg
DK Strong Donkey Kong Guess who is back? The banana loving, red-tie wearing, tree climbing ape Donkey Kong, that's who! Giga Banana
DiddyKong Diddy Kong Donkey Kong's partner-in-saving-Kong-Island is having his first appearance as a playable character in Mario Party! Rocketbarrels
KingofBoos King Boo This guy is one of the two people Bowser wanted to have at the party for his security. He is a ghost and Luigi is unhappy for this person being here. Bomb Boo
PeteyPiranhaPlant Petey Piranha The other member of security Bowser took to the party, this guy is the partner-in-crime with King Boo. Petey is originally from Bianco Hills. Pirahna Plant Pipe
Geno Brawl Geno The magic doll is back and he is ready to do crud! His magical Geno Wand can do anything on the board, even go against him! Geno Wand
BoshiNew Boshi This yoshi rouge came to the party for no apparent reason, but Bowser allowed him to stay. His is the rival to the happy-go-lucky Yoshi. Boshi Skates


Toad's Funfair Frenzy

Toad's Dream Board is set in a funfair, similar to Mario Party 4.

Boss 1

Dino Piranha

Boss Minigame

Dino Piranha's Tail Thwack

Boss 2


Boss Minigame

Goomboss' Stomp Sequence

Shy Guy's Tropical Trouble

Shy Guy's Dream Board is set in a rainforest, similar to Mario Party 4.

Boss 1


Boss Minigame

Lakithunder's Shock Switch

Boss 2


Boss Minigame

Wigglemperor's Segment Smash

Boo's Mansion Mayhem

Boo's Dream Board is set in a haunted mansion, sort of similar to Mario Party 4 and Mario Party 9.

Boss 1

Dark Bones

Boss Minigame

Dark Bone's Puzzle Panic

Boss 2

Shadow King Boo

Boss Minigame

Shadow King Boo's Spectre Search

Goomba's Casino Carnage

Goomba's Dream Board is set in a giant casino, similar to Mario Party 4.

Boss 1


Boss Minigame

Topmaniac's Pinball Push

Boss 2

Neon Blooper

Boss Minigame

Neon Blooper's Spinner Suprise